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Re: Benefits Of Walking

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rahulsaxena90 wrote:Benefits Of Walking
Today in this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews I shall discus the many benefits of walking on your health.

Walking might be the simplest way to do a work out. It can be done almost anywhere, and it’s such a simple thing to get started.

There are many amazing reasons to walk. Your heart will grow stronger, you’ll lower your high blood pressure, and your bones will get more strong. Walking also ease your stress, helps you sleep better, and can boost your outlook towards life.

So what you need to do is walk at a brisk pace for 30 minutes or more on most days. You might do it alone or with a friend. Why not try a walking club? You could also recruit your family for an after-dinner stroll.


Intensity Level: Low
There is a choice that you can match your pace to your fitness goal. For a more intense workout, try walking faster, longer, or uphill.

Areas Of Targets
Core: Nope! Walking specifically doesn’t target your core.

Arms: Nope! Walking doesn’t target your arms.

Legs: Yup! Walking works on the major muscles in your lower limbs.

Glutes: Yeup! Walking uphill is great for your butts.

Back: Nope! Walking doesn’t work on your back muscles.

Flexibility: Nope! Walking does not focus on improving your flexibility.

Aerobic: Yup! A brisk pace is equivalent to a good cardio.

Strength: Yup! Your legs will grow stronger from regularly walk.

Low-Impact: Yup! Walking won’t hurt your joints.


Cost: At free.

Good for beginners? Yup! Walking is an ideal type of exercise when you’re just getting fit.

Outdoors: Yup! You can walk around your neighbourhood or through a nature trail. If the weather is bad, take a walk in a mall.

At home: Yup! You can stroll anywhere. If you got a treadmill, you can even walk indoors.

Equipment required? Nothing much except your walking shoes. Go for shoes that would support your arch and slightly raise your heel.

With no special equipment and no gym fees; you can shed lots of pounds and lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels.

For beginners. you can start slowly with just 5 or 10 minutes a day and work at least half an hour everyday to get full cardio benefits.

Is It Good With a Health Condition?

Walking is the perfect exercise for most people.

If you have diabetes, walking will help lower your blood sugar and weight. If you have diabetes-related neuro-damage, consult your physician who can tell you if walking could be your best exercise of choice and what type of shoe is preferable for you.

Walking protects against heart disease. It lowers your blood pressure and your “bad” (LDL) cholesterol while increasing your “good” (HDL) cholesterol.

Knee, hip, and back problems might put a cramp in your walking plans. So you need to consult your doctor or physical therapist before tying your walking shoes.

Walking is a simple yet a great way to get fit and stay healthy if you are pregnant. It is advisable to be active during pregnancy period and if you have no serious medical concern, walking is the best way to keep yourself active and fit.

I conclude now. Hopw the piece of information would be of help towards your wellness and fitness plans.

Stay connected with CRB Tech Solutions for more blo pieces to come.
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Re: Benefits Of Walking

Post by manisthajain »

Walking every day after launch and dinner its too much help that digests our food and makes strong body.
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Re: Benefits Of Walking

Post by Ava777 »

I agree! Walking after dinner and before going to bed helps to relax, have beer sleep and not to gain extra kilos)
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Re: Benefits Of Walking

Post by CannedHam »

Combo long walks with with podcasts and you can learn a TON while staying fit.
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Re: Benefits Of Walking

Post by manisthajain »

In the young age of people don't wat to walk, they also need vehicle although they want to go in minimum direction.

I read in some health related magazines, Before 1000 years ago people live long life without any health issue. Now most of men and women get health problem in beginning of the age in 50 to 60.
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