How to disable RFID chips

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How to disable RFID chips

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Back in 2015, I had unfortunately been implanted with RFID chips. I started feeling pain in parts of the brain in my heart along with voices. The good news is that I have found a way to disable the chips that works. I tested this EMP device and it works. Not very expensive either. I warn you to not go to the doctor for any surgery that requires anesthesia like my endoscopy. The hospitals are picking random people to install this technology.

What you are going to need is:

A taser or voltage tester

A roll of magnetic coil wire to wind around a bottle 15-20 times to form a circle.

A bottle for wrapping the magnetic coil wire into a circle

a piece of wood or pvc pipe to tape or strap the taser and roll of magnetic coil wire to.

Here are a couple of videos to watch on how to assemble one:

I did not know where to post this so I decided to start my own thread for those who need help.
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