I want to move abroad and create a very loving neighborhood.

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I want to move abroad and create a very loving neighborhood.

Post by dancilley »

I just posted this ad (quoted on this page very far below) on craigslist in Los Angeles, CA.

I am trying to find other men who are like me, who want to attract multiple women who will all live with us in our respective houses. Each man will have his own house with his own women.

We will grow and eat fruits and vegetables, and because that's what we will be eating, everyone will feel great and have a very balanced, peaceful, loving mood and personality.

Preferably, I would like the women to not know how to use computers, if that is what must happen in order to attract women who would be happy living in polyamory, and not constantly thinking if there is a better opportunity out there (a richer man who she would marry).

The reason I am writing this, is, I want to do this together with other men. I am not motivated to do this by myself. I don't know why.

I am living in Los Angeles, CA now, but I think I am going to move to the Philippines.

I also don't have any money to move abroad yet. I have been unmotivated to get a job.

But, I have been building a website and writing articles and I have Amazon affiliate ads on my site. People can also buy organic heirloom seeds on my site. I am trying to develop an online income so that I can permanently move abroad.

I just want to be around healthy, happy people who eat the healthiest foods (whole starches, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds) and are engaged in the "business" of sexual reproduction. I want everyone to have the same beliefs. I want every woman that we attract to love the idea of living in a house with multiple women and one man.

They will think it is happier and more fun, and more secure than living alone with only one man. We will commit to each woman for life. And they will believe that when a man has multiple women, he is much happier than being in a monogamous relationship, because they will believe that men are supposed to be promiscuous.

I want the women to love sex and think of it as healthy and fun and therapeutic. I want them to desire to produce babies just like I do. I want them to crave to produce as many babies as possible.

They will want to due to living a very healthy lifestyle which avoids unhealthy sources of stimulation such as meat, dairy, oil, salt, sugar, MSG, processed carbs, caffeine, chocolate, wheat, alcohol, cigarettes, weed, cigars, porn, texting, etc. which I believe stimulate the same part of the brain as sex does (According to Neal Barnard, M.D. in his book Breaking the Food Seduction, chocolate stimulates the same part of the brain as sex does...and I think all of these things stimulate that part of the brain).

Therefore, I have theorized that if a person avoids all these sources of stimulation, then he or she will become super-motivated to achieve similar pleasure, but via different methods, such as by exercising, working, having sex, producing babies, etc.

And it's true...I am very, very motivated to have sex. I am constantly thinking about it. I have a very strong craving to sexually connect with women and produce babies.

They will want to start producing babies, especially after witnessing mothers already giving birth very happily and ecstatically. The births will be very pleasant due to the mothers eating a diet which causes the baby to only grow in the range of 5 to 7 pounds.

Mothers who eat a diet high in animal protein grow babies that weigh much more than that, and that is why childbirth is perceived as very unpleasant and a medical emergency. The animal protein increases the rate of growth so the baby grows faster than it should in the 9-month gestation period.

Also, eating salt is bad because I am very sure that it causes the baby and the mother to retain water, which would seem to increase the difficulty at which the baby comes out of the body. And if a mother is overweight, this can cause the baby to be overdue (or premature even).

I want to feel alive and free. I want to love making love with my women and I want them to love it equally. I want literally everything I do to be approved, appreciated, and loved by the people I'm around.

I want us to live in a neighborhood, or an area, where everyone is doing the same thing. Each man has his own house, and each man is attracting to him as many women as possible and impregnating the women as often as possible.

I believe this is the best life possible.

Contrast this with living in America and settling for a woman who doesn't have sex with you:

When you walk down the street you feel embarrassed to admire women's beauty (because they get offended if you do).

There are so many "men" who think you are a bad person for doing so, and there are so many security and other men who "protect" women.

You cannot compliment women (because it doesn't stimulate them enough, because they are used to it online).

You can only attract one woman (because for some reason they must have just one man and are totally closed to the idea of sharing a man).

They must be taken out to restaurants and go to shows, etc. and travel.

They have to watch TV shows and movies. They binge-watch Netflix.

They want you to marry them and there are child-support laws.

They are not raised to cook and clean and serve a man's needs.

They only want 2 or 3 kids (probably).

