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Update: 2 Professional robberies I experienced in Moscow!


Hi all,


Before I tell you about the dramatic events in Yoshkar-Ola before I left, let me first tell you about two highly skilled professional robberies I experienced in Moscow during the few days I was there before I left, one of which I was the victim of.


The mystery of my stolen mobile phone


After I returned to Moscow from Yoshkar-Ola, I met up with this girl named Janna (more correctly spelled Zhanna) whom I met in the US Embassy about a month ago, while she was filing papers for her green card that her husband in the US was making for her.  I was there at the time asking about a visa for Alina, if you remember.  When I saw Janna, I liked her nice ass in jeans, so I stopped her outside the Embassy and met her.  At first, she blew me off, but with persistence as I talked to her more, she felt more comfortable with me and liked to associate with me (persistence does pay off with Russian girls).


I found her to be sincere, intelligent, likable, personable, and fluent in English.  After we walked around doing a few errands together, we exchanged contact info and parted.  Since then, she kept in touch by text messaging my mobile occassionally while I was in Yoshkar-Ola.  She was from near Yaroslav, a city part of the golden ring around Moscow, and was a visitor to Moscow when we met.


After I picked up the next portion of my paycheck from the English school, American Language Center on Oktybryskaya (which I wouldn't recommend by the way, due to their reluctance and shady tactics in avoiding giving teachers their salaries, and not just mine), I went to meet Janna in the early evening.  We walked around and went to eat at the vegetarian cafe Juggunath.  It was her first time in a vegetarian place and she found the tofu meat very tasty.  Then we went to VDHX but the park was closed by then, so we walked around and went to McDonald's instead. 


When it got close to 11pm, we started to head back to the metro.  She was going to the train station to catch her train back to Yaroslav, while I was going to the all night internet cafe underneath the Red Square.  I would have seen her off at the station, but I still had a paranoia about walking around Russia at night with all the creepy people around.  She understood and said that I didn't have to.  After we parted, I stayed at the internet cafe Time Online all night, barely able to stay awake for some reason.


The next morning, I headed toward Galina's Flat (a hostel in a flat I stayed at for 10 dollars a night, for 20 days back in December when I worked in Moscow, before I was kicked out during the "residency mayhem" I described in my update) to stay for a few days while I wait for the rest of my money from American Language Center, so that I could get out of Russia finally and head to Europe. 


(Note:  By the way, if any of you on a budget are looking for a cheap place to stay in Moscow, you can stay at this hostel in the flat for 10 dollars a night. It's a nice place in the center of the city near metro station Chistie Prudy, one stop away from the Red Square.  Call Galina to check availability and make reservations before you arrive.  Her number, which is listed in the Lonely Planet guide to Russia, is (095) 921-6038.  Tell her I referred you.)


When I arrived, I slept a few hours first to make up for staying up all night.  Then I got up in the afternoon and took a shower.  While getting dressed afterward, I needed to look up a phone number stored in my old backup mobile that I bought two years ago in Volgograd (Ericsson T200). 


(After I recently got a marvelous new phone with so many incredible functions (Siemens c65), I put the old mobile in the side pocket of my jacket designed for mobiles, and hung my new phone around my neck for security.  I would use the old phone as backup in case the battery on my new one ran out (color screen phones tend to drain the battery faster cause of the power needed to light the color screen).  Plus, not all the phone numbers stored on that phone (hundreds of Russian girl phone numbers) could be saved on the SIM to import to the new phone, so some numbers were only on the old mobile.)


When I went to my jacket hanging up on the rack in the hallway to get my other mobile, I was shocked to find that IT WAS GONE!  The pocket it was usually in was empty!  No way!  At first, I was in denial and laughed.  No way could it just simply vanish.  I've carried it there for months and it's always been there.  Yet I could find it nowhere in any of my stuff.  Oh well, I thought.  It was only a backup mobile.  But still, I bought it cause it was a world phone (tri-band GSM) that would work in Russia, America, Europe, and Asia, and so it was still valuable. 


