Restaurant scams

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Restaurant scams

Post by SteveUKR »

Never let her lead you to a specific restaurant. She could be working with the restaurant to pull a scam on you - high bill or pay for items not ordered.

If she leads you to any restaurant Google it - restaurant name + scam. If people have been scammed there before usually there will be reviews to this effect.

What you want to do is scout out the area and see what restaurants are acceptable to you and within your budget. Still, even if she's not a scammer she can try to run up the bill.

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Re: Restaurant scams

Post by Jonnyblond »

The thought never crossed my mind about where i was eating when it came to a date. Maybe I just got lucky with women who liked food that tasted good unlike these rich restaurants that most times you have to lie to yourself how awesome it was because you blew that much money on food and it was average. When I went to Ukraine. My wife took me to cafes instead of restaurants because you got more value for what you spend and it’s tasty. She looked at grams and value for the dollar. She’d get kinda pissy if we went somewhere fancy because it’s just food. For such a little rocket. She’s the only girl I know that could care less about attention where she’s seen. But hey...when money can go towards cosmetics or a new perfume. It makes sense. I’d rather buy a video game when I know I can just eat at home. Same as staying at a hotel. She’d rather stay at a mediocre place then a fancy jacked up one. I never laughed so much just hearing her go on and on about how for that much money we spent at a fancy hotel when they should have at least giving a free breakfast. Then we got to the lobby to check out and I thought coffee was complimentary. was 2.50$. That’s what I love about Slavic women. Their complaining comes off as sarcastic and funny but at the same time trying to pound it in your head to not spend money so reckless.
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