They gain weight as they get older and think you are a horrible person if you judge their attractiveness based on their body size.

They have very rugged, self-assured personalities and do not acknowledge the value of your opinions and experience.

They do not follow you as though you are the leader (they act as though they are).

You have to have a car in order to date them, and they won't date you unless you make over a certain income.

They think sarcasm is attractive.

Generally, they do not value men at all, and lack appreciation for everything.

Sex is obsolete in America, it seems...or at least Los Angeles. What do people DO? It seems that they are not actually trying to have sex with anyone, but just going through the motions of dating...looking good, and taking good pictures of themselves, and posting themselves online so they can receive messages from men and they get a high amount of pleasure from that.

And, combine that with the stimulation of a daily Starbucks drink and a rich, unhealthy meal, and if a girl has a job and has her own money, that is enough to satisfy her need for a man.

They no longer need to allow an actual penis inside them in order to get what they want. They get what they want without that. And so, anyone who is serious about having real sex is considered perverted or desperate, in an unhealthy way.

But that is the opposite of the truth. Sex is what people need to do. Every single time you eat animal products and oils, you damage your arteries or stimulate cancer growth. And animal products have estrogen, which lowers your sex drive. And if you are overweight, your fat cells produce excess estrogen. And the pleasure that you get from the food, alcohol, etc. takes the pleasure out of sex.

Sex is the healthiest, most therapeutic thing you can do.

I want to get people healthy, having sex, and producing babies. I want people to be happy and alive and love life.

What do you think?

I want to make videos showing how to live the best life possible. I want constantly be producing positive energy and emotions. Every single video that we make I want to be very informative, educational, and very well done, so that anyone who watches it loves it and is drawn into it and desires to watch every single video that we make, and wants to live life with us because we are so happy, joyful, loving, excited, etc.

I want to grow and eat fruits and vegetables.

I need land to do so, though.

Maybe you have a house already. Or land.

I want to grow and eat the healthiest foods, and I want to do it with healthy, happy people.

I am a good person and I want to attract good, patient, emotionally balanced, loving people to me.

I want to promote a philosophy of living that will help people be better people.

I want to make videos.

I want what we produce to be a great example for people to live up to.

I want to produce videos that associate massive pleasure with health-promoting behaviors.

For example, if you watch this video, you will know what I am talking about. It is just 3 healthy-looking women eating fruit in an orchard:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont ... SdH9QxJf8k

I want to live a life where everyone I'm around is eating the healthiest, freshest foods, and just being healthy and happy.

I want to have sex with women similar to these in the video above, and produce as many babies as possible with them.

I want to show the world how happy I am, and why I am so happy, and what I do each day that causes me to be so happy.

I want to grow and eat fruits and vegetables, and eat them with healthy, emotionally stable women. I want to show how happy I am on camera when we make love. I want to teach people how this is all done.

Many people have negative beliefs which cause them to live a bad life. For example, they may have negative beliefs about sex. They may feel embarrassed about sex, and fear childbirth. And/or, they may not understand the taste of freshly-harvested fruits and vegetables when you become accustomed to the taste of healthy food, when you are used to eating that food.

But I want to change that.

We can help people perceive healthy food and sex as totally good and healthy and appropriate.

So that everyone expects the people around them to be eating healthy food and engaging in sexual activity.

So that people are healthy and at ease and do not get offended or "triggered" in response to what's healthy and truly good in life.

I want to get into an environment where everyone is focused on the same life goals. The same beliefs. I want us to believe in eating the right foods, and believe in attracting healthy sexual partners to us, and producing babies.

I want us to have as many babies as possible, because we believe that sex and making babies is the main purpose of living, that it's simply what we are meant for. It's what we should do in order to be happiest.

That would feel so good, to be around people who agree with what I value.

I love sex and it dominates my mind all the time. When I walk down the street, all I am conscious of is what women are around me who I want to engage with, with the intent to get to know them more and develop a strong, loving bond with them, and have harmonious sex with them, and successfully create and nurture babies with them.

And I think this should be normal.

But most people are focusing on going to Starbucks and ordering their daily "coffee" (which has sugar, dairy, and maybe chocolate also in it).

