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Third World Citizens who Love the USA!

Discuss and talk about any general topic.

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Third World Citizens who Love the USA!

Post by Erasmus » June 7th, 2008, 1:38 am

I am taking this from one of those sites related to nomarriage.

Foreign Guy one (from whereabouts unknown):
"Oh, gimme a break. It will take so much more than one can imagine to make me "chronically miserable". I came to Australia with 200 bucks 6 years ago full of dreams and energy. And now I have my own private practice that I am not going to close and move to Belize or Mexico or Ukraine because of some nasty feminism and "skanky females" out there plotting against me...
And is there any other term for this mania causing one to spend years typing manifestos on the computer screen for a handful of readers actually calling on everyone to expat from the greatest country on the globe "where one is chronically miserable" to a Third world shithole (but full of nice evergreen man-loving hotties, would you believe!) other than Infantile Escapism? "

"Whenever I hear things like "Except that the risk of something bad happening to you in Ukraine is much lower" it makes me want to cringe. No person that has ever actually lived in Ukraine or similar shitholes (pardon my French, like I did for 31 years) would ever say such nonsense.

My elder brother was married to a Ukrainian woman, (yeah right the one that so many of you guys keep dreaming about) until she kicked him out of his house and robbed his bank account (he had his own business). She is still living in his house; he "lives" in his grave.

My cousin lost his splendid apartment in the centre of Kiev as a result of his non-feminist, men-loving Ukrainian wife filing for divorce. He’s been renting with his new GF ever since (i.e. for the last 8 years) while she lives in luxury with her new BF.

Your idea about “the risk of something bad happening to you in Ukraine is much lower� is just sheer nonsense: try and have a walk around any average Ukrainian town or distant suburb in Kiev, Odessa or Kharkov and you’ll be struggling for your life half an hour later.
In places like Marioupol, Donetsk, or Taganrog, you’ll just get murdered for 10 bucks.

Man-friendly family courts? Nice and family-oriented women?

Please stop talking nonsense.

As for Australia, it has given me everything I wanted (as the US did to so many other migrants) and I am not going to trash it like you do just because some women suck.
Grow up! "

Foreign Guy two (from India):

"I have to agree with [Foreign Guy one]. As an immigrant to the US, I've seen both sides of the coin and am counting the days till I can get back to the US, family courts and all. Things aren't that much better on the "loving men" side of the equation out here in the Third World, but scraping by is much harder unless you've amassed a significant amount of dollars. And good luck getting a decent girl to marry unless you have social connections here. Quality girls don't just go out to the clubs to meet men out here, they're hidden away very well.

But then, I don't claim to represent the entire Third World, just one country which might be the most feminized Third World ShitHole® out there."

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Post by Enishi » June 7th, 2008, 2:16 am

The grass does indeed tend to always seem greener on the other side of the hill. That has to be kept in mind.

I think that the situations you grow up with play a part as well. If you grew up with some decent women/girlfriends around, but without money or infrastructure, you'll want to move to a country that has those things. If its the other way around, you'll want the exact opposite.

Nevertheless, given the current nature of family courts and the prevailing culture in the US, I think marriage is a horrible idea, unless you find those rare gems (and even they can change over time).

Personally, my first choices for moving abroad would be Canada or some of the more affluent European countries (Russia and China as well, since the economies there are doing better).

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Post by Grunt » June 7th, 2008, 4:09 am

INS (Now known as USCIS) statistics show the aggregate divorce rate between American men and foreign women is 30%, while the divorce rate between American men and American females is 70%.

The American incarceration rate is 762 per 100,000, opposed to the incarceration rate of 62 per 100,000 in Japan, or 107 in Canada, or 356 in Ukraine.

I did live in "shithole" Ukraine for a year and felt safer there then here in America. In Ukraine I might get into a street fight or be robbed if I don't pay attention to what I am doing, but in America I am very likely to be tossed in jail over trumped up charges if I so much as leave my house.

If you want to have a strong opinion, be sure to back it up with facts. Otherwise you just end up looking like an idiot.

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Post by Erasmus » June 8th, 2008, 2:18 am

The saga continues. Here is another one from a third world guy who's pro USA (Australia in his case):

"[Ukrainian Advocate] has clearly been to Ukraine and he knows ... 90% of Ukrainian or Russian cities to this day are NO-GO zones for people with any left-overs of the gray matter in their heads. Yet [Ukrainian Advocate] seems to have only seen a veneered side of the Ukrainian life, the one that is normally shown to the Westerners and of course the women were putting their best feet forward all along!

