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Re: Sandman on Foreign Brides

Post by Blue Murder »

MGTOW have cricticised Sandman for his daily red pill focus (a video every day) and optimising search engine results to bring top MGTOW searches. Since I do not consume MGTOW content I'm neutral, however, logically yes, you're going to stagnate when you deliver content daily. How many ways can you dissect the same topic and say the same message? Plus, I don't like the John Galt desolate future outlook MGTOW carry.

1) John Galt (from the series Atlas Shrugged) had value. These men? Not so much. How does one who does nothing productive "go Galt" (or "ghost")? I've been on their forums and we literally have men who act like women are trying to jump their bones at work. Really? "How to ghost at work?" Newsflash: You aren't that important, guy. Of course, I was post-modded for not lining up with the dogma. Sounds familiar. Moving on . . .

2) Societal collapse. It doesn't take a mastermind to realise how dark and twisted a real-life Fallout would be. Just seeing the nuclear ending video for Splinter Cell: Double Agent is creepy, but these folks want to live it. Keep in mind only 3% of Americans "prep" or have the skills to survive. All this "go Galt and watch it burn" rhetoric borders on the sickening. At some point, we have to reel in our own negativity and sickness. It's not always just women. They aren't responsible for your mental states so come off it with that "Galt" stuff.
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Re: Sandman on Foreign Brides

Post by jamesbond »

Sandman ends his videos by saying, "And remember, a red pill a day keeps the divorce lawyers away." :lol:
"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."
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Re: Sandman on Foreign Brides

Post by Vendri »

"All women everywhere are the same, they're ALL horrible, all bloodsucking, parasitic leeches who look to destroy men! Do not even bother with Foreign women either!"

That defeatist, Nihilistic mindset needs to STOP. I've even seen it on HERE as of late, and it's absolutely ridiculous! MGTOW looks more and more like a Crypto-Feminist front Cult.

cryp•to (ˈkrɪp toʊ)

n., pl. -tos.
a person who secretly supports or adheres to a group, party, or belief.

Crypto-Feminists like Sandman are doing the Feminist's wishes by denigrating Foreign women, and people Still believe MGTOW is Pro-Male? The Sheeple! If Sandman and MGTOW was TRULY Pro-Male, they would be ADVOCATING for living abroad with an exceptional Foreign woman, NOT dismissing them as if they're the same as the trash the Anglo men have to deal with on a daily basis!
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Re: Sandman on Foreign Brides

Post by sentinel89 »

MGTOW is a necessary movement as a response to the orthodox views on gender relations in the west. Young single men living in the west need to be a little bit MGTOW just to stay sane.. They need to know about predatory women who "take men to the cleaners" via divorce rape. They need to know about the epidemic of false rape claims. They need to know to always put their own needs before a woman's and to never put attractive women on a pedestal.

But some MGTOWs take it way too far. Some MGTOWs use it as an excuse to not improve themselves and become a more desirable mate. Some MGTOWs believe that men and women should just live on opposite sides of the planet and never interact with one another. This is the point where MGTOW becomes unhealthy and counterproductive. MGTOW is meant to be a counter weight to our gender-cultural dystopia. But MGTOW needs its own counter weight as well, it should never become the new orthodox. It needs to be a temporary step to swing the pendulum back towards justice so we can find a more cohesive relationship between the sexes.
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Re: Sandman on Foreign Brides

Post by alexmerlin »

Sandman brings up a wonderful point, however. Just because the woman is foreign, it doesnt make her a gem. However, his conclusions are wrong. That doesnt mean you need to give up on women. That just means you need to open your eyes. Be discriminating. Don't go with the first woman that says yes just because you're lonely and have one-itis. Listen to what she says. Most women will openly transmit their intentions. Just listen to what she says, her value system, etc. If she is a gold digger, she may even talk about how she took money from other men before you. When you hear that, you ought to realize, that is her plan for you as well.
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