Most people are focusing on commuting to their job, and doing their job so that they can earn the money to live in an expensive area, to have a bigger house, to be able to eat at restaurants, etc....they are too stressed out to just relax and focus on someone with whom they can have a pleasant conversation, and amazing sex with.

I want to help people live healthier, more sexually expressive, sexually reproductive lives.

I want every boy, man, girl, and woman to become excited and focused on producing babies, instead of being excited and interested in Starbucks, restaurants, clothes, shoes, dogs, professional sports, etc.

On online dating sites, you can read what women write in their profiles.

A woman who is interested in NBA Basketball...doesn't make sense.

A woman who is interested in NHL hockey...why?

Women should be in the kitchen cooking food.

Women should be on their backs and craving a man to ejaculate inside them, to serve his needs, and that should give the woman pleasure when she sees the man happy, or thinks about satisfying him.

But constantly receiving messages by men via smartphone all day long causes their brain to become jaded and they lose altruism. They cannot feel as much pleasure anymore, in general. The more subtle pleasure that one would get from helping someone disappears. They are not as nice as they could be anymore.

And men should focus on impregnating women and work to provide a home and food for the women.




Why, when you can have sex?

What we really need to do is what we were designed to do.

Usually, we have a penis...

Or, we have a vagina.

We have a whole reproductive system.

We need to use it.

We need to use it in order to be happy.

If we don't use it, we will suffer. We will be lonely, irritable, and we will try to obtain the pleasure of sex by other means, such as eating unhealthy, druglike foods. Or angrily arguing with people. Criticizing people. Trolling people and feeling pleasure by seeing them suffer. Watching fighting videos. Watching destructive videos. It's called "sublimation" or "sublimating"; engaging in a non-sexual activity instead of sex itself, that is socially acceptable.

If we have beliefs which make us feel guilty to engage in sexual activity, we will continuously be behaving so as to not obtain sex, and we will not like ourselves. We will not be balanced. Something will always not feel right.

I believe that what people should focus on in order to live the best life possible is eating the healthiest diet, and having sex with other healthy people who eat the healthiest diet, and successfully producing and raising babies with those people.

I want to change the perception that childbirth is difficult and painful. The truth is, by eating the right diet, and probably by doing special exercises, women can give birth very quickly and easily, and maybe it can be expected that the birth will be very pleasant, and even in some cases, orgasmic. This is because, when no animal protein or salt is eaten, the baby only grows to a weight of 5 to 7 pounds. Not 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14 pounds.

If childbirth is seen as highly pleasant, then people will become highly interested in it, and it will be fashionable.

It has to be dominant in people's minds. They have to become aware that this is what they need to do in order to live a good life.

They have to constantly be searching for a healthy person to meet and get to know, and establish great communication and trust with that person, with the intention that they will have sex and create babies.
The way they will become excited about childbirth is by eating a very healthy diet. The healthiest diet. It's a diet that keeps the body and mind healthy, and not overstimulated.

It's what will allow you to feel empty...the emptiness that is felt when you do not stimulate yourself with all these unhealthy sources of stimulation.

And you will be conscious that unhealthy foods damage the body, therefore you will choose to not eat them, and to solve the emptiness problem, you will focus on attracting a healthy, happy person to you who wants you sexually, loves you for who you are, and wants to have babies with you.

You will be very motivated.

What happens when you eat an unhealthy diet, is, the body becomes fat, you feel sluggish, and you blast the brain with stimulation. When you stimulate yourself, similarly to a drug user doing an illegal drug, you become lazy and you don't feel a need to motivate yourself to obtain pleasure...because you are already feeling enough pleasure...so it feels that those tasks and chores and goals you had before can be postponed for a while, because "life is good" at the moment.

When you drink caffeine, your mood is lifted and you speak faster and have more energy. But then when the caffeine wears off, you feel down.

Same thing when you eat pizza, or eat ice cream.

Now, when you have lot of sex, you will probably feel depressed if you suddenly don't have it.

But every time you consume unhealthy foods, you are damaging your body.

And, like a street drug, you are delaying and procrastinating doing what will give you the most pleasure and fulfillment and happiness in life: finding a healthy, happy, patient, loving, caring person with whom you will produce and raise healthy, happy babies.

That's what I believe, at least.

