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Are these dating sites legitimate?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Post by jiggy1st »

there are some better dating sites in Ukraine, but most girls prefer the guys to be here before they start any relationship,it is mostly hard for them to reply to guys outside the country, because most of them do not speak English language, also they are scared of going outside the country, only few girls are open to such
relationship with Ukrainian girls takes work,not worth while is easy

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Re: Are these dating sites legitimate?

Post by Gregory »


Thank you for your feedback. At AnastasiaDate we take all our customer concerns very seriously. Our supportive Customer Service Team is always ready to help you 24/7. Please contact us about this complaint as we will need more information from you to help resolve.

Our Customer Service Department can be reached by phone by dialing toll-free (+1) 800-356-3130 or (+1) 800-234-0036. Additionally we can be reached by clicking on the “contact usâ€￾ link at the bottom/right of every page on our website. If you are a registered customer, you can also reach us by logging in through our website and clicking on the “LiveSupportâ€￾ button at the top/right of the page.

We look forward to hearing back from you soon. For more information about our anti-scam policy please visit: ... olicy.html


Customer Support Team
AnastasiaDate Customer Service
+1 (800) 356-3130
+1 (800) 234-0036
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Post by Hero »

Anastasiaweb is the most blatantly crooked site out there. I mean come on, why else would they not allow you to exchange contact information with the girls? And why would they charge you for each letter and each minute of email chat? Finally, don't you think it's a little suspicious that all these women between ages 18 and 25 who look like models are willing to marry a 50 year old guy?

One story I've heard about Anastasiaweb is that they're always pulling bait-and-switches. A guy will arrange to go visit the girl, and when he gets to her country he'll be told by the agency that they're so sorry, but the poor girl's mother got sick and the girl had to stay home to take care of her. But hey, we have plenty of others we can introduce you to.

I think Elena's models is your best bet. The women aren't the hottest in the world and they can be bitchy, but at least they're honest.
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Post by blueeyescanada »

If you're a good looking fit young fella, I'd suggest going to St. Petersburg for a couple of weeks
and spending all of your time on the Metro, walking downtown, in the bars, etc. Women who look like
they've stepped out of a fashion show catwalk will catch your eye, hold it, and smile, inviting you into
their sensuality. Things may have changed in the past decade, but I doubt it. In Russia, keep your
heart, your liver, and your dick well protected! :lol:
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Post by jtest28 »

Elena Models is legit, just remember theres alot of men on there. That's why I let it go. Don't appreciate just that damn much competition! LOL Its just that when every girl you e-mail is already involved with a man she met earlier, but yeah, they are legit.
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Post by djmerts »

I work for a Russian dating site and I must say that we and our competitors are often attacked by non genuine people all the time. It's nearly impossible for any social network to prevent this. I personally report these people in our competitors sites(yes i do have memberships on them too) and in our site. Even though, we try to collect IP addresses for these bad people, they can still easily get away with using different techniques.

I guess what a normal internet user does not know is that we spent a lot of money on advertisement to drive real people both males and females to our websites. There has to be real people so that we can generate revenue right? However, even when we advertise on Facebook we get so many fake profiles it's unbelievable. We try to block these profiles but loose a lot of cash on ads. And FB does not even refund us a penny :-)

As you can see, its though for any dating site or a social network to prevent these type of people. Majority of the solid Russian dating sites (RussianCupid, ElenasModels, Anastasia) will actually work for you because the real members actually want to move abroad and get married.

Matt from
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Post by sexyukraine »

Sexyukraine new, but reliable and interesting site to meet with Ukrainian girls. Free register and just real profiles without bots and fakes . Real, live dating ! Sign up, to start communication! Meet new girls and opportunity to experience the romantic feeling , a real chance to find happiness and love.
Knowledge of languages is not required - an online translator help to communicate with the girls, and video chats will save you from boring typing.
It's 100% verified anti scam site - add brightness to your life.
P.S At only beautiful and sweet girls
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Post by GodNnelg »

Stupid bots and "astroturfing" on the forum are so annoying, aren't they guys?

Anyways... does anyone recommend just coming to Ukraine without the use of a dating agency?
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Post by have2fly »

Anyways... does anyone recommend just coming to Ukraine without the use of a dating agency?
Dude, use Winston's website. I mean he only owns a mirror website, but database is fairly large and it is probably the only true-dating website I could find. You can freely e-mail to any girl, no restrictions on how many e-mails you write. It has a yearly fee of around 150 bucks, which is very cheap compared to other agencies. Now going to any country without any contacts is tough. I did it, after living in FSU for a year I can tell you it was not easy for me and I speak native Russian. For someone who had never lived abroad just don't expect girls to jump on you, it takes time and effort, but rewards are great. Therefore, prepare many contacts from dating websites. I was actually able to bang around 7 girls from Winston's website while I am abroad, so it was worth my investment.

Now I don't get any credit for writing this. However, Winston should probably give me some, lol :)
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Re: Are these dating sites legitimate?

Post by vladimirbr »

Some of them is not legitimate but there is a legit websites yes.
I recommend make new friends from Russia and Ukraine
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Re: Are these dating sites legitimate?

Post by koikoigrace »

i recommend this website Learning language and make friends
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