"Ukrainian Woman LOVES SEX!" Accosting Video Reaches 100k Views! (Please Rate it *10 Stars* on IMDb!)

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Re: "Ukrainian Woman LOVES SEX!" Accosting Video Reaches 100k Views! (Please Rate it *10 Stars* on IMDb!)

Post by MrMan »

I don't think it's immoral for a single man to marry a 16-year-old with her father's permission, even if he's older. It's immoral for her to give her virginity away to a 17-year-old outside of marriage. Our society has some messed up standards. But if people consider old men dating 16-year-olds to be like pedophilia and it's stigmatized, there is no need for you to challenge the stigma when there is an ocean of young women out there who aren't off limits.

But as a dad, I don't want some 30+-year-old talking about sex to my teenage daughter or other kids on the street, or trying to flirt with them. They aren't on the marriage market. It's not our culture to marry them off that young. We aren't farmers in the 1600's.

If you want to marry a young woman, you would have to go to some country where it's socially acceptable, but even that might be against federal law if you are more than 5 years older. Why don't you find an 18-year-old virgin if you like younger girls. Ask the girls if they are 18 and leave them alone if they aren't. And you probably shouldn't be doing this filming stuff in California, since a judge can find out you had legal problems before and give you even more of them if you are charged. That's where you had the legal problems.

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Re: "Ukrainian Woman LOVES SEX!" Accosting Video Reaches 100k Views! (Please Rate it *10 Stars* on IMDb!)

Post by WorldTraveler »

If this is the real Dan Cilley read one of your posts so that we we will know it's not an impersonator.
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Re: "Ukrainian Woman LOVES SEX!" Accosting Video Reaches 100k Views! (Please Rate it *10 Stars* on IMDb!)

Post by andrewfitzpatrick »

Winston wrote:
May 1st, 2020, 2:44 am
Shemp wrote:
April 29th, 2020, 12:15 am
HappyGuy wrote:
April 27th, 2020, 10:15 pm
@andrewfitzpatrickIt's becoming obvious Dan isn't a loveable screwup
Thanks for posting the link to that article. I feel sorry for Dan's parents. Imagine having a son like that. Another reason to be happy to be childless. Here's his father:


http://www.smartvoter.org/2012/06/05/ca ... s/bio.html
How do you know that's his dad? Aren't there many people with the same last name? He's running for Congress? Won't his political opponents use his son's infamous reputation against him? See if you can get his dad to post here in this thread. lol
I know it was his dad for the same reason I know his mom was molested. Dan has no filter and shares everything. Plus he very little to talk about. His Dad died like a year ago. Dan didn't attend the funeral even though he had family willing to fund his bus ticket. When Dan was released from prison his Dad let him stay at his apartment and ended up getting evicted as a result. Dan also owed him over 7,000 dollars from a loan to get a truck. You'd figure the least Dan could do is go to his funeral but nope. Because he didn't show him enough support during his accosting phase.
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Re: "Ukrainian Woman LOVES SEX!" Accosting Video Reaches 100k Views! (Please Rate it *10 Stars* on IMDb!)

Post by Cornfed »

Winston wrote:
May 1st, 2020, 3:17 am
Actually Dan, even if it is legal to marry an underaged girl in some states, the issue is that you've already been arrested for accosting a minor and been charged with a sex offender status. So you are still playing with fire by talking about it, even if it's legal. Plus you have a reputation for being crazy, deranged and mentally unstable. So I think it's best you don't talk about it at all, even if it's within a legal context.
Although maybe Dan shouldn't talk about the topic, someone probably should. Probably marriage in the West is a lost cause, but if some long-suffering men are determined to find non-slut wives, this might be an angle worth exploring.
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