If you are very interested in what I am saying, and think it makes sense, and have the same amount of desire to make it happen, I will be very happy to talk with you and meet you and make videos with you.

The reason we are making these videos is because we want to build a circle of friends who agree with everything we believe in, so that we all have the same beliefs, and through these people, we will attract very compatible women to us.

We could make money somehow with these videos eventually.

But the main thing for now, is being who we want to be in the videos. We need to be exactly who we want to be, so that we attract other people like us who love us.

I want to do this 16 hours per day (and sleeping 8 hours). I want to continuously be working towards the attainment of being in an environment where I can be myself all the time and I can be having sex with a healthy, understanding, caring woman.

I want to constantly be around healthy, happy, creative, constructive people.

I want to live in a place where I can grow fruits and vegetables and we can eat them, and we can make videos and attract to us more people who want to do the same thing.

What matters is having a healthy, cooperative woman to have sex with and have babies with.

That's all we're trying to do in making these videos.

We also could create a regular meeting, like a Meetup, where people meet us where we live and we all have a dinner every week, on a certain night, which is the healthiest diet.

I do not live in a place right now where I can make videos. I need to come to your place.

I'm hoping that you have a place that has land, and ideally, you already have fruits and vegetables growing and are in the habit of eating that kind of diet already.

But if you do not have those things, that's fine too.

We can work on this together.

The main thing is that we do it together. It will make a huge difference in our motivation. When we combine forces harmoniously, we will be in a very positive emotional state and we will attract what we want to us faster and we will gain momentum and it will be difficult for us to stop.

My goal is to make these videos, and accumulate a subscriber base and fan following that loves us, and to attract women to us who are like us and respect us, and want to do what we want to do.

They absolutely love us.

We love ourselves, and they love us.

They meet us in person, and we make videos all together. We all love each other, because we all have the same beliefs and understand why we believe what we believe.

It will feel so good to be healthy and happy and be with other healthy and happy people who also have healthy intentions and the same goals.

When these people meet us, we will all be super-focused on solving the problem that we have, to grow and eat fruits and vegetables in a healthy location, and to attract healthy and happy women to us who will have as many babies as possible with us.

Everyone will be patient and calm and determined to make our dream a reality.

I want each of our videos to express in an obvious fashion to the viewer that we are extremely healthy and we are extremely serious about attracting women to us who will commit to us and create as many babies as possible with us.

I want us to always be cooperating in perfect harmony. I want us to work together toward the exact same goal, which is to attract healthy, happy women to us who crave to have sex with us and crave to have as many babies as possible.

I want us to both express our desires for living such a lifestyle and be at ease and confident in front of the camera.

I want us to feel that the camera is our best friend.

I want us to dress well and look very valuable to women.

I want us to make videos every single day.

When we attract women, I want to have sex and make love on camera.

When other women see us so happy and having so much fun, and see us calling out to them to join our lifestyle, they will want to come over and live with us, and then we will impregnate them also.

I want their joyful, ecstatic childbirths to be recorded.

I want to show the world that you can live a highly pleasant, exciting, heartwarming, joyful life every single day, all day long.

I want to be 100% in an emotion of faith, not fear or anxiety, when the camera is recording, or at any time.

I want to record literally everything we do, and show people that what we do is highly pleasant and joyful.

I want to show that our house is so clean.

I want to show that our closet is so clean and tidy, with our towels neatly folded.

Everything about our lives is excellent.

If people are naked and having sex and expressing how good they feel in the house, I want everyone to accept it and act as though it is normal.

It's a very simple life: eating the freshest, healthiest foods, and impregnating women and growing babies.

We could make videos of the women and us naked, happily eating fruits and vegetables.

I want us to impregnate our women as often as possible and be in the "business" of reproduction.

We will get our own separate houses eventually.

I would be happy to see your women happily pregnant.

I would be happy to see your happy children running around outside.

I would be happy to come over to your backyard and eat with you.

Our families will mingle with each other and everyone will consider each other "family" and we will have a great time.

We could move to a place in the world where the land is cheaper, so we could have more space, and more money to be able to support more babies.

We will frugally raise our families, and our families will love us. Our women will fully appreciate everything they are given. Everyone will be happy.

