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INDONESIA will ban the mini skirt in a bid to deflect growing dissent over rising prices and government corruption.

The country’s religious affairs minister Suryadharma Ali has decreed mini skirts pornographic and says new anti-porn laws will see them banned.

Mr Suryadharma said meetings with “different stakeholdersâ€￾ would be held to “defineâ€￾ pornography.

“However, there must be a set of universal criteria to define something as pornographic, of which one will be when someone wears a skirt above the knee,â€￾ he was quoted as saying in The Jakarta Post.

Once the standard on what is and is not pornography was determined, it would be enforced across the country.

Another politician from the ruling Democratic Party announced he would prepare laws banning female MPs and staff members from wearing mini skirts.

“There have been a lot of rape cases and other immoral acts recently and this is because women aren't wearing appropriate clothesâ€￾, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

“You know what men are like. Provocative clothing will make them do things."

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Post by Storm11_girl »

“You know what men are like. Provocative clothing will make them do things."


and i know some may agree and disagree saying men should control themselves

what i say and compare to men may seem rude mean and harsh but im trying to make a point and try to uderstand what im saying ok...

mini skirts is like a yummy barbequed steak that smells sooooo good

u know how u come home and there's plain and boring food on the table so u eat and then ur full

but all the sudden someone walks in with a take-away McDonalds bag and the smell filled the room and then ur instincts kick in and get hungry all over even though ur full

so its kinda like men are like stray dogs

its mean to wave a stake at them and when they try to take a bite or already ate the whole lot , then u scream and punish it for being bad is not good at all becaue the animal is an animal and can't have self control and u just kicked in his hunting instincts just like a lion or a wolf do when hearing scream and type of weakness.

the man is the same as a stray dog and men are known for being visual creatures whereas women are emotion

women are suppose to be emotion because women do have babies and not men because when a women gives birth the child being born the woman never judges the appearnce of the baby and will care and love no matter what while others look at the baby and say " eeewwww i'll throw it in the trash right away if i were u "

thats how men when they see they fantazies and want it so they jump go and get it especially when it gets worst is when some women use it as their weapon to control a guy to make him do things for her but it can backfire.

don't get me wrong but there are some trained dogs and guys do have self control and are loyal too . and they do get into trouble if they don't do as their told unless she calls big boy to come after u.

so like i said , its not good playing games its kinda like waving the stake and if the dog bites , its not his fault.

i know some will say that rapists target women who are modest aswell but if u differenate the both

a rapist will target any woman the 'he' prefers and wants for control and domination and he could be a sadist aswell like hearing screams and cries. the target could be modest or not.

whereas " the about to be " guy who all he wants is getting laid and/or was being flirted and she's trying to seduce many guys for her ego ( which some may not realize the ego ) he thinks she slept with many guys, which " the about to be " guy thinks she sleeps men who are super hot and/or have alot of money, so all he does think he could just have sex with her and then leave , which he tries to get her drunk or she's already drunk , or drug her then takes her somewhere else or he just takes her to her place then does her and then leaves.

the reason he thinks its ok because he THINKs she slept with so many so if she wakes up she don't think its a big deal and that guy could have been hot .

but in reality when she wakes up she panics , gets scared and gets mad and then makes drama of being a victim whereas the real victim is being ignored ( the real victim is raped by a close friend, partner relationship, worker , family member or a serial rapist who is forceful in it but does'nt use get the victim drunk stragety )

look if ur in college and u wanna drink and be in a party with only just be with pple u know or seen before many times and in the party is where there's a person who makes sure every person is safe and no self injury trying to do is stopped and no stranger comes inside unless keep an eye on him or her.
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Post by fschmidt »

Good for Indonesia, I fully support this law.
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