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Parallel between child beggars and Western females

Discuss Anti-Feminism, Men's Rights and Misandry.

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Parallel between child beggars and Western females

Post by Cornfed »

When I was living in Cambodia, one thing even libtards agreed on was that you should never give money to child beggars. This was because enterprising child beggars (particularly cute, smiling little boys for some reason) could make more money in a couple of hours of begging tourists than their fathers could make working their asses off all day. Therefore the kids concluded that adults were losers and working and studying were for chumps. Since they had no incentive to get along with anyone or do anything useful they quickly became nasty bastards. They tended to spend their money on hedonistic stuff like drugs. Then when the gravy train ended as their internal state manifested itself externally and no-one wanted to give them money, and as they had no skills or work ethic, they became bitter criminal scum.

It occurs to me that the ZOG giving free stuff to Western females has exactly paralleled this situation.

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