I believe this will be possible in a poor country where the women grew up being frugal. Therefore, when they live with us, they won't ever be disappointed that we don't provide them a better lifestyle. They don't care about much, because they have not been exposed to TV and media.

It is very apparent that when women use social media and dating websites, it spoils them. They become stuck up and unappreciative. They become toxic and hard to cooperate harmoniously with. It's just that their brains are exposed to high amounts of awareness and opportunities. They open themselves up to the huge opportunities in life. And that is not a good thing for any man.

Because, what matters in life, what makes a man happy, is when he is able to be valuable to a woman. If he is her man, he is who makes the difference in her life. He gives her sexual pleasure. He provides for her. So, if you become a woman's man, that is what matters. But if she acquires access to a huge pool of men, the difficulty to be seen as valuable to such a woman will be very high.

Their brains need to be unadulterated. That's a very apt word. She needs to not be exposed to any adult behavior (sex, or sexual opportunities). If she is a virgin, that is best.

In our videos, we should talk in the most loving ways, so that we attract only loving people.

We should use clean language.

We should speak in the most pleasant ways, saying that we love the viewers, and we are loving, and we will love any woman who is loving and caring and wants to create babies and live a life of love.

We should have a very stable and "solid" demeanor. We have rock-solid confidence. We know what we want. We are super-consistent, consistently hard working, producing happiness all around us every day, and the women see that, and they have no choice but to become highly aroused and excited, and develop a burning desire to communicate with us and involve themselves in our life. They come over to our house and eat the food with us, and we get along so harmoniously, so we invite them to stay, and they stay in the house and we get to know them more, and if everything goes harmoniously, then we (whoever the girls choose) have sex with them and impregnate them.

It's a very, very simple goal: to attract to us happy, healthy, creative, constructive, patient, open-minded people.

The women will enjoy cooking, cleaning, and having sex with us whenever we want.

So let's begin and attract to us happy, healthy, loving, caring women who agree with eating the proper diet, and are very excited about having sex with us and having ecstatic childbirths, and growing and eating the freshest fruits and vegetables!

What do you think?
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Re: I want to move abroad and create a very loving neighborh

Post by fschmidt »

Polygamy is an unstable system. Here is a book for you:

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Re: I want to move abroad and create a very loving neighborh

Post by MrMan »

So, you want to start a vegetarian polygamous sex cult. What exactly do you need the other men for in this fantasy of yours?

Do you plan to give up deodorant and bathe only rarely? if so, then you fit the mold of some kind of a 1960's hippie sex cult, but exported to Asia. Maybe you could get some tips from Charles Manson on how to brainwash the girls to join your cult, grow your organic vegetables, have sex with you and bear your babies. I don't see what they would get out of this arrangement. What would really happen is that you'd end up with a bunch of bickering jealous women who come to you to settle their disputes all the time, creating a very stress full environment. They say when women live together long enough, they start to have periods at the same time, complaining grumpily about cramps and bloating all at once, so you may end up with some periods of sexlessness even in spite of your polygamous plans.

The government probably want your sex cult around, especially if you got a group of other men involved recruiting their girls to join it. You could get your visas revoked or face some kind of 'mob justice.'
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Re: I want to move abroad and create a very loving neighborh

Post by Winston »

The Manson family sure attracted a lot of good looking girls. But you gotta have a certain charisma and magnetism like Manson had. Not every guy has that. He projected a lot of power and influence and mind control over others too. That takes a lot of intangibles. I wonder what the Manson family could have become if they didn't murder anyone. Maybe the hippie movement would still be flourishing.

But yeah maybe Dan Cilley can start a new hippie movement like Manson did, only without the violence. lol
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Re: I want to move abroad and create a very loving neighborh

Post by xiongmao »

Not sure that vegan diets are that healthy. My vegan friend got sick and has been off work for A YEAR.

