Top Retirement Havens For 2011

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Top Retirement Havens For 2011

Post by wuxi »

I thought it was interesting the top three retirement destinations for next year are located in latin america.

1. Nicaragua -- specifically Leon, Granada, and San Juan del Sur
2. Ecuador -- specifically Cuenca
3. Colombia -- specifically Medellin ... s-for-2011

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Post by Contrarian Expatriate »

Why would the top locations change year to year? I'm always sceptical about those "best places to..." lists. It is all marketing and little substance that would suit our interests.
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Post by The_Adventurer »

That and it seems these lists are always aimed at middle class, white Americans and some kind of general understanding of what they might be looking for.
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Post by MrPeabody »

These magazines are run by huckster real estate agents. I am depressed they named Medellin, because that is one of the spots on my list. But, I still don't think Colombia is that accessible to the average American.
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Post by E_Irizarry »

Terrence wrote:That and it seems these lists are always aimed at middle class, white Americans and some kind of general understanding of what they might be looking for.
LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! You had my ass rollin', guy. Yes yes yes! Even fuckin' Cusco is a White American middle-class haven and I so did not fit in that Peruvian city. White people looked at me like I didn't belong there. Even the local Cuzqueños looked at me eerie. A Black guy visiting from the States felt the same vibe, and we had met at a parrilla chicken and fries place. The only "white" people whom have treated me right abroad were Danish and Dutch/European men (UK people to me aren't European - they are in a class by themselves). One DAnish hostel owner in Thailand let me stay for ONE MONTH before I paid him. Nice fuckin' guy. And another time where I had to renuew my Thai visa at the Cambodian/E. Thai border, I had no money to get back to BKK (Bangkok) and I asked one Dutch dude, he said "Here...good luck"...and had given me 2,000 baht to get back to BKK. Didn't ask me for shit afterwards.

But in S. America, Whites become livid that anything that looks remotely Black American in their enclave-haven cities.
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Post by ladislav »

This is a good list of places to avoid. At least the cities that are listed, not necessarily the countries.
And I am so glad the Philippines is not listed. Typhoons and kidnappings will keep it a haven for many years to come!
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Post by Repatriate »

Isn't Colombia still big on kidnapping? I imagine some of those fat American retirees are going to be easy prey.
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Post by ladislav »

Well, the new president of Colombia has really cleaned up the place so kidnappings are much less frequent. But they can start again at any time. If I retired there I would try to blend in as much as possible and live in modest accomodations keeping a very low profile. When I am in the Philippines I stay in society, get to know all the people in the neighborhood, dress conservatively and always make lots of friends among the local population. I was told by guys there that if anyone ever tried to harm me, they would come to my aid.
There were expats who tried to live rich and they suffered. I try and look poor and act poor. It is liberating that you do not have to keep up with the Joneses there as you are never looked down upon if you look poor. I think it should be the same in Colombia.
Going local, blending in, living simple, learning the local language usually solves many such problems. If you have money, it should be kept out of the country and only used for the financial "freedom of choice"; not much for the acquisition of luxuries.
A brain is a terrible thing to wash!
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