Investing in sexbots

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Investing in sexbots

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Sexbots or more properly humanoid androids have potential to be an investment with a massive return. Big returns on an investment comes by understanding why something is incorrectly valued and advantageously acting on this knowledge. Established media consensus defined by feminism and social justice ideology causes a blind spot leading to gross undervaluation of sexbot manufactures.

Female supremacist project their gender bias claims and constantly omit evidence to the contrary. The female temperament has a built in advantage as women are more agreeable and compliant. You can see this bias in the choice of female AI agents like Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana (there are many more). Also notice the magazine rack. Almost every cover is an attractive female and most of these magazines cater to women. This is a clear strong bias toward female.

Various vices have been a common early driver of new industries. Sexbots already cost many thousands of dollars. Sexbots are in a cycle of iterative incremental improvement guided by better satisfying customer needs. This industry appears to be aggregating technologies that will develop into real walking and talking humanoid androids. Over time a point will come where sexbots will start to be used for other things having nothing to do with their intended function. This will signal the birth of a new industry as they branch out into vast array of other things. Perhaps one of these sexbot companies will be the next Microsoft or Ford.

Historically the common narrative is always way off in seeing the future, it's goal is not understanding where we are going but to exploit the present. Mainstream narratives exploit reflexive insecurity, outrage and adherence to consensuses. Once something new gets past the innovation stage, any nuanced point is defined as a heresy. Nuanced questions get transformed into a hit piece trope exploiting fear of the novel or strawmaned into some form of the next zombie apocalypse. You see this kind of apocalyptic declarations from the religion of global warming. New tech that can be perceived to violate politically correct dogma is unreflectively demonized by established media.
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