The body loves meat. She desperately needs some.
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Re: I want to move abroad and create a very loving neighborh

Post by innovatorsclub »

Its true what you said..I am in Los Angeles at the moment in my 40's no hope of a date..I am a playboy in south east asia..Thailand every year for the last 5 years and in the last two i added the phillipines and vietnem. I am debating on going to vietnam or manilla august 29
just the other day i got the number of an americanized vietnamese girl. ( she didnt want to give it at first of course)
after she started to blow me off i said
i connect the dots and know all the reasons many americanized women are off the charts picky and will end up with cats..wondering if you are also infected?

she responded:
it's not because they're too picky

but there's no good man for them
men these days are immature

that's why women rather by themselves
so overcomsume overwatch and not really live with what made humans happy throughout time that makes sensethe media conditioned you to think you are too good for eveyone and now you turn to malls for you pretend happiness
Tue, 10:47 AM

women enjoy tobe at the mall
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Re: I want to move abroad and create a very loving neighborhood.

Post by dancilley »

There should be no sense of "controlling" anyone...at least not by using dark or sinister methods. If people would just think about the causes of unhappiness, destruction, etc. and learn about solutions for such problems, then they would believe in this lifestyle.

Dating, sex, reproduction, and enjoying being with one's family are what people are supposed to be actively doing, for much of their life time, but these have been largely reduced because the media program people to engage in non-sexually-reproductive forms of stimulation that cost money (but that stimulate the same part of the brain that sex and being social does) so that the companies can profit. The people who invest in such companies are perpetuating the problem. People are pursuing drugs, alcohol, etc.; non-sexual, health-adverse sources of stimulation, instead of doing what they actually need to do to be happy and fulfilled and remain healthy. The need is for sex and to produce offspring--that's the actual need of the human being.

I want to create a massive awakening, an enlightenment, that causes people to make serious changes in their beliefs and habits. The average person's lifestyle needs to become much more health-promoting.

Here are some paradigm shifts that need to happen:

- Going to bars/clubs to ingest/inhale toxic substances for fun needs to be replaced with actual conversation, the purpose of which is to form relationships of some kind. The process of building trust, masterminding, working together on a joint venture, forming a romantic connection, etc. should be fun and joyful by itself, so that consuming toxic, mind-altering, personality-devaluing, body-damaging substances just doesn't happen.

- The same goes for eating toxic food. Instead of eating toxic food, people will more strongly focus on each other.

- Merely seeking attention, living by the belief that "the more attention, the better" will be replaced with an inclination to be more modest, and to put oneself into a health-promoting location with fewer, but healthier people, who pay more attention to you and have a serious desire to create a deeper connection.

- Toxic-sounding music shall cease to be at all popular when people start to feel healthier, by eating healthfully, and being in a health-promoting environment.

- People who don't know the science behind the health-promoting lifestyle and the reasons for living it at least will feel guilty and too uncomfortable to live a health-damaging lifestyle because of how abnormal, health-damaging activities will be among society.

- People will start to talk about what really matters, without feeling afraid of not being politically correct, or hurting people's feelings. For example, a serious concern for overweight women will develop among society, so that being fit and healthy will feel like a national duty, that if you become overweight, you cease to be a participant in the beauty of life, in "the good life," and you feel ashamed and depressed.

I cannot get out of my mind a fantasy of forming a new society, a new religion, wherein people are focused on being maximally sexually reproductive. Let's do this. Let's come together geographically and attract as many healthy, happy, reproductive people as possible. Let's move to Tennessee and associate with the Amish and The Farm. Let's start showing ourselves making love with women and creating way higher states of pleasure and ecstasy and fulfillment than the average person is feeling today, and show that our lifestyle is obviously superior, and that anyone can join it and experience what we are, if they choose to. Let's impregnate women and show that women are at their best when they are occupied with raising children. Let's show women performing ecstatic childbirths routinely so that the average American woman has no choice but to become impregnated immediately because she suddenly realizes what she has been missing. Let's stop drinking caffeinated beverages, Starbucks, etc. and focus on each other. Let's make a serious, relentless effort...we will stop at nothing to live the best life that is possible to Live!

Let's get old travel trailers and let's buy a piece of land near Ethridge, TN or Summertown, TN and establish ourselves there.

Also, please watch this video of this polygynous woman who lives in Tennessee. This is a good woman. I want us to form a community where every woman is like this. I want them to be a little more peaceful and at ease than she is in this video. She is 35 and has only had 4 kids though, starting when she was 16, which is weird. Our women will produce as many babies as possible.

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Re: I want to move abroad and create a very loving neighborhood.

Post by dancilley »

We are building a Facebook group! Join now at facebook.com/groups/LTBLPgroup.
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