How come in Russia u can sit with girls like this everyday?!

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How come in Russia u can sit with girls like this everyday?!

Post by Winston »

Wouldn't you like to sit with girls like this everyday? See below: ... 858787?b=1


Well you can, in Russia, but not in America! Why such a gigantic difference? I swear. I can't believe it. But I've experienced it, as you saw in my photos, so I do. lol.

It's crazy how location makes all the difference, yet all the top psychologists and self-help motivational gurus, such as Tony Robbins and Dr. Wayne Dyer tell you that location makes no difference and that you have to work on yourself. Why do they sell such a message? Sure that might help you cope with your problems, but it will NOT change things in your environment, nor will it change the women around you either.

Simply put, they have NO SOLUTION at all to the lack of friendliness and dates that men suffer from in America. But we do. It's funny that we have a real solution that is based on blaming the environment, and changing it, yet the great multi-millionaire motivational superstar guru Tony Robbins has none at all! Someone should let him know about this.

Why is everyone missing this except us? Instead, everyone wants you to believe that the whole world is the same. Even the conspiracy theory leaders want you to think that. Why are they all missing it?
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Post by nicho12 »

Winston Wu, those so called gurus and conspiracy theorists also know the truth deep inside themselves that the problem is the American environment but they don't want to let the public know the truth. And some of the reasons are

1) They profit from the same environment, if the environment was to change for the better, then they wouldn't be making any money.

2) Most of these so called free thinkers and conspiracy theorists are part of the global new world older elite, and their aim is to mislead other normal average free thinkers like you and me in a separate direction so that we don't put a monkey wrench in their machinery of illusion that's making them so much profits.

I would say that these guys speak may be 80 to 90 percent of the truth but they want to aim the independent minded thinkers in a whole new direction. A society is made up of people with different mental capabilities,

1) Those who can't think for themselves and believe everything that is told to them by authority, in other words they're followers. We can also add that lazy individual who although capable of thinking for himself greatly absorbs everything that is fed to him through the mass media and by authority, but because of his laziness, he never bothers to check what he's being fed. This group of people constitute more than 80 percent of the public(the broad masses)

2) Those who no longer believe anything, this group is numerically smaller than the first group. It consists of people who were formally in the first group and after a series of bitter disappointment are prepared to believe nothing of what they see in the media or told to them by authority, they hate all the media. To me this group is useless for any kind of positive work because they will always be skeptical of the truth. So they can't be convinced that things are better abroad regarding the social life

3) The third group is easily the smallest( around 3 to 5 percent of the Population), being composed of real intellectuals whom natural aptitude and education have taught how to thing for themselves, they will not read any news paper or watch any tv program without using their own intelligence to collaborate with that of the writer. Hence the trash that news papers feed the public is of little danger to the members of the third group. Unfortunately the value of these people lies in their intelligence and not in their numerical strength. In a democracy, the first group is always the strongest.

So my point is that although most of the American public consists of mindless zombies, the New World Order click is still worried about the free thinkers or the independent minded thinkers, so this global elite creates their own free thinkers who can come and tell us about the same social problems that we talk about but they only talk about 80 to 90 percent of the truth in order to throw us off the track so that we don't discover their plans. A very good example of this corn artists is Alex Jones. That's my take on it
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