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Shaq, serious questions for you

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Shaq, serious questions for you

Post by Winston » December 9th, 2009, 10:34 am

1. First, look at my ten reasons why I'm forced to date abroad, and tell me how PUA would be able to affect any of them.

2. Second, read the below and tell me why you and PUA think that I have a problem or defect that PUA needs to fix up.

How can I be a loser? I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, and I never get drunk. I am not violent or abusive (and when I do get mad it's usually for justifiable reasons). I'm responsible and organized. I do what I say and I keep my promises. I am clean - I shower everyday and am clean shaven. I am decent looking. I am intelligent (of course) with good communication skills and I am very articulate. I'm very outgoing. And I treat people fairly too. In fact, I have a lot of great qualities (see 10 outstanding examples here). So how am I a loser? Sure I have faults like everyone does, but there is no valid reason to insinuate that my imperfections directly cause my loneliness, isolation and datelessness in America. Therefore there is no valid justification in claiming that some fault of mine is responsible for my sterile condition in America. Such "victim-blaming" statements are merely the rantings of people programmed by a sick society in denial.

So why do I suffer in America then from loneliness and datelessness undeservedly? Is it cause my race, height, looks and the "type" of guy that I am is not what American women want? Those certainly play a role in it. But is that my fault? No, those are factors out of my control. Is it cause my personality doesn't fit in America and I do not feel comfortable adopting its fake/artificial social and communication style? That's probably a factor too. But how can I be something I'm not, and moreover, why should I be something I'm not? When you become something you're not, it's not good for your psychological balance and plus you can only attract the wrong people. How is that in my long term interest?

You see, the more you think about it, the more you realize that all fingers point to the sick society and culture in the US, and my inability to fit into it as well as my low rank value in it. That's the real cause of the problem, if you want to find one.

3. The bottom line is that in America, in public the girls want you to mind your own business and not disturb them, and they in turn will mind their own business and not disturb you. That's the social contract in public in America. If you break it or disturb this equilibrium, you risk coming across as a creep or scaring others. I'm dead serious about this. This is real life man! In clubs the girls huddle with their girlfriends and do not want to meet guys, unless they think you are hot, in which case they will wink and smile at you to signal interest, but it doesn't happen to most guys.

So how does PUA change all that?

4. How do you define social skills? Social skills means being able to get along, read and understand others. That takes some experience and a natural ability to understand others and some people skills. I definitely have those. But in order for social skills to matter, the PERSON HAS TO BE INTERESTED FIRST IN BONDING WITH YOU! Without that interest, it doesn't matter if you have social skills or not. They are irrelevant unless there is an interest to connect with you first. That's the reality. Your PUA books do not match the reality I see everyday around me. Instead, they seem like a script out of a movie.

Anyway, I hope you appreciate my open mindedness and fairness in hearing you out, which most other guys would not do. I'm giving you the opportunity to address some serious questions, so that if you have any real evidence or truth in you, it can come out and should stand on its own.
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