New Zealand town for sale

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New Zealand town for sale

Post by Jackal »

"If you have $800,000, an entire town in New Zealand's Alps could be yours for the keeping.

The town of Otira - all 90 hectares of it - is owned by Bill and Christine Hennah. But they are now looking to retire, and Otira is up for sale. It comes with a former schoolhouse, fire station and 18 homes.

Much of the activity of this otherwise sleepy town revolves around one building, where the pub, hotel, café and post office are all rolled into one facility.

Al Jazeera's Gerald Tan reports from the town in the Southern Alps." ... 42663.html

How about it Winston? It could be "Winstonville, New Zealand." Lol. You could have "Happier Abroad" spelled out on the mountains with big stone letters like the Hollywood letters. Then you could repopulate the town with young Filipina women. Hehe.
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Post by odbo »

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Re: New Zealand town for sale

Post by haiqu »

Remote little frozen shithole near Hokitika. No-one in their right mind would want to live there.
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Re: New Zealand town for sale

Post by Gazzio »

I disagree with you. New Zealand is a very safe and calm country. I know a lot of people who gladly moved there. I like that New Zealand cares a lot about the environment. I also like how business in New Zealand works. When my friends moved from one apartment to another, they found home movers on a platform where there are many offers from moving companies, you can also find your neighbor there with a truck who will very cheaply help you move from one house to another. They got a move quota of 75%. At the same time, they used eco-friendly transport to move. It seems to me that this is a great place where people care about each other.
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Re: New Zealand town for sale

Post by Cornfed »

Gazzio wrote:
March 18th, 2020, 7:23 am
I disagree with you. New Zealand is a very safe and calm country.
I realise this is a spammer post, but lol have you checked out the murder rate in NZ lately?
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