When I brought this up to Galina, she first exclaimed, "Winston, nothing has ever been stolen in my hostel before.  Why do these strange events always seem to happen when you show up!"  Then she said that the other guests in the hostel couldn't have stolen it, because the two Asian guys across in the other room were from Singapore, which was not a poor country by any means, and also known to be virtually crime-free (due to their extreme punishment laws for misdemeanors).  The other two guests, a Canadian guy and a French guy, also couldn't have stolen my mobile.  The Canadian guy, whom I met, was an older skinny guy with glasses who was very mellow, easy-going, and open, totally incapable of theft.  And the French guy, Galina said, was a serious person and came here to watch the figure skating championship in Moscow at the arena, not to steal mobiles.  And besides, Galina said, all these guys had their own mobiles and didn't need mine. 


Her explanation made sense, and none of these guys seemed likely culprits either, especially since they still stuck around (thieves usually leave after they've robbed you, not stick around to be accused and searched).  Still, I wanted to do something rather than nothing, and thought of confronting the two Asian guys to search them thoroughly, but my intuition told me it would be fruitless, and plus they weren't around much and came from a rich crime-free country, Singapore, anyway.


But still, my mobile was gone and there had to be a culprit, for it couldn't have just walked away by itself.  I was simply baffled by who could have done it and how, since I never get things stolen from me before, as I always exercise common sense and know who to trust (before I came to Russia that is).  Galina suggested that it probably happened in the all night internet cafe; while I napped there or was on the computer, someone probably pickpocketed it out of my jacket.  However, I didn't think that was possible, cause I had the jacket hanging on my chair the whole night and never left it.  Plus, it was in a deep small pocket designed for mobiles, which I even had trouble getting it out of, as you had to pry your fingers deep in the pocket and yank it out of the small space.  Therefore, I didn't think it was possible to pickpocket it unnoticed.


The only other possible suspect was Janna.  While we were in the vegetarian cafe, I did get up to use the restroom for a few minutes while she watched my jacket.  So during those few minutes I was in the restroom, she did have an opportunity to take my mobile from that jacket.  Plus, I had shown it to her earlier so she had knowledge of its location in my jacket.  That made her a strong suspect.  However, several strong factors would seem to rule her out as well.


1.  First, she is an honest sincere person, and does not seem like the type at all who would steal.  And she doesn't seem greedy or a taker either; she even preferred to pay for herself at the vegetarian cafe and at McDonald's too.


2.  Second, she had a mobile that was much more new and expensive than the one I lost, so why would she need it?  And she didn't seem so poor that she would need to sell stolen goods for cash either.


3.  Third, since she worked for an orphanage collecting donations from sponsors before, she seemed to be a person with a good heart, rather than a conniving thief.


4.  Fourth and most importantly, if she had stolen my mobile while I was in the restroom for a few minutes, then why would she continue hanging around me for two more hours afterward?  Though I didn't, I could have checked for my old mobile during those three hours and found it missing.  Surely she wouldn't have stuck around for three hours and risk that happening if she had robbed the phone from me.


In spite of the 4 reasons above why it couldn't have been Janna, the strange thing is that she refused to answer my text messages to her phone about it afterward.  I sent her many smses to both her mobile numbers, asking if she saw anyone touch my jacket while I was in the restroom.  But she didn't answer me at all, though she usually answers my messages promptly.  I don't know why and haven't heard from her since.  You would think that if she were the culprit, she would at least just lie about it and say she knew nothing.  But her silence is a bit odd.  I wonder if it's a bad sign or not.  She still hasn't answered my email about it either.


Therefore, I found this mystery quite baffling.  But as much as I liked mysteries, I didn't come here to play Sherlock Holmes.  Suddenly, I remembered something.  During my all-night stay in the internet cafe, there was this guy who sat behind me facing the opposite way, for several hours.  We were in an upper section of the internet cafe that was more secluded, away from the main section.  I often sit there to get more privacy so I can concentrate without distractions of people walking behind me.  During the several hours he sat behind me on a higher stool, he had his coat hung around the stool.  Twice, he tapped me to have me watch his jacket while he left for about one minute. 


At the time, it seemed a bit odd that he needed me to watch his coat for only a minute while he went away.  I thought he was going to the bathroom on the other side of the food court, but he wasn't gone long enough to have gone there.  So I didn't get what needed to be watched for a minute?  Was he afraid someone was going to steal his coat?  Sheesh.  It's not like anyone lacks one here.  But I didn't think much of it until now, when I was looking for suspects.  But now that I think of it, it does seem a bit suspicious.  However, I didn't see how he could have taken it from my deep side pocket.


