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Extreme Reactions to my Comparison Chart on other forums

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Extreme Reactions to my Comparison Chart on other forums

Post by Winston » January 9th, 2011, 12:54 pm

Hi all,
As an experiment to see how others would react to my Comparison Chart, I posted the link to it on other forums. The reactions I got were funny. As expected, people either loved it or hated it. I guess there might be something controversial about it? lol

Anyway, here are some extreme reactions.

This person on the ATS forum said not a single line of it is true. lol
Wow just wow

I'm struggling to find a single thing on the list that I could say is true. This person seems to be taking his experience of other countries from being on vacation, well guess what, life is a lot nicer and easier when you are on vacation.
I'm from England which you could say is the most Americanised place in Europe, but I have also LIVED (not vacationed) for long periods of time in Greece and Austria
This person said my chart is off cause "there is crazy competition among females" in the US. WTF? Crazy competition for what? The top 20 percent alpha males? WTF is he/she talking about?
This person has obviously never been to America. There is crazy competition between females here. Also, this person goes on and on about how women are so much better over there, but fails to mention whether the common immaturity and arrogance that one finds in a lot of men over here is present.
Sure there's dysfunction among American males as well. I pointed that out as well.

Amazingly, this American woman said my comparison chart hit the bull's eye!
I am 49 year american born woman. And as difficult as this is to say, I believe that article was nearly on the bullseye. I bet this thread gets alot of attacks from the averave american woman whom is living in selfish denials.
And this guy raved about the truth of it and about his experience with foreign women. It sounds like he belongs here on our forum. lol
Holy crap!!! Spot on!

I was born and raised in America. And totally miserable and depressed most of those years. Now I live in Russia and go to university there, and I finally feel happy. I feel like I belong with Europeans.

Girls are so sincere and totally awesome in Europe, especially Russia. I was intimidated at first, because Russian women are totally the most gorgeous in the world in my opinion, because I knew how American girls would act with that type of beauty. One of the first times I was at a bar in Moscow, a beautiful woman approached ME and we actually had a meaningful conversation about travel and poetry. Ended up dating her a bit and now still great friends with her. If I was in America, I would have to approach the girl, act like a tough guy for a bit, and we'd end up talking about The Jersey Shore before having some meaningless sex.

I've met many Germans and Italians too.... very easy females to talk to. They don't tend to have large "I know I'm hot" egos, and are some of the most loving people I've met.

Sorry, I'm a sellout...

Give me European girl any day over an America.

The article's totally true.
The folks in the City Data forum, though, dissed the comparison chart as "full of crap". lol ... us-vs.html
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Post by djfourmoney » January 9th, 2011, 9:42 pm

As I have said before Winston. If your not "successful" in America, guess what? Your a loser! If you complain, your a loser! If you don't have the average standard of living (own place, car, struggling to save money, credit card bills up the wazoo, student debt, etc), your a looser! If you married any other woman but an American, your a looser! If you're married to a different race than your own, especially if your a Black Man and she's a White Woman, your wife is considered a looser, amazing isn't it?

One person even said you must not have ever been to the US???? That kind of crap is that? I don't agree with about 80% of the United States policy positions because too many of them perpetuate the status quo.

The shooting of a Congresswoman yesterday is just a sign of things to come. They are not going to hold the outliers in the Tea Party/Aryan Brotherhood/Minute Men responsible for this and its just a beginning of hostiles between law enforcement and the right wing in this country that's out of control.

One top of all that Bernanke admits to a slow job recovery. NO SHIT SHERLOCK! I told anybody that would listen bailing out the banks FIRST was a critical error and until the debt is off the Fed's and Banks books, no investment in the workforce. Estimates are of 2 Trillion sitting on the sidelines, most of it money from the various bail out programs.

I've said it before, this country is circling the toilet bowl...

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