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The Ladies Forum has finally been restored!

Post by Winston »

Hi folks,
The ladies forum has finally been restored:

It was down for over a week. After my site migrated to an upgraded server, the database for the ladies forum disappeared mysteriously. So much for their new and improved servers. It took Godaddy hosting support a week to find it and get it back after giving me the initial run around. Then it would not even restore for some reason. I could not import it properly. When Godaddy hosting support finally imported it, the forum did not recognize the database. No one could figure out why. It was so weird.

Then, finally, after trying the restore function in my database manager and selecting the restored database, it finally restored the forum. For some reason, the database manager worked better than using phpmyadmin.

I guess databases can go down for the smallest reasons, even ones so small that you can't even see them. And I would presume that Godaddy's hosting servers must also have a ton of bugs as well. No wonder everyone says they are the worst for web hosting.

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