I brought this up to Galina, and she indicated that that guy was the probable suspect.  She said that in Russia, there exists high level professionals who are capable of removing things from any kind of pocket.  I thought about it, and realized that she could have a point.  It's possible that he could have crouched down to pretend to do something with his own coat, which was directly behind mine, and then reached under my jacket hung on my chair - unnoticed, to pickpocket it.  Galina added that he was probably looking for money or my wallet in the jacket pocket, but instead felt a mobile in there, so he decided to snatch that instead.  If that's so, then that guy must have been a real pro, cause no one had ever stolen from me in that manner before.


Later, another guest arrived to our hostel named Jeff, an American ex-marine/ex-cop.  When I told him about the circumstances of my stolen mobile, he also agreed that the guy at the internet cafe was a likely suspect.  When I asked Jeff why that young guy asked me twice to watch his stuff while he went away for a minute, he surmised that it was a misdirection tactic to set me at ease, make me feel like he and I were a team on the same side, to quell any suspicion that I might have toward him.


Then he told me that during his police career, during training they sometimes brought in former professional thieves to teach them their tricks.  He said that during a demonstration, they watched an ex-pro remove a necktie and belt from a man he was having a conversation with, completely unnoticed, surprising the man afterward by showing him the necktie and belt he had just removed from him!  He did the impossible, with lots of misdirection and skill.  Therefore, Jeff said, removing my mobile from the deep side pocket of my jacket noticed, was possible.


To this day, I still am not sure who or how my mobile was stolen.  I assume the guy at the internet cafe is the most likely suspect, but I'm not completely sure.  And Janna still won't answer my smses or emails.  Therefore, I can't prove one way or another who did it, and probably never will either.  I guess it will go down as an eternal mystery, but perhaps like many unexplained paranormal phenomena, that's the beauty of it. 


What do you all think?  Any ideas or explanation on the solution to this mystery?


(If you think that was interesting, wait til you read what's next!)



American ex-marine/cop drugged and robbed by female Russian opportunist!


The next day, I came back to Galina's Flat to rest and turn in for the night.  There, I met Jeff again and we began having a conversation about everything, including Russian women.  During the conversation, I could tell he was a bragging type who liked to embellish things, based on his tone (I recognize the bragging tone).  He even said he was 6 ft 1 when in reality as he stood up in front of me, I knew he couldn't be more than 5 ft 9 or 10.  Soon we were talking about night clubs and bars in the area that I knew of.  I told him we could go to Doug and Marty's Boarhouse, about a ten minute walk away, but the girls there though perfect looking, hot, and sexy, were extremely snobby and unfriendly.  Or we could go to Papa John's near Chistie Prudy, which was a more normal disco with more normal upscale people.  After thinking about it further, we decided to head to Papa John's first.


When we arrived there, it was a Friday night so there was a cover charge of 200 roubles each.  I didn't want to pay that price just to go and check it out, so I was about to head back, when Jeff offered to pay half my entrance fee.  I graciously accepted, and we went down.


It was a cool disco, with lots of shows, strip dancing, etc.  I met some hot girls, flirted with them, did what I could, etc. but they only tolerated me and played around with me.  Later, as it approached 4am, I told Jeff I wanted to head back soon.  After I parted with two gorgeous girls I was sitting and having a drink with, I looked for Jeff, and found him getting fresh with this petite brunette Russian girl in red.  She wasn't the best looking girl there, but she was petite, cute, and very "do-able".  However, she was a bit skanky looking both in her face and voice.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but something about her was pretentious.  And she was looking at Jeff with flirty eyes of desire, even beckoning him toward her on the dance floor with her finger. 


He told me that I could leave first if I wanted, since he found someone to party with at last.  Soon they were at the bar making out; french kissing, her hand in his pants down his crotch, and his hand down her pants down her butt.  It became a very provocative scene.  And I felt jealous that I hadn't been able to do the same with the many hotties here.  I thought, "If only I weren't Asian, then I'd have much more experiences like that :("


At one point, Jeff seemed so drunk that he seemed to lose his marbles and consciousness.  He even pointed to his new fling, named Alena, and told me I could put my hand down her ass.  The moment seemed right, so I actually did so.  I felt her tight butt in jeans while she was sitting facing away from me, and then put my hand down her pants and felt and rubbed her ass.  Owwwwww it felt good.  And surprisingly, she let me do it too.  However, when she felt my second hand on her ass too, she turned around and looked at me in shock.  Apparently, she must have thought the hand feeling her ass was Jeff's, not mine!  She looked at me angrily, swore at me in Russian and pushed me away.


