A bad debtor's mind and strategies.

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A bad debtor's mind and strategies.

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Something happens to many humans when they owe you money.

Some will be nice and pay as agreed.

But some will need a prodding as the date arrived, and the debt went unpaid causing a delay and inconvenience/ discomfort to the creditor. "Oops, I forgot!" " Really? Well, you didn't forget to ask to borrow money, did you? You didn't expect a delay when borrowing money from me, did you? You wanted it right away. Why are you delaying paying it back?" They do pay though, but with a sulk. The creditor is the bad guy now because he's molesting the debtor, being impatient, and not believing him/her.

Refusal to pay by using an infinite delay tactic. "I will pay you next week!" Next week becomes next week, next week, next month. "What's the matter? You don't believe me? I told you I'd pay you back. I just need more time. Hey, quit bothering me, I told you I'd pay you! Just wait one more week. After payday. I'll call you!". Then, they disappear, do not reply, and then you just have to write it off. They never intended to pay you, anyway.

Getting angry at you and perverting the whole thing as if it is your fault to begin with when you ask them to cough it up. " Hey, quit bugging me! You're such a cheap bastard! Such a Jew!" They start yelling at you because now you are the bad person. And they start turning other people against you, as well, for being "cheap". A mean tactic. Very mean.

Simply ghosting you or moving, hiding, and not replying. Disappearing. Hanging up the phone and just being gone. Not answering messages; not being available. Until you give up and be gone. And they pocket your loan.

Calling you a sucker, a naive milksop and a fool. Glaring at you with disdain and mockery in their eyes as they laugh at you for being such a simpleton. Now, you are the stupid person, and they are smarter than you for not paying you back. They now walk around proud with the chest all puffed up, smirking and looking at you down their noses thru half-opened eyelids, their lips curled in a contemptuous, snaking smile.

Such debtors are the epitome of what we call a###oles. They have no conscience, no qualms of any kind and are on a very low level of interpersonal relations. After they swindled you like this, they move on to the next victim and continue their deeds. Losing you as a friend is no big loss to them. There is another sucker out there somewhere.

The irony of it all is that they come in all colors and ethnicities as well as professional and educational levels. But they still have no pangs of conscience, no guilt, nothing.

Beware of them.
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