Being Fair in Dating Relationship

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Re: Being Fair in Dating Relationship

Post by Cornfed »

Kradmelder wrote:Where did you not read the part of selling their other qualities first? The women I mix with have such things. The women that will sink to even talking to you obviously won't.
Of course they weren’t talking to me. They had just come to see me as part of the furniture, which is why I got to hear all this stuff. I wonder if you could make a commitment to tell your story here after you get taken to the cleaners - for my gloating purposes. Others in your position have not taken such a commitment but strangely did in fact post about their train wreck relationships which turned out exactly as I predicted. BTW, the female did have sex with you after the sixth date, right?

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Re: Being Fair in Dating Relationship

Post by Lorenzo »

Cornfed wrote:
Lorenzo wrote:You can't fully measure a girl unless you have been with her.
It is a bit like saying you can't fully judge how a car will survive being crashed into a tree without crashing it into a tree. True to some extent, but then who would want to buy a car that has been crashed into a tree?
Nope, it is like saying you can't know how a Ferrari drives until you drive one ;)
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Re: Being Fair in Dating Relationship

Post by Ruamtow »

To be fair, you can't really judge all women like that, you know. I mean, I think that when a couple is facing problems, they should talk it out. Going to the therapist seems like a pretty good idea to me. My ex and I went to the therapist all the time (even though in the end we did break up, but I'm sure that we would have broken up way sooner if it wasn't for the help from the therapist) ... ounselling. I think that people have a bit of a too negative point of view about seeking relationship counseling.
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