When it got close to 6am, I asked some people if it was light out outside.  They said it was starting to, so I decided to head back since I wouldn't be walking alone in the dark now (I'm still afraid to do so due to trauma from the Cherepovets beating back in October!). 


When I got back to the hostel flat, I slept about an hour before being woken up bby Jeff coming back in the room, followed by Alena from the disco.  Jeff immediately retired into his bed, and soon Alena came in and joined him.  Jeff told me briefly that Alena had just given him an incredible blow job in the cab, and that she even paid for the fare!  Wow, I thought, she must really like him a lot!  What a lucky guy.  I wish I met women who did things like that for me? 


As they were making out, she kept telling him to go to sleep and that at 10am she would take him to her flat when her parents would be gone, so they could have sex.  He kept mumbling something I couldn't understand, but she just kept telling him to go to sleep until 10am.  Oddly, it seems as though he didn't understand her, and kept mumbling something over and over, while she repeated her same words over and over as well.  After about 20-30 times of this, one other Austrian guy trying to sleep in the room got agitated and said, "Look, she's not going to fuck you with all of us here in this room.  So just wait until 10am when she'll take you to her place.  That's what she's saying.  Don't you get it?"  The French guy was also in the room, but he seemed to not notice what was going on.


I lay in my bed, unable to sleep during this scene, thinking, "Man.  I am such a loser.  Every white westerner brings home girls from clubs easily here, it seems, except for me.  If only I weren't Asian...... If only....."


A few times, Alena got up and went into the kitchen to chat with the flat owner Galina a bit.  Each time, I followed her out to make sure she didn't steal anything from my jacket in the hall.  I tried to befriend Alena, but she kept telling me off in Russian.


After a while, when Jeff finally dozed off, Alena got up from his bed and starting organizing the items on the table.  I thought she was bored, couldn't sleep, and had nothing better to do.  I tried to talk to her, but she didn't want to talk.  Then she took Jeff's jeans and shirts sloppily laid on a chair, folded them and moved them to another chair.  Gee, I thought.  She must really care about him (the Alina cared for me in Yoshkar-Ola) to do something like that.  I guess, I thought, even if a skanky Russian girl really cares about you, she'll do domestic things like that for you.  Then Alena sat down in the chair with Jeff's folded jeans hung over it, looked over a copy of the Moscow Times paper for a bit, then proceeded to put on some makeup.  I thought it was strange that she looked as if she was preparing to leave already, while Jeff was still asleep and it was still about an hour til 10.  But I figured she must just be bored. 


She then seemed to be fidgeting with something with her hands a lot, but I didn't think much of it.  Instead, I stared at her tight ass in jeans, and fantasized them, wishing I could feel them and "do" her there.  Most of the time, she had her back turned toward me, so I constantly had a great view of her ass.  So much so that I even took out my new mobile and snapped a lot of photos of her behind.  Each time I did she told me to "fuck off" in Russian ("pajole nawhee"). 


Here is the photo I took of her back with my cell mobile:


Finally, she wrapped herself with a long thin gray scarf, sat down and appeared to be putting on her boots/shoes.  It looked like she was preparing to go somewhere.  Suddenly, she turned to me and asked if I had a pen.  I thought she was going to write her phone number down for Jeff or something, which I found odd since their plan was to go together to her flat at 10am, still an hour away.  But being the nice polite guy that I am, I said sure and reached for my shoulder bag.  Then she said in Russian, "Oh nevermind.  I found one." and took one off the table.  Next, I thought I heard her mumble something about needing paper to write on, and then she went out the door.  I waited for her to come back, expecting her to return with paper to write on, but she never did.  After some time elapsed, I got up and went into the hallway to see where she was.  She wasn't anywhere in the hall or kitchen, so I guess she must have left the flat.  "That's odd," I thought.  Where did she go and why?  I thought she was going to wait to bring her new lover Jeff to her place at 10am so they could do it in the privacy of her home?


The shocking unbelievable discovery!


