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Re: The human costs | Sex-tourism

Post by Yohan »

ladislav wrote:
November 28th, 2020, 10:10 pm
Always the white man. Angeles City belongs to Koreans now. At least it did before Covid. But of course it would be racist to mention Koreans. So, it's the Yank, the Aussie, the German.

The prostitutes have the right to refuse sex if the man does not wear condoms. But no, it's the white man's fault. Always.
I also have never seen any videoclip where it says it's the fault of Chinese men from somewhere (HongKong, UK etc.), Arabs or the black man from the States and there are many of them in the US-Army in Asia.

It's also never the fault of local men who are clearly the huge majority of all misusers. It's all the fault of 'white men' which is minority, who are likely a rather small minority....

If you are male, straight and white - consider yourself as a 2nd class citizen...

There are also charities, which blame only the white man and US-politics for poverty of poor girls in the Philippines

While the report about poor Filipino is quite nice, they insert text into the videoclip with abuse comment about old, white, bald, fat men....
Follow-up comments are also interstesting to read after you see the whole videoclip and read all the inserted text into it.

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Re: The human costs | Sex-tourism

Post by Outcast9428 »

People nowadays I feel are falling dangerously close to a core ideology/philosophy which basically believes that anything in the world which can potentially cause suffering must be eliminated no matter how much good it otherwise brings. If we continue down this path we are going to end up living in a world where nobody really loses but nobody really wins either. Where there's no "technical" suffering and pain but no pleasure either. Instead, we are all going to suffer tremendously from the lack of pleasure in our lives. A deprivation caused by their foolish ancestors who believed that anything which could potentially have negative consequences needs to be eliminated.

Do you guys want to assist the modernists in getting rid of yet another method through which sexually frustrated men can get some release? Why are we blaming the prostitutes or the tourists? Why does somebody always need to be blamed? Sometimes, shit happens... Both people were doing what they had to do and these were the consequences. If we don't give men outlets for their sexual frustration or a chance to experience some real female companionship the suicide rate is going to skyrocket. The suicide rate in the US has already been increasing for years now. Back in 2001, we only had 30,000 suicides, in 2019 we had about 48,000. The suicide rate per capita has increased from a little over 10 per 100,000 at the beginning of the century to 14.5 per 100,000 now. This is a 50% increase in suicides and the thing is, lots of people suffering from despair do not die just by suicide. Drug overdoses often go hand in hand with the suicidal demographic which is why deaths from these are called "deaths of despair" and "deaths of despair" have already skyrocketed at a terrifying rate in the US over the past 20 years. This increase in suicides is being driven almost exclusively by white men with young white men being the most strongly effected. White men are only about 30% of the population but 70% of the suicides.

White male despair is so severe now that there has been a noticeable rise in white mortality rates. However, notably, the rise in white male mortality rates is limited almost exclusively to unmarried white males...

The truth which the modern world does not want to accept is that sexual intimacy is a strong, physical need in human beings, but perhaps especially in men. Men who are deprived of sex are at a significantly increased risk of either killing themselves or killing other people (such as with Islamic terror groups). Traditional cultures have always explicitly understood this and handled it in one of two ways. The more unethical and oppressive traditional cultures deliberately created sexual frustration through high rates of polygyny in order to create armies of men willing to invade their neighbors. The ethical traditional cultures, however, mandated monogamy and ensured that every single man could have a wife as long as he wasn't a violent criminal/domestic abuser. Modern culture, however, has taken upon itself to completely forget this basic fact of life because feminism decided that men didn't really need sex and they will practically commit murder in order to prevent society from ever recognizing this fact because keeping men sexually deprived gives tremendous amounts of power to women. Sexually deprived men will literally do anything to get laid, they start forgetting basic ethical values of loyalty and start selling out their fellow man for some p***y, they give women whatever they want in order to get sex.

If we want the current disaster that is modern society to end, we have to eliminate the Western feminist's stranglehold on sex. So let me ask the OP, do you really want to get rid of one of the last remaining venues through which less successful men can get sex and break away from the feminist chokehold? I feel sorry for children who end up being raised by single mothers and I do believe that these women deserve a marriage partner. But its like I said, lots of times there simply is no perfect solution, we just have to go with the best one available to us.
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