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Whatever happened to Kenneth Eng?

For Asian Americans to discuss Asian American issues and topics.

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Whatever happened to Kenneth Eng?

Post by LocDout »

Kenneth made head lines when he said that he hated white people. A lot of the stuff he said made sense, such as his resistance of religion, but it got mixed up with a lot of stuff that discredited him, such as his stance towards blacks. Whether you agree or disagree with him, you can understand his anger towards America, he was just not able to express himself in the right way. Prior to his publicity, it seemed like he had quite an online presence, however, now it would appear that he is absent from the internet entirely. Why the disapearance? It seemed like he had no other outlets other than the internet, to express himself. So, what is he doing now?

I have become fascinated by the bizarre career of young Kenneth Eng, self-declared "Asian Supremacist," "God of the Universe," and author of the startlingly-titled Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate and The 0th Dimension. The 22-year-old has been stirring up controversy for his columns in San Francisco’s AsianWeek magazine, where he’s written a column called "Why I Hate Blacks," as well as another called, "Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us." Here’s a great quote from the latter:

Most Asians knowthat everywhere we go, white/black/Hispanic people hurl racist remarksat us. I have already received about 10 racist remarks in the pastthree months and I have only been out of my home a handful of times.

As Hyphen points out, it’s hard to know which is scarier: that Eng published this poop, or that he’s only been out of his home a handful of times in the past three months. The best part of all this is that now you can read some of Kenneth Eng’s insane ramblings on his Amazon blog, where he describes himself as "striving against the mass ofconformity that is the flesh all around me," and which recently included this gem:

I don’t know about you, but I masturbate allthe time. It’s not going to affect me in any way, aside from making meneed to take baths more often.

So true. You can also read his blog to find out more about Eng’s life as a super-genius "God" who writes fantasy novels containing meaningless epithets like "lexicon triumvirate" in their titles. What does that even mean, anyway? A three-headed creature with a big vocabulary? A government run by three people with a passion for writing down every word they know? And what the hell does it have to do with dragons? Plus, why does the dragon on the cover of his book have a gun? I’m gloriously confused.

Eng’s goal in life is to work on comic books, particularly at Marvel. But that hasn’t stopped him from querying other comic book publishers about working for them. Read below the fold for a tale from a comic book editor who exchanged emails with Eng . . .

Hilary of IGN Comics wrote on her blog last year that she received the following email from Eng:

Are you looking for any new writers? I am the youngest publishedscience fiction novelist in America and I am very into comic books. Myfirst novel, Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate, will soon be a comic bookitself. Furthermore, I am highly interested in the philosophy ofcomics, having published a few articles myself.

Kenneth Eng, novelist

I love how he uses the word "novelist" after his name, as if it’s some kind of title. So Hilary replied:

Ummm… seriously dude, all of us write novels so we can get the hell out of here.

We don’t have any more freelance money, unfortunately.

And Eng barked back:

Yeah, but my novels are cooler than yours bitch. Don’t contact me again.

Worried that she’d spurned a truly great talent, Hilary looked into Eng’s novel, Dragon: Lexicon Triumvirate, and discovered that she had truly missed out. Check out these choice bits she gathered from the book:

"Time is not a concept. It is a word."

This is how the novel begins. Wow. Mindblowing stuff — and this book stars dragons!

The dialogue is also top-notch. Here is one fine example:

"Interesting," muttered Dennagon to himself. "The force of gravityis 9.8 meters per second squared on this planet, but not in space. I
wonder if ‘space’ actually exists."

And there’s ACTION!

"Dennagon nonchalantly dropped down from his perched position tothe ground. Without even taking his eyes off his book, he casuallythrust his fist out, punching a hole straight through the head of oneof his enemies as it charged. The decapitated body still handing fromhis forearm, he merely shifted his fist to the side so that the otherscould run into it. Expectedly, they did, blasting apart their ownskulls against his scaly knuckles."

Yup, Eng truly is "God." Too bad he gets called names when he leaves the house once a month. Now you too can read his work.

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Post by Winston »

Where is that article from? Why don't you post a link to it?

Does Kenneth Eng have a blog or site? If so, what is it?
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Eng gets ridiculed

Post by LocDout »

A former columnist and self-described Asian supremacist who applauded the Virginia Tech slayings has been sentenced to a year of mental health treatment for waving a hammer at neighbor's face and threatening to kill her and her family.

