Mexico trip report

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Mexico trip report

Post by ssjparris »

Hey you guys long time no talk. Winston wanted me to share my experience on Mexico here. i was very reluctant at the beginning but i am going to go ahead and make it brief.

Everyone hates mexicans

It seemed to me that a lot of americans that where living in mexico simply stayed by themselves. They mostly did not talk to mexicans they just could save their money in mexico that was the benefit.

I remember one time seeing a white guy keeping his distance and stayed out of the open door restuarant it looked to me that he did not want to talk to them. I felt at times the same. sometimes i felt like not talking to them because they like to talk shit about you in spanish really loud.

A lot of people complain about the loud noise they make until 2 am in the morning, making loud noise yelling at night to each other.

i notice their kids running all over their parents, disrespecting me and other people in public.

i have been made fun of, laughed at in public, embarrassed in public, finger pointed at and talked shit too in spanish.

being nice and friendly does not work to get respect, confronting them doesn't work either. it's almost like mexicans make sure nothing works.

why, because they love to keep pushing you, provoking you, and continue it because mexicans love to make you angry.

these are some reasons why other latino's despise mexicans. because mexicans are known to be extremely stubborn and like to piss you off.

one time i had a girl that liked me a lot and kept coming over. she was taking money from me because her husband or whatever was trying to get her to do it. then i aksed for sex through her facebook. he got jealous and told me to stay away from her. i didn't know that she had a husband until my land lord told me he saw her with a man telling her to take some money from me.

another time i was in a mcdonalds and talking to a attractive mexican woman and her jealous mother yelled at her to come over and sit at another table.

whats up with mexicans trying to keep sex away from you because they are jealous.

mexican women

don't get me started on these freaking bitches.

they run all over you, fight with you, flirt aggressively with other men in front of you.

for example i remember one time i was walking by myself saw a mexican woman in her mid 30s with huge boobs on the beach near the houses, her daughter was in the doggy position flirting with me like that. the mother told her daughter to sit down. obviously for jealousy reasons.

i saw my american friend walking towards me so i decided to turn and walk back the other way with him. then i noticed all of a sudden the mother is now dancing her giant titties up and down, bouncing them like crazy. with her husband lying down on his towel face down. i was thinking to myself how come she didn't do that when i was by myself now that i am with a guy she is flirting like crazy. what the hell ???

another time i was by myself on the beach during the summer no woman would come up to me and flirt then when i hung out with another friend of mine. now all of a sudden i get these girls flirting like mad around me and my friend. 14 year old girls bending over showing their crotch in front of us. women coming up trying to " sell something ".

i mean how mean and cruel can women be in mexico !????

mexicans fight all the time

i don't mean fist fights i mean full on arguements and everything in between.

i see guys flirting with one girl. two guys talking to her. both trying to get her. both fighting to get her. even though she has a man already and is married.

Fighting to get in line, fighting to get the children to be more respectful, fighting for everything.

If you like latina's then you need to date a damn mexican woman because they are most definitely fiesty.

but that's all i have to say on the subject. you can thank winston for persuading me. peace.

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Re: Mexico trip report

Post by travelsouth »

A trip report not even stating the city you visited. Don't take this guy's word on MX. Smh
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Re: Mexico trip report

Post by MattHanson1990 »

The OP was only in Rosarito, which is 20-30 minutes south of Tijuana. And there are different Mexicos because it's a big country.
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