Why so few virgins in the prudish, uptight America?

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Re: Why so few virgins in the prudish, uptight America?

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ladislav wrote:
December 19th, 2009, 3:44 pm
Could someone explain that to me? Here in the Philippines finding a girlfriend is probably easier than anywhere else on Earth. And yes, after some time you can lay her. In spite of all this, this country has one of the highest percentages of virgins in the world. Some newspapers have reported 85%. It is lower in Manila, but still most girls I have known had to be virgins. Even in go go bars there are virgins and on cyber sex sites. And this is a Catholic country which is shy, but not really inhibited.
In the US, on the hand, despite the prudishness, virgins are so hard to find. Almost all girls have had some weird sex. So, WTF?
lol! KKKlanservatives Republicucks are as evil as libtard Democracks. Republicucks want white females to have all the sexual power but want white men and ethnic men to be good Christians/believers. Whereas Democracks want all females to have all the sexual power but want all men to become cucked or become LGBT. lol! Now a days even Muslim women in US/Canada, are sluts having oral and anal but not taking it in the p***y. lol!
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Winston wrote:
December 25th, 2009, 10:53 am
Lots of guys in the US brag about getting laid. We all know that guys who really get laid a lot don't brag about it.

People do get laid in the US but it's not that often and it tends to be confined to steady relationships. That's why guys in the US get into relationships, cause without one they can't get sex. If they were getting casual sex all the time, like Hugh Heffner gets, then they would not be rushing into relationships or marriage.

Excellent points, guys in the US will brag all the time about getting laid and in reality they may not be getting laid at all. Also, most guys are only getting laid if they have a girlfriend. This is why guys in the US want a girlfriend to begin with, it's to get access to sex on a regular basis.
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