Society restaurant at Bell Tower shops in Fort Myers, FL does not allow handicapped people.

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Re: Society restaurant at Bell Tower shops in Fort Myers, FL does not allow handicapped people.

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traveller wrote:
March 9th, 2020, 5:33 pm
Society Restaurant at Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers is a prison term just waiting to happen for persons with handicaps/disabilities, as well as single men. They will not and do not allow persons with handicaps at their facility. They will not and do not serve persons with any type of handicap. They call the police on all persons with handicaps and have all such people trespassed and/or arrested. The entire facility operates under a regime that carries a zero tolerance policy for single/unaccompanied men and persons with handicaps.

Trespassed means that they have the police tell the patron in front of a manager or owner that he is no longer welcome at the place, and if he is ever seen there again, he will be arrested for trespassing and he will go to prison.

Per Society restaurant's rules and regime, as enforced by the management; No persons with any type of handicap (wheelchair bound, autism, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, spina-bifita, bi-polar, Asperger's syndrome, Alzheimer's, you name it) are allowed within the restaurant/facility or on the premises. All such persons will be trespassed and/or arrested on sight. Even their servers are forbidden per management rules to serve any person with any type of handicap, and many servers have been fired from there for serving handicapped patrons. They only hire servers who serve what they call "normal people" patrons and who will report any person displaying symptoms of a handicap, thus resulting in a trespass warning and/or an arrest for the handicapped, so no bar or restaurant in the State of Florida or really anywhere south of Interstate 70 should ever hire anyone with a recent history of working, or who currently works, at Society Restaurant.

Society restaurant also has a strict "No Single Men" policy as well, enforced by the management. They allow single women, but no single men. And like handicapped people, single/unaccompanied men seen at Society Restaurant also get trespassed and/or arrested on sight, and the servers here are also forbidden per management rules to serve single/unaccompanied men.

Society Restaurant needs to pack up, leave the state of Florida, and relocate to DuPage County, Illinois. Seriously. They need to relocate asap to DuPage County, Illinois. They have no right to be in the State of Florida anymore. And due to the anti-handicap, anti-single-man regime that Society operates on, anyone and everyone with a recent history (one year or more recently) of working at, or who currently works at, Society Restaurant also belongs in DuPage County, Illinois, and may only bars and restaurants in DuPage County, Illinois, as well as Society Restaurant after it has relocated to DuPage County, Illinois, hire anyone who has worked at Society Restaurant within the past one year and/or who currently works at Society Restaurant. For the full scoop on why Society Restaurant, as well as anyone with a recent history of working at Society, will fit in much better in DuPage County, Illinois, take a look at this thread. ... =1&t=40151
Is this real or is this like one of Mercer's dystopian fantasy threads?
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