American prisons are commercialized!

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American prisons are commercialized!

Post by Mercury »

It's illegal under Federal law in the United States for a man to approach, court, or pursue a woman, and it's illegal under Federal law, as enforced by the FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Marshals, and the U.S. Supreme Court, for a man to ask a woman out on a date.

But Americans continue to pressure guys to make the first move and ask the woman out. Guys, don't fall for it! It's a trap designed to get you arrested and sentenced to life in prison, even death in the electric chair. In America, law-abiding men will either remain terminally single or leave the United States for a better culture. In America, guys that ask the woman out today, just about all of them are violent felons and convicts. The extreme vast majority of American guys that make the first move are in gangs. Many have already served years, even decades, in prison for violent offenses, like armed robbery, manslaughter, and even as major as assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon! American women might dress scantily exposing the stomach, cleavage, some may even have a bit of "underboob" exposed. But the instant you approach that exact woman, it's an automatic trip to county jail.

But there is another reason Americans continue to expect the man to make the first move! Prisons in America are commercialized! For each person locked away for years, decades, and even life, and for each execution that takes place, state and Federal governments make money. Money that they use for law enforcement, border patrol, infrastructure, pharmaceutical industries, and to pay the bureaucracies that run the country. In other words, America herself FEEDS on the toxic, default hate culture that covers the country from coast to coast and border to border. America FEEDS on every prison inmate in the country. And prisons provide the lion's share of income for state and Federal governments and bureaucracies.

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Re: American prisons are commercialized!

Post by MrMan »

You can ask a woman out in front of an FBI agent and he won't arrest you. There is no law. Why don't you just try talking to a woman and see if the police chase you down with dogs and arrest you and put you in prison. You might be surprised.
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Re: American prisons are commercialized!

Post by Outcast9428 »

This is too extreme and not based in reality at all.

Quite frankly though, I don't think guys should be approaching random women. The girl you're approaching might be somebody else's girlfriend. Girls are very passive creatures and sometimes just go along with things they shouldn't be going along with. The best method of meeting girls is to bring back the old fashioned standard of meeting girls through friends and family who set you up with a girl who's single.
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