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Solution is eye for an eye

For Asian Americans to discuss Asian American issues and topics.

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Solution is eye for an eye

Post by Rebel »

I'm not Asian American, but Australian, still, the issues that persists for Asians in the "Anglosphere" are very similar. I thought I was finally free from all of it by moving to a city with a large Asian population. And I was, but then I still meet these self-loathing Asians who I can't respect. I empathise, but respect is earned, never given.

It's made me curious to examine the racial climate nowadays after realising how pathetic my new acquaintance is, I would have thought with so many Asians around he would be fine. I was wrong, and looking back, he wasn't the only one. I shut my mind off from the other examples, as ignorance is bliss. But now it's time I share my opinion and experiences, and what I feel is the solution.

This seems to be the only discussion board active. I noticed the other threads with several solution ranging from leaving the country they were born in, to simply being "assertive". The former isn't always a solution, though the racial issues are much less in Asia, it's still there especially in colonised parts of Asia. It's disgusting. Asserting yourself as a minority voice meekly isn't a solution either. So what is?

First I believe it's time Asians know exactly what they are dealing with. Europeans have always been one of the most genocidal, racist cultures in the world. Look at what happened throughout Africa and the Americas, religion, language, cultures, races all wiped out. How about when Asians once ruled the world under the Mongols? Death toll was high sure but religion, languages, cultures, races all intact. Their civilisation is designed to tell a thousand lies to make it truth. They were beaten by small numbers of Mongols so they called it "the Horde". They claim technologies invented by the East and claim it as theirs. They propagate the "superiority" of their religion, language, culture, and race and even use it to justify genocide and discrimination as to them that is truth that comes with their thousand lies.

And Asians, fighting amongst themselves and ignorant of the threat from the West, welcomed them with open arms to solve their internal problems only to end up colonised. And it's only very recently in the mid 20th century that Asians not only proved that they were not inferior but made white supremacy a joke. Japan standing alone as a tiny nation, despite their rampage across Asia proved that, kicking out all the Europeans from Asia during WWII, humiliating the British at the battle of Singapore the same way they humiliated Russia in the Russo-Japanese war. They shattered the myth of white supremacy and despite their atrocities throughout Asia, indirectly inspired nationalism and racial pride after WW2 in many Asian countries. On one of their lighter moments they even tried to get the United Nations to pass racial equality but of course the Anglo-Saxon nations, permanent members of the UN didn't want any of it. Two nuclear bombs later, they became a colony. Killing hundreds of thousands of Asians is no problem for them after all. They do not consider non-whites fully human.

And some Asians still look up to them? It's pathetic.

The solution is very simple, and proven by history. Fight back. They do not understand the racism they inflict on Asians because it was never done to them, not even by the Mongols as their culture is colorblind from the Eurasian steppes. So show them how inferior they are right in their face. They tell you to go back to their country, tell them to go back to THEIRs. They tell you to speak English, tell them it's not your fault they are too stupid to learn more than one language. They hate on Asian cultures so remind them how much of a sh-thole Europe was throughout most of its history for thousands of years. And if it gets violent? So what? They are poor fighters. You have much more to worry about if you have issues with war-hardened Middle Easterners from war-torn countries. Whites by comparison are a spoiled and weak race. I was so glad Trump got into power and that whites voted for him in America, now he's the poster child of white trash for all to see.

Despite what some may see as racism in this post, I would like to conclude by strongly recommending that you leave room for individuals. While many of them are simply less intelligent, and typical white trash, there are others who aren't, and you would be a fool like them to judge them all. Thats what they did, and it cost them all their colonies in Asia. Be proud for heavens sake, or at the very least, have some bloody self-respect when you come from great ancient civilisations.

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