The Babushka's Assessment

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The Babushka's Assessment

Post by ladislav »

I was in Odessa, Ukraine and there was a babushka sitting on the street, and I got to talk to her. She made her assessment of the racial situation in the city.
" The number of N***oes in this town has been increasing. You can see them everywhere. And to most people, they all look the same. But not to me".
" Really?"
" Yes, because there are three types of N***oes in the world, and I can tell. "
" Really? What type of N***oes are there, then?"
" There are Indians, Arabs and Africans. These are the three type of N***oes".

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Re: The Babushka's Assessment

Post by Cornfed »

What would have been a better term for her to have used? "Shitskins" perhaps?
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