Toronto women suck---Leaving Toronto tomorrow!

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Re: Toronto women suck---Leaving Toronto tomorrow!

Post by azaXiin »

reject someone because of the skin color, really?

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Re: Toronto women suck---Leaving Toronto tomorrow!

Post by brownwarrior2021 »

azaXiin wrote:
December 24th, 2021, 6:17 pm
reject someone because of the skin color, really?
Yes, because when it comes to females escorts, most fear black men or mixed-raced black men, because there is a stereotype that black men are involved in gangs and are pimps. So these hoes(escorts) fear getting robbed or pimped. When it comes to brown men, if you are indian looking brown man, some will not see you due to influx of fob indians who in there culture bargain alot and hygiene issues(not putting cologne or smelling like food or not trimming their body hair lol). Me being a bald headed-brown guy, I always say I am hispanic/latino mixed with middle-eastern, unless she is hispanic, than I say I am middle-eastern mixed with south-asian lol. That is the only good thing about Toronto, is the erotic massage parlours and hoes(escorts from low-end ones that you need to watch out to high-end reviewed ones who are better since they charge more and worry about their reputation). What race are you by the way? If you are asian, most escorts will see you since mongoloid looking asian, you won't have any negative stereotypes when it comes to escorts. I find with asian men, even if they have hard time scoring women in the nightclub/bar scene, they can easily get an escort of any race. Although minority of escorts(maybe like 1%) will say white-men only.
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Re: Toronto women suck---Leaving Toronto tomorrow!

Post by traveller »

Ashford_Jaquinn wrote:
April 22nd, 2018, 1:50 am
Toronto is a concrete jungle, but it has a small town mentality to it. Women in Toronto are also very uptight, angry and hate men even if the man is walking on the street wearing sunglasses and looking ahead & not looking at women.

Did I also mention that approaching women in Toronto is considered a hate crime? Toronto women have let it be known that they hate men that even if a man accidentally goes near a woman's presence, she can call the police to arrest the man for criminal harassment or other offenses in Canada law.

The law is against men in Toronto. Feminists and the LGBT community have more rights than men in Toronto. This was not the case in the UK when I was working there at one of the top financial institutions from 2009-2014. Sure, marriage laws in the Anglosphere favor women, but this feminist moral panic in Toronto is obscene. It is probably illegal to look at a feminist in Toronto.
That's exactly how women (and culture) are in Chicago's west suburb of Berwyn! Stickney and Forest View, too. They're even about that bad in the Sycamore/DeKalb metro area, located some 55 miles west of Berwyn.
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