I want to live in the Philippines but how do I earn money?

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Re: I want to live in the Philippines but how do I earn mone

Post by lblblb »

invest in real estate
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Re: I want to live in the Philippines but how do I earn mone

Post by Zambales »

Sophia wrote:
November 11th, 2015, 8:23 am
What the Customer Asked For:

1) You want to earn your living sitting there at your own computer,
2) You want that computer to move from the freezing wilds of Canada to the warmth of the Philippines,
3) AND you want it to all be easy? Wow. That’s a bit of a tall order.
It is possible although the "paycheck" won't amount to much. It'll be more about surviving than thriving and that's fine if you're happy to do that.

Otherwise you need to devise a way of making enough money to meet your requirements and that won't happen if you seek the easy route and aren't prepared to bust a gut in the process.
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Re: I want to live in the Philippines but how do I earn money?

Post by publicduende »

I have met quite a few of these freelance (copy)writers, online marketers, SEO experts, BPO managers, etc. in Davao.

The only successful ones are those who have invested several years in the same place (e.g. Davao) and created a solid team of locals whom they have personally mentored, to significant personal effort, and manage on a daily basis, extracting profit from each one of them. These are all people who draw their income from managing multiple Filipinos, not by directly selling their services. Not something the average digital nomad can pull, especially if they don't have the time and discipline to build a team and a company, which may take years.

Since I closed my company last November, all my efforts are now placed on establishing myself - and what is left of the company brand - as a consultant for Filipino clients. It's not a tall order and it's one that, were it even modestly successful, would allow me to live comfortably in Makati. Yet, once again, I need to be always in Makati or Cebu or Davao, nursing every bit of my relationship with the client. Again, something that requires commitment and investment in terms of time (money not so much anymore, since the office overhead is gone).

Freelancing in IT has become way too competitive. One has to be lucky to make $100 a day nowadays, regardless of their skill levels.

The only way to have a differentiating factor that can push your daily rate higher is to

1) already have somebody you know abroad who will grant you a remote job with a salary/rate as close as possible to the one you would make working from their offices, or

2) specialise very well in a niche technology (e.g. blockchain and smart contract development) that may attract remote working. The kind of high-performance back-end stuff I have specialised over the years is not only quite a niche area, it will hardly be pursued by a remote worker, since it's mostly critical components of a software architecture.
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Re: I want to live in the Philippines but how do I earn money?

Post by xiongmao »

I've heard that there are a few good English teaching/trainer jobs in the Phillies, mainly in corporations (e.g. call centres).

I've tried making money online this year but it's mostly been a miserable failure. The easy money has been made online, now more people are competing for less dimes.

I'm glad I stopped all unnecessary expenditure some years ago as I now make 3x as much from property and investments as I do from my online stuff.

Also teaching English in China is lucrative. I'm actually saving a fairly similar amount each month as I was working in a London IT job. I don't get paid for 2 months in the Summer, but these coincide with the lucrative Summer part-time season in Europe.
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Re: I want to live in the Philippines but how do I earn money?

Post by Joseph »

Seems like what many foreigners residing in the Philippines do, is start a YouTube channel, where they share their day-to-day experiences and make a living off of it. that seems like a pretty good idea considering the money you can make from monetizing your channel on YouTube.
Doing that, can earn you a decent enough living which can be sufficient for the cost of living in the Philippines.

Plus , i can tell you from experience ,filipinas are really down with taking participants on this YouTube reality shows, which mostly being referred to as "vlog" in the islands, with their foreign partner.

Having a YouTube channel seems to be a turn on everywhere today.
Young women seem to be impressed with guys that run their own channel, age doesn't even matter.
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