8 Reasons why I'm ostracized from dating in America

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8 Reasons why I'm ostracized from dating in America

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8 Reasons why I'm ostracized from dating in America

1) People in the US do not generally socialize outside their clique and are uncomfortable meeting new people, especially women. They are only willing to do so through mutual friends. And they do not generally talk to strangers unless its business-related or if they are asked for directions. Socially they are very noninclusive. The only inclusive groups in the US seem to be groups composed of all men, or church groups (but we all know that church groups are "supposed" to be that way).

Genderwise, men are far more likely to be the exception to this than women. So, when someone remarks about how friendly people are in America, it's usually an attractive female talking about how friendly men are to her, not a man mentioning how friendly the women are to him. Either that, or it's an old foreign couple marveling at all the fake smiles and waves from passing strangers who in reality don't even give a sh** about them and don't even invite them anywhere.

2) American women are generally anti-social and prefer being alone or having the company of other females or pets over men. They'd rather be lonely and spew hatred at men than be with them. When they meet you for the first time, they put up an ice barrier or act distant, overly proper and give fake smiles, making only short superficial conversation. (In contrast, in the Philippines most women who meet you for the first time are very comfortable, behaving as if they already know you, including the hot ones)

3) White American women generally see Asian men as the least desirable on the sexual totem pole, below Blacks and Hispanics. Even the ones that "say" they like Asian men generally don't date them for some reason.

4) Also, white American women generally do not like foreign men, unless they are white British, white Western European or white Australian. They see being with a foreign man of color as a considerable lowering of their status. (In contrast, their white European female counterparts are for more open and willing toward foreign men of color)

5) Many women in the US hate men and have an angry chip on their shoulder toward them, blaming them for all their problems. They see that men who like sex or who even flirt are creeps, insinuating that men should not want sex or be horny. These attitudes are instilled in them by their peers, mothers, and the media. It's also a trend among them too. And they are somehow trained to blow off every guy who likes them, hits on them, or pursues them, calling them "creeps" in the process, as though it were some twisted sport to them.

6) US females tend to be deeply paranoid, induced by the media as well as pop culture, subconsciously believing that everyone is a potential psycho waiting for the chance to come out. Hence they are overly guarded, high strung, and harbor negative stereotypes toward men which they seek to reinforce.

7) American women, including the unattractive ones, now have a sense of entitlement off the charts. They want and "need" too much, are unrealistic and unfair, and are told never to settle for anything else.

8) In America, any young female that is not overweight is considered "hot" or attractive. But since the unattractive females outnumber the attractive ones, the latter becomes so scarce that they have too many