Dinner at a Billionaire's House

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Dinner at a Billionaire's House

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Overseas, I hung out with rich and poor alike. I was in a Bible study where we gave prayer requests afterward. One Chinese men, in all sincerity and without being pretentious, was giving million dollar prayer requests. His family, he and relatives, had inherited a business that needed to be shuttered, and they had to come up with money for various things. Dollar amounts were really high for that.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I ate dinner at a billionaire's house once. I found out he was a recent addition to the most wealthy in Forbes. Guess what they served-- Chinese take-out, and a kind of cherry we'd gotten at the grocery store. I'm pretty sure I'd eaten that dish from that restaurant before, too. It was just a regular Chinese restaurant.

I didn't know he was a billionaire at the time. That night, I actually had an interview for a grad school program I was getting ready to attend, by phone. I wasn't going to go, but my wife talked me into it. She arranged for me to borrow a phone at the host's house. This was back before cell phones were that reliable. We might have had one.

The man had military, or guys in military uniforms, for guards.

Inside, we had dinner. There was a missionary lady who had a German accent, my wife and I, and someone from their board. They gathered us to pray about a Christian charity. But when the board member prophesied over me, I figured out why my wife was invited. She'd either prophesied over the wife, the billionaire's wife, or she'd seen her prophesy over someone else. She'd been getting a lot of detailed prophecies for people during that time. They wanted people with that gift there, probably. We prayed about an issue with the charity. Later and my wife and I stayed and spoke with him and his wife until 2 and 3 AM. We talked about the burden he had to provide for employees, consulting from time to time with the president on business and industry issues, and various other topics.

I had eaten lunch with someone else who might be a billionaire. His father was a billionaire and they owned a multi-billion dollar real estate and banking business. Some people from a church I had visited had gone out to eat. He was sitting across from me. He ran one of the businesses. I don't know if he personally was a billionaire.
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