Not knowing what else to do, I went back to bed, but I couldn't fall back to sleep.  Jeff was still totally out of it, and even when he woke up, he seemed disoriented like he didn't even know what was going on.  It was peculiar.  When he finally rose up a little, I told him about what had happened, but he seemed oblivious to it all.  He even said he had no idea what happened last time, how he got home from the disco, or even what Alena looked like?  What?  Was he joking?  Surely, even if drunk, his memory couldn't be that bad!  But he was serious.  All he could remember was that Alena took him in a taxi back, and gave him an incredible blow job in the taxi, while it was circling around looking for the address, which the driver found from Jeff's pocket map.  He also remembered that Alena paid the cab fair too, but that was it.  Somehow, everything around that seemed to blank.  "How is it you remember the cab ride and blow job then?" I asked.  "Well," he gleefully began "you can't forget something like that...."


As we sat there discussing what just happened, recalling the events of last night too, I suddenly saw a wallet sitting on the chair where Alena was sitting for a while.  Pointing to it, I asked Jeff, "Is that your wallet?"  He didn't see it at first, until I kept pointing at it.  When he got up and saw it, he quickly grabbed it, looked inside it, and blurted, "Oh shit.  She stole about 600 dollars."  WHAT?!  I was stunned in disbelief!  NO WAY!  YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!  THAT WAS HER AIM ALL ALONG?!  TO ROB HIM?  I guess my ranting about being Asian were unfounded, at least in this case.  Still, I couldn't believe what had happened.  I was stunned in several ways. 


First, how could she have taken the wallet out of his pants, and extracted 6 one hundred dollar bills from it, unnoticed with me awake and watching her?  No one could do that under my watch, and no one ever has!  And second, where does she get the guts to commit such robbery in the middle of a room with four guys, three of them asleep, but one of them (me) awake and watching her?  Even if she had the greatest pickpocketing skills in the world, that's still gutsy to do it in a room with four other people, one of them watching her, while the others could wake up at any moment and catch her?  Those are some guts and nerves of steel she must have!  I couldn't have done it, even if I was an excellent thief.  The anxiety would have been too much.  And finally, how could I have not forseen it all and let her get away with this?  I thought I was an expert on Russian scams by now, with what I've been through, and virtually scam-proof.


As we all sat there in shock, I suggested going to the police or reporting this to the security staff at the Papa John's nightclub, but Jeff didn't think that would be fruitful, as she probably wouldn't return there again tonight, but go to a different place every night to find a new victim.  When the Austrian guy overheard all this, he made a cracking joke about it, which offended Jeff so that he threatened him, but I tried to calm Jeff down and said that he was just kidding.


Pondering how this could have all happened, I began to recollect all the events, and postulated the following.  While Jeff was sleeping, and Alena got up, she might have taken out his wallet while folding and moving his jeans from one chair to another.  Then, with her back toward me, she looked like she was fidgeting with something in her hands, which might have been his wallet. Or, while she sat down and read the newspaper and put on makeup, she might have done those things as a sort of misdirection with one hand, while with the other, she snatched out his wallet from his pants behind her.  Then, while she reached down to put on her boots/shoes, which took a while, her hands at that moment were out of my view as a backpack and clothes were blocking that view.


During that time, she also could have opened the wallet and taken out the cash before setting it on the chair.  Either way, she was good, obviously experienced at doing this, and incredibly skillful, swift and smooth as well.  No one in my life had ever been able to pull off such a thing in front of me (that's to those of you who think I'm naturally gullible, cause I'm not).


Finally, I surmised that at the end when she asked me for a pen, found one, then went out to look for paper, it must have been a sort of misdirection to make me think that she was coming back, to hold me off a few extra seconds so she could escape.  Wow, I couldn't believe her scheme was so elaborate, cunning, and swift! 


Honestly, I didn't know whether to admire her skill and bravery, or be repulsed by her shameless, cold-hearted, conscienceless, criminal behavior.  Either way, this incident and the one before with the guy in the internet cafe secretly pickpocketing me, made me think that if Russians are this good, this talented, and this efficient at stealing, then maybe it's because it's in their blood, genes, or instincts.  Just as it's in a cat's natural inherited instincts (embedded in their genetic programming from evolution) to chase and catch mice efficiently, perhaps stealing, lying, and scamming are in Russian instincts as well. How else could you explain such exquisite efficient skill comparable to a work of art? 


Perhaps, as the Russian people commit such opportunistic acts over centuries, it gradually became imbedded into their genetic programming over time, or into their collective consciousness, making them "naturals".  After all, where I come from people have nowhere the skill, cunning and talent at stealing or scamming the way people I've seen here do!  That's for sure.