Kenneth Eng, 24, of Bayside, N.Y., pleaded guilty in Queens County Court on Thursday to an indictment charging him with attempted assault and harassment over the incident last April in his neighbor's yard.

Last February, Eng was fired from the San Francisco-based weekly newspaper AsianWeek for writing a column titled "Why I Hate Blacks."

Three months later, in a Village Voice interview, Eng gloried in the slayings of 32 students and teachers at Virginia Tech and fancifully speculated that his own writings might have inspired the killer, Seung-Hui Cho.

Click here for's Crime center.

Eng also told the New York weekly that his own plan for a similar killing spree at New York University was aborted only because he couldn't afford a weapon. He was arrested on the assault and harassment charge after that article appeared, a day before the NYU commencement.

After his sentencing on Thursday, federal authorities produced an arrest warrant and took Eng into custody. The nature of that case was not immediately known.

His attorney, Joel Dranove, of Manhattan, said he expected Eng to appear in Brooklyn federal court on Friday, but had no further comment.

Queens County Judge Dorothy Chin-Brandt ordered Eng on Thursday to attend a 12-month outpatient mental health program. If Eng fails to comply with the program's requirements and fails to take his medication, or if he violates his neighbors' orders of protection, he can be resentenced to up to 4 years in prison.

Eng was arrested May 9 for threatening the neighbor, Marissa Addison, 29, and her mother, Jane Rosovich, who were standing with their two dogs on their lawn in front of their Queens home.

Eng is accused of yelling at Addison, saying, "If your dog bites me, I will kill you and your family," and then swinging a hammer at her, missing her by inches.

Asked to comment on the plea, Dranove said Friday: "It is the correct result of all the hard work by the prosecutors, New York State Department of Mental Hygiene and the doctors."

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Post by zboy1 »

To be honest, I'm surprised more Asians don't go bonkers like Cho due to the oppression of Asian men in the West. It shows just how much restraint Asian men possess. Any other race--we would be rioting all over the place!

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Post by LocDout »

he used to have a blog, and even appeared on tv, until he got arested. then he just disapeared, as if the cia kidnapped him and threw him into a black site in thailand

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Post by Intolerant »

Kenneth Eng? That guy is still in prison because he gave some dumb american bitch death threats.

2007-05-23 12:44:00 PDT NEW YORK CITY -- Kenneth Eng, the author of a controversial AsianWeek column that described reasons to "hate" black people, is being held in a New York jail without bail on assault and harassment charges.

Eng, 23, was arrested on suspicion of threatening to kill his Queens neighbors and one of their pets. He was arraigned May 11 on charges of attempted assault, menacing, possession of a weapon and harassment.

Eng allegedly approached the mother and daughter as they stood in their driveway with their pet and said, "If your dog bites me, I will kill you and your family." He then called the mother fat and lazy and swung a hammer at her and the dog, according to the Queens district attorney's office.

Eng used to be a regular contributor to San Francisco-based AsianWeek, writing from New York. He was fired in February after public outcry over his racist and discriminatory columns. In his writings, Eng called himself an "Asian supremacist" and listed reasons to hate black people as well as Asians and whites.

Eng's attorney has asked that he undergo a mental examination. He is scheduled to return to court in Queens on June 13.

Read more: ... z2LlxGdpZE

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Post by Horahngee »

Intolerant wrote:
February 23rd, 2013, 4:38 pm
Kenneth Eng? That guy is still in prison because he gave some dumb american bitch death threats.

It is because black people have taunted Kenneth Eng at one of his drama/acting classes while he was a student enrolled at NYU. At least that is what I have read from one of his old blog postings. this was waaayyy before 2013. More like in 2006 or 2007.

He stated that a black girl in his class made fun of East Asian people in one of her drama skits.

The instructor for that class did not do jack shit when the black girl made fun of Asian people.

Then came Kenneth Eng who wanted to get even with the blck girl. So he made a skit that mocked black people, and the instructor wrote him up to NYU's student conduct committee and he got into trouble.

I think Kenneth Eng was harassed and bullied by a lot of black people while he grew up in NYC area (or did he grow up in the Bay Area?).

Shows the double standard bullshit that is rampant here in the US. It's okay to taunt Asian people here in the US. However, when people mock black people, they are called racists and are even sent to jail for those kinds of remarks.

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