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"Hey everyone I discovered this site and found Winston Wu's articles to mirror my experiences in Texas and the USA. Winston Wu speaks the truth and because people cannot counterattack his statements they attack his character like shameless lawyers. Because of my experience living in Costa Rica for four months in 2010 I found Winston to be a preacher of enlightenment and truth." - Temprano26

"Thanks alot winston your site has really helped me tremendously !!!
I feel so much better about myself when I am around foreign people. I feel really energized. I feel more relaxed and at ease. Everything moves with the flow. Just like you said.
You really helped me tremendously. I am thankful for that." - ssjparris, Forum PM

"Dear Winston:
I love your philosophical Wisdom. I am brewing with hot topics in my head and want to write articles just like you. I have so much to add to what you have to say; even my own ideas about life in general.
People like you are almost too good to be true Winston. The mere fact that you are saying all the things that I have thought about for years all the more make me want to be a fellow traveler of yours.
Please, let's keep in touch. Are you state side yet? Do you want to chat again? You are so amazing." - Steve Hoca

"I will admit Winston's analytical style in his writing is good, VERY GOOD. His writing was a home run for me, it's the kind of stuff where if you repeat it here in the USA, people will think that you're crazy. Winston wasn't trying to change you to be a PUA like other guys try to do. Geography was key with Winston and I agreed based on my experiences but to me I always thought they were just vacations." - Eurobrat

"I read your bio and found your trips quite amusing.
It explains why I was so lonely and miserable in America. I thought I was the only one that felt that way. Nobody really expresses how they really feel in the U.S." - Samurai_panda, Forum PM

"Think about how many people sent Winston emotional thank you letters when they discovered his site. Why did they do this? Because his articles presented opinions which were suppressed. Millions of people had them, but they never heard anyone else discuss them, so they were led to believe they were crazy or delusional for having them. If you agree or don't agree with someone's opinion is completely irrelevant. Most westerners are too uncomfortable speaking about politically-incorrect issues in daily life. Society needs to cultivate strong characters with convictions not conformist drones. Without contrary opinions to the popularly accepted ones people aren't given a choice." - Odbo

"When I first stumbled across HappierAbroad, I thought this website was full of nonsense. But as I experienced college even more, I soon realized that Winston was right on. When I went to Mexico by myself, I could see that the claims on HappierAbroad were uncannily true. I came across well-written books by academics, such as "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" and "The Narcissism Epidemic" (thanks, Steve Neese!), and realized that this is a real-world phenomenon that Winston had recognized long ago, but which academics are only beginning to become aware of." - Falcon

"I have been lurking on this site a few months now. I think I found it from a website search on how messed up the American dating scene is. I just want to say what a Godsend this site is, because for the longest time I had no hope. I thought if I wanted to be with someone here in the US I'd have to settle for fat and/or retarded. So I stayed single and just settled on counting my days. After finding this site and realizing that there are a whole world of options, I have regained hope and a will to find the right woman for me." - Simoun

"I've been interested in the idea of going to date and possibly marry abroad for several months, but I have only recently started reading this site. And this site is incredible! It captures perfectly what is wrong with society here in the U.S. and shows what human beings need to be healthy and function and thrive. Social connection and inclusiveness and romantic relationships and sex are what I've always lacked in my life. Obviously, I'm not doing too well where I am, so going abroad is a good option for me, and one that I'm interested in doing eventually." - Ghost

"Winston, thank you so much for making this website and this forum. You deserve 1000 cool points. I knew something was wrong with the women in America (go after the wrong men, turn down nice guys, etc) and things in America before I discovered your website. When I discovered your website and read things, the problems were confirmed... Ever since I read and found your website, my life is much easier." - IAwesome60

"...while I do not exactly worship you, I think you are doing a great thing and I have mad respect for you. If I try this out and by some cosmic fluke, it does not work for me, then I would not respect you any less than I do right now. However, if it does, you would be the man who changed my life, and I would be forever grateful to you (like owing my success with foreign women to you)." - Kameron

"Hello Winston,
I rarely ever feel compelled to personally respond to articles, websites, or posts, but after spending a couple hours today reading about your life's journey, I had to write to you. You hit home with me in an area that I've been praying about and dealing with for years! Your story resonates with me on every key level you discuss: your faith and spirituality, your height (I'm a shade under 5'6"), and the social and cultural differences between Americans (especially women), and other countries." - Rob

"Many of the things that are said on this site are things you know are true but no one else says." - Peter

