Dream Connections by Mark Davis - Any Experiences? (Uncensored Open Discussion)

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Re: Dream Connections by Mark Davis - Any Experiences? (Uncensored Open Discussion)

Post by Winston »

MarkEdwardDavis wrote:
August 19th, 2022, 4:16 pm
Winston wrote:
August 16th, 2022, 8:11 am
Oh cool. I'm in Vegas now too. The guy who interviewed me @kangarunner is also coming to Vegas too. Maybe we can all do a roundtable podcast discussion together? What do you think?
Hi Winston,

That would be great. I'm on WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram. (702) 659-9000
You just shot yourself in the foot. I contacted Mark at the number above on WhatsApp. He said you are an IMPOSTOR and that he is NOT posting under your account. Why are you impersonating him? What's your motive? I also asked him to send me a voice clip to verify that it's him and not an impostor on WhatsApp. He did so and I heard his voice. So the one on WhatsApp is really him. He claims that YOU are an IMPOSTOR. Who are you and what's your motive for impersonating Mark? Didn't you realize that when you gave me his WhatsApp number that I would find this out and you would be EXPOSED? If so, why did you do it? Surely you must have known that you'd be exposed as an impostor?

Furthermore, I checked your IP and you are also posting under "First_Class" when you claimed to be Mark's client above and asking for a refund for the Ukraine Tour. Again, why are you posing as Mark's client asking for a refund? What kind of weird game are you playing and why? It is strange and nonsensical. What's the motive?

This is the First_Class username that you share one IP with:


Now we all know that you are an impostor and posing as Mark and as First_Class, a client asking for a refund, who is most likely a fake client too.

Why does this forum attract so many psychos and posers? lol

Btw everyone, so basically Mark's real username is "Mark Edward Davis" (with spaces between his name) whereas the imposter is "MarkEdwardDavis" (without spaces).
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