Breaking through conservative last minute resistance

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Breaking through conservative last minute resistance

Post by rudder »

So here I am in Peru, and I know a girl that I'd like to have a serious long-term relationship with. We've gotten to know each other pretty well, and there is definitely a great deal of romantic spark and passion between us as well as commonalities. When things get really hot and heavy and I'm getting her turned on and clothes are off, she will just stop, and not let me go any further.

We had a talk about jealousy yesterday, because she found my phone and some text message from some girl I was with a month ago. She got jealous because the text message was calling me sweety. I also told her that I recently met a girl at the gym who invited me on a date (true story). She started getting all possessive after I told her that, so I told her that I'm a man and I have my "needs."

She confessed that she really wants to have an exclusive, long-term relationship with me. So basically, I don't want to have a long-term relationship with her unless she puts out. And she doesn't want to put out unless I demonstrate commitment.

At the start of our relationship things were very shaky and she wasn't 100% faithful either. But now that I've talked with her it sounds like we both want to be together exclusively.

So, do I risk an indefinite amount of blue-balling and continue with her? Do I tell her that when I went out with this new woman, that it wasn't the same as with her and the new woman just doesn't even compare? Or do I try to leverage her with jealousy, stay aloof and get to know this knew woman and probably have an easier time getting sex?

To clarify, I am more interested in having a committed relationship than just casual sex, but I also don't want to put myself in a situation where I abandon my other prospects to be with a woman that's not going to put out, and basically use me. That's my fear.

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Post by Tezcatlipoca »

What has always worked for me was .. "I know babe I really don't want to rush things.." kiss her neck then her lips then fondle her breasts then stroke her hips pretty soon you'll be f***ing
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