Jeff even remarked, "Well at least we know she's not American."  When I asked, "What do you mean?" he replied, "Well she stole, so she must be Russian!"  We had a laugh at that.  Exactly my point, I thought.


In addition to all this, Jeff began to realize that perhaps he had been drugged by that girl.  After all, he lost his memory, which doesn't usually happen even when he's been heavily drunk, and his head felt chemically messed up in a way that was very unnatural.  Somehow, at the club, she must have slipped a drug into his drink, which explains his oblivious behavior after that until now.  Still, it was quite unwise for him to be carrying around 600 dollars in cash in his wallet.  (For some reason though, she left about a hundred dollars in 20 dollar bills in his wallet.  Perhaps she didn't have time to take the rest of it, or she wanted to leave him some (out of sympathy? yeah right)).  Traveling wisdom tells you to carry less.  I usually carry around 100 to 200 dollars on me at any given time, and withdraw more as I need it.  And most of my cash is put in my passport protector belt, not my wallet.


When Jeff went back to sleep and dozed off, I went to Galina and told her all about what happened.  Shocked, she said that in the past, some of her guests have brought back girls from discos before, which usually turn out to be prostitute-type girls anyway, and now she's decided to ban that from her hostel from now on, after this incident.


When I mentioned that Jeff felt he was drugged, both she and her husband Sergey told me that they had seen a documentary about this before.  They explained that for the past 20 years or so, Russian prostitutes have been using this special drug on men they meet to rob them later.  This drug, which was designed to drastically lower one's blood pressure, when mixed with alcohol, cause effects that are quite lethal.  One documented effect of this drug is that it somehow stops the brain from recording memory so that the person's memory at the time of intoxication becomes wiped out for a while, perhaps so that the victim can't identify the perpetrator to the police afterward. 


Another effect is that it causes the person to sleep constantly for long periods of time (which explains why Jeff still kept dozing off), perhaps so that the thief will have more time to rob their victim.  Galina explained that some Russian prostitutes or professional thieves regularly use this drug to rob men for a living, moving from place to place so that they are always a new face somewhere.  They tend to target either foreigners, or rich Russian men.  This explanation fit our case, since Jeff exhibited the symptoms that this drug is supposed to induce, especially with his lost memory.


I felt shock and guilty that I had led him to Papa John's last night.  We should have just stayed in, like my body wanted to.  But we also should have left the club when I suggested we do so as well. 


Galina also added that when Alena went to the kitchen to make small talk with them, she presented herself as a stupid, naive, but simple person.  Thinking about it, I realized that she must have done too as a sort of misdirection to quiet down any potential suspicion they might have for her, so that they feel comfortable enough to relax and not pay attention to her.


Shortly after noon, I got my stuff together and prepared to leave.  Galina and Sergey bid me goodbye and goodluck, for they knew I would be leaving Russia soon for Lithuania.  Galina also added an apology for being mean to me in the past, referring to last December of course.


Later that afternoon, when I went to American Language Center to pick up the last portion of my salary, I told the co-manager there, an American man, about what happened to Jeff.  It was no surprise to him though, for he admitted that the same thing had happened to him once.  He brought a Russian woman back to his place once, had wine together, and then suddenly woke up with the woman gone and his apartment robbed.  Even then, he was so groggy and drowsy that he couldn't help but sleep for 12 more hours.  And he also suffered the same memory lapse as well.  So he knew what I was talking about. 


Sheesh, I thought.  I didn't know this was such a common phenomenon!  I guess I will be trusting these Russian women, especially ones you meet in bars and nightclubs, even a lot less now.  That pretty much does it for me.  You really can't trust anyone around here!  Now I couldn't wait to get out of here even more!


I guess I could say the MORAL OF THIS IS:




Addendum:  On my first day back in Vilnius, I met up with this friend, and when I told her about the drugging and robbery incident by the Russian girl, she asked, "Well isn't that a phenomenon in America too?  Don't women there do that too?"  Shocked and sarcastic, I was all, "Uhhhhh..... no... not quite.  Even if you take the worst bad bunch of American women, they still don't do things like drug men and rob their wallets.  That just isn't their style at all.  Even the worst of them don't do such criminal behavior.  They may do other bad things, but that isn't quite one of them.  It's over the line.  Only Russian women are as aggressive, gutsy, predatory, and shameless to pull off such things." 




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