However, my brother’s divorce did not take place in the West but in Ukraine, his wife was a Ukrainian girl (a prison officer, btw). He had a successful business, she just dobbed him and put taxation office on him (the most corrupt institution in Ukraine, as you may know), he had to leave the town, she declared him “missing� and 6 months later his house was hers. And I am pretty certain she actually hired the hitmen.
This is the Ukrainian way, [Ukrainian Advocate]. So much more efficient than in the US.

But apart from my brother, NO married man in all my extended family has ever been happily married. All got divorced, all lost assets and got screwed.

I am very adamant about Australia, the US and the West. Simply because I’d rather be living in a civilized and prosperous society with the rule of Law, and where you can succeed in life through your own effort rather than bribes, etc and where I won't be shaking with fear for my life every time I come out on the street, as in Ukraine.

Another thing is...well, I look forward to being bashed on this one again, but here you go.
Having lived in Ukraine for 31 years of my life, I had grown to intensely DISLIKE Ukrainian women as a class for their passivity, lack of ambition, financial dependency on their men, obsession with their looks, desire to always marry up, childish behavior, etc. I find that many professional Australian women are actually easier to live with and have as partners (well, I can hear your tornadoes coming!) because of their financial independence and self-reliance in most cases. But I DO NOT mean getting married in the West, that’s for sure

and here is my case again: go and live in a very macho society, like Russia, Ukraine or China where streets smell testosterone, where men say F-word 10 times a second (isn’t it true, [Ukrainian Advocate]?), where the only roles that are delegated to women are housewives/prostitutes married to an adulterous drunkard, etc where fights on the streets are as common as rains in London... and I am not altogether sure how long you will last over there...
I tried for 31 years and failed.
Sorry :-("

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Post by Winston » June 8th, 2008, 6:37 am

Oh yeah, well here's the other side of it:

Little India magazine, a US publication for Indian communities in America, published a story about unhappy Indian immigrants in America, some of which came here against their will, interviewing several of them to reveal their thoughts and feelings. Among their complaints were the feelings of isolation and stress, the cold indifference of strangers and neighbors, general boredom, and feeling “unnecessary� and meaningless. You can read the story on their website at the link below. I’ve also included some key excerpts and quotes from the article: (I always enjoy hearing from East Indians by the way, because like me, they are spiritual and philosophically oriented) ... merica.htm

The colors seemed to have been drained out of her life. Says Aparna, "The small pleasures of life I used to experience in India, I do not experience here. In India, standing on your balcony, you see life, you see kids playing, you see people sitting together. Neighbors stop to laugh and chat and find out how you're doing.

Here I would sit on the deck in the suburbs. All around me, there are beautiful trees, beautiful landscapes, and lovely cars. But there are no people. You might as well hang up a pretty picture in your living room and just keep on watching that. What's the difference?"

"My daughter is growing up here and I worry about her - that she will pick up the culture here and that constantly depresses me. I'm trying to blend in, but at times I still feel depressed and lonely. I think if I were 40 or 50, I would still prefer to go back. I cannot live here for good."

She adds: "I think each and every individual is here to make money. Personally if given a choice, each one of us would be there and not here. So I guess each one of us is compromising and trying to adjust."

"Everything seems to be artificial and formal and people seem to be pretending. You feel as if everyone has a mask on their face. They are not the same any more."

She feels in America, people are running on mental treadmills, with no time for anyone. You dare not drop in on a friend uninvited or dawdle with extended family, chatting over dinner on a weekday. She says, "It's this 'I'm really busy' attitude. It's the same 24 hours we used to have in India, the same 24 hours we have here. It's the same time, what's the difference, I don't understand. Yes, I know we don't have help here, but I'd make sure I give a hand with the dishes before I leave."

She feels the financial rewards of America are overrated. So what if you have a house or car? "You have a car to drive, because here it's a necessity. In India it's a luxury. Here, you have a car, but it's not your own. You have a house but it's not your own. You don't pay two installments, they'll come and take it away. "

Well-wishers point out to her the glittering wonders of America, the many malls where you can get anything your heart desires. She says, "Yes, because you don't have a family or circle of friends whom you can be with, you walk around malls and ultimately buy things. It's a consumer society and that's the only entertainment."

Even more grueling than the poverty was the loneliness. He says, "If you live in isolation, if you live in loneliness, that is the worst thing that can happen to an immigrant."