"Kudos for having the courage to say what no one else is willing or aware enough to say. There are many ways of looking at these things but it is evident most of us share the feelings of isolation and wasteland that modern western society has become. There are many who perhaps feel this too but live in quiet desperation." - dreaux

"When I finally found this site, where everything I was feeling was so well elucidated and free from all the extraneous BS that some of the other sites harbored, it made me feel much stronger in my position that all was not well in this society, and I finally received affirmation that I was not "crazy" to feel this way... I'd also like to thank Winston and all of you who speak so freely about things that most people do not want to hear... Thanks Winston! I certainly attribute much of my "awareness" to all the golden nuggets of information on your site." - Aware

"Okay so i have read all the way through the book happier abroad. and i have to say that was one good D*** read. it was very very hard to find any flaws on the information on american society and american women in general it is just super duper accurate i would have to say 98 % accurate. probably 100 %... he hit the nail on the head about the women in america being unapproachable, anti-social, unfriendly male hating bitches. for real... he is like my mentor right now. foreign women it is just sooo much better to meet them, they are easy-going, date them and have sex too... so all in all winston WAS RIGHT WITH EVERYTHING. THANK YOU SO MUCH WINSTON. truly inspirational stuff." - ssjparris

"HELLO WINSTON! I watched your clips on youtube... and all I can say is you said everything that I have felt and thought. The things you said just made me shout with joy. FINALLY, someone else feels the same way. You know what Winston I'm a traveler and from experience women are more approachable and friendlier. For example, the Dominican Republic and Mexico to name a couple. So moving on. I just have to say you hit it on the nail with everything you said. You thoughts and feelings mirror mine my friend. We're in the same boat..." - Kenny

"As a foreign student living in the US, I love this website. Why do you love it here? (including the chairman winston) for me I would say there are everybody here (all races, all ages even gender). There are so many wise guys. It is amazing it is marvelous, C'est magnifique
keep it going ... ;)" - rome86

"I love this website because I can tell that the most of the people on here are smarter and more knowledgeable then me. I always surround myself with people who know more then me so I can keep learning and become a better person." - NorthAmericanguy

"I am a HUGE FAN OF YOUR WORK. To say that it was INSTRUMENTAL in my choice to not give up on women entirely, but rather to look abroad for women of quality would be an understatement... Thank you so much for all your work effort. You are an inspiration, Winston. I only wish more men would wake up and see the light like we have." - Marcus

"I want everyone on this site to know that Winston is 100% right. I have lived abroad and seen the difference in my social life, in how it made me feel inside; and I've also seen the antisocial lame-ass dating scene in the US, and how it undermines a man's confidence and inhibits his ability to simply be himself. It is an absolute shame, and no man should have to live that way... Thanks for a great site Winston. You're doing a service to all American guys by exposing the limited possibilities for happiness and social connection in the US." - Merc

"I've never been to the Philippines, Winston, but after spending a month in Thailand I'm willing to believe everything you say about it... That was my first trip abroad, Winston, and it has convinced me that your position that Western guys can have a better life in other countries is absolutely correct." - Merlin

???I was very nervous around women... I traveled to Asia and within a week I learned that I am really only abnormally nervous around American women... What it boils down to, is that foreign women are an entirely different species... It's one of those things you have to experience to fully understand." - Jack

"I went to SE Asia 3 months ago, My Social life went from 0 to Rockstar overnight. America is a dead place, Just GO and get on that airplane. Life is better abroad." - Taogarrett

"I blamed myself for my lack of success with American women. So, I worked hard for many years to improve myself... and I was still getting rejected by women who had no business being picky!... So then I did some traveling to Hungary, the Czech Republic, and the Philippines, and beautiful young women couldn't keep their hands off of me! Dating is like real estate- the 3 most important factors are location, location, location!" - Hero

"I appreciate Winston doing this site because frankly, I know he's right. Before I moved abroad my social life in the US was a 2 out of 10 (at best). When I moved abroad all that changed dramatically, and I made true friends and dated gorgeous women." - Merc

"After weeks and months of criticizing Winston Wu, I have to give it to him... He is right... American women are more stuck up than foreign women and the proof was what I witnessed...? I actually went to most countries abroad and what Winston said was SO true. I now applaud for his effort in helping dateless man like me in America face hope again. Thank you Winston Wu." - xtremixt1

"I would recommend this website to anyone, HappierAbroad.com, created by Wu, a genius at any rate.  He's someone who's actually gonna show you proof. All these other websites you go to, they really don't show you anything.  His ebook has changed my view of American culture 180 