Romance Tours/Dating Services vs. Traditional Dating?

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Romance Tours/Dating Services vs. Traditional Dating?

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First I once again want to thank winston for doing the videos. they are the real proof like he says.

After seeing these videos here. i see what is available to me.

this vid was done 10 years ago in 1999.

and of course there is Marks site too

but what is the best route? i'm 28 and i'm african-american i'll be out of school in 3 yrs. I really hope to have a situation where i'm doing something international.

. Do they do this sort of thing in germany? Should i learn russian? Which the best service? Do i need to make some calls?

my reason is when i graduate - i really want to speed things up and get this done and get the ball rolling. i see my situation as a thing of men getting in shape physically, emotionally and financially to do this and get it out of the way.

it seems like there are lots of OPTIONS. but what are the best options, especially for a african-american.
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