His life in Southern and Central Illinois, andlater in upstate New York was very spartan and emotionally bare: "These are small, cold desolate places and you have no friends.

It's miserable. If you have no job, you are ill or have some health problem, then that's the time you feel more isolated, more lonely. And that's the time you wish that you hadn't come to this country."

Partha Banerjee who works with New Immigrant Community Empowerment: “There are so many stories of unhappy people.�

It is often a rude awakening for a new immigrant to find himself in a rundown seedy apartment crawling with roaches and rats, counting pennies and struggling to hold on to a miserable job that he hates, if only for survival.

The faces of indifferent strangers greet him in the corridors and on the streets. At that moment, the string bed in the open courtyard of his village home, surrounded by loved ones and a pot of saag cooking on the family hearth, seems incredibly inviting.
This too is somebody's American Dream gone awry.

A reader on Little India’s site concurred, posting her feedback: ... t=0&page=0

“1) Feedback added by Madhvi / 09-10-2005 (id 39)

What you have written is quite true. I also came here two months back and really feel like I am trapped in a gold cage. I was working in India for almost 10 years as an IT professional and now for everything I am dependent on my husband. It is so frustrating. My father is a heart patient in India and I have no mother. I feel so guilty at times that I wished I have never come here.�
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"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

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Post by Grunt » June 8th, 2008, 8:37 am

That about sums up the American experience!

For those that think the situation we find ourselves in is somehow an unfortunate experiment gone awry, you need to consider the reality.

The "powers that be" are furiously hammering the America psyche, forcibly and viciously instilling a sense of hostility, mistrust, cynicism, and selfishness. The goal is for everyone to hate everyone else, including family, and that's where feminism really comes into play.

This facilitates the creation of a people that are incredibly easy to manipulate and control. The "social engineers" that run the world now have at their fingertips an entire army of millions upon millions of gibbering little trolls that they are now unleashing upon the unsuspecting general public.

This new "Prozac Proletariat" will gleefully shiv you in the back for a Big Mac Value Meal with little to no just cause. One look at the shuffling, shifty eyed little zombies spilling out of your local high school will help you lose faith in humanity.

Or at least America.

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Post by Winston » June 8th, 2008, 10:00 am

Tygro, by the way, why don't you copy and paste the excerpt above from the Indian immigrants I posted and send it to that thread with those immigrants who love the USA that you were quoting from?

And also, show them this site as well as this link to many quotes from immigrants:

What foreigners and immigrants think of America that you never hear in the US media
Check out my fun video clips in Russia and video series Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind and Full Russia Trip Videos!

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"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

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Post by Erasmus » June 8th, 2008, 4:19 pm

I am, but they are just ignoring me. These two particular US-lovers are in a heated argument with the Ukrainian Advocate. So much so that the points I make are not being responded to.
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Post by ladislav » June 9th, 2008, 3:02 pm

The Five flag theory goes like this: ... 626AAhzN5p

If you study it more, it will expressly state that no one should own allegiance to just one flag. So,moving from Ukraine to America and staying only in America, or vice versa, is not recommended.

I love America for many things- easy credit, good education, a good passport that will afford you visa free entry to lots of countries, a stable government and a strong currency. Good and efficient customer service. People are mostly reliable in business.

Social life sucks for me. But it probably does not suck for other people. Good for them!

I have had Three Flags: US for citizenship and education and investments/banking.
Middle East for money and work and tax free living.
SE Asia/Spanish colonies for fun and social life. Combining these three has worked for me and it can work for other people who are lonely in America.

Winston's site clearly states: "Unhappy in America? then you may be happier abroad". It clearly does not aim at people who are happy in America or Australia, etc.

My take is no country has it all and one will live a much better life if one combines several countries. However, whether such life is for everyone is still an open question. It works for Winston and it works for me and it should work for other people who are not very happy with how things are in the US socially.

Obviously, people have other priorities in life and there are as many priorities as they are people. Many do not think that combining 3-5 countries is their cup of tea, either.

Many Arabs and Latinos love the American type of woman, and more power to them.

Des gustibus non est disputandum

For those who think all things are available in the US and for whom they are, should live in the US all the time. Some people like to live in Ukraine all the time. Some people like to shuttle back and forth. So?

Combining several countries is an option and it is clearly not for everyone.
The wholepoint of this site, imho, is to offer a solution to those lonely souls for whom America is socially not after their heart.
A brain is a terrible thing to wash!

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