this describes MAGA anti-latinos perfectly

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this describes MAGA anti-latinos perfectly

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comment I left on Breitbart:

The american finance capitalists impoverish tens of global south nations,through various methods.Americans have for a long time benefited from such economic imperialism and political destabilization by their shadow those shadow elites are bringing in millions of impoverished and uneducated slave workers to make them rich,on top of demographic replacement which they too desire.its a win win game for these elites.instead of focusing on the actual problem,the Americans punch down on those that are coming here to eat and be safe from the very destabilization efforts of their shadow elites.that is cowardice,and foolish.people in those countries have risen up in brutal civil wars against their elites that exploit and opress them,even if wrongly guided by the systems of those very elites like communism.

Communism and finance capitalism are both problems directed by the same shadow elites.the Latin americans and the Americans both lose with both of them.instead of blaming each other,they need to fight the same shadow elites.Latin americans like their women,language,culture,beaches,food and music more than they like america.people only come here for financial benefits.latinos find america bland and cold.

Noone will uproot their lives and their beloved culture to go to a place if it was not be hated and discriminated against,if it were not necessary to survive.

I don't know what the answers are,but if you can't see this a game that we all lose in and they,the shadow elites all win in,you are not looking precisely and clearly.

I give my condolences to the people killed by fentanyl and demonic group gangs like MS-13,who also terrorize their own people and worship santa muerte.but American regime does far more to it's people,and latin americans then 'ms-13'.Demographics native to the united states,which I won't name due to the possibility of censorship,cause the overwhelming vast majority of inter-ethnic crime in the US,but conservatives are silent on them,due to cowardice and political correctness.

Criminals have to be dealt with,borders have to be respected,people's dignity before God has to be acknowledged and Evil must be purged.But I don't see americans protesting their regime,when they hold 800+ military bases in countries with the sole goal of keeping those peasants in line should they get any ideas of not being slaves to the american regime and the shadow elites that control them and exploit them and keep them destitute,but then they cry when they face the consequence of the policies they vote in and benefit from.

this is why the 'USA'is getting more desperate.people are looking elsewhere.The Global south is looking to china,russia,india.the colored peoples of the world realize mutual trade and alliance is where it's at,and most importantly dropping the parasitic petrodollar,which allows americans to do what they do,spitting on their own slaves for daring to come to their property for the food that was stolen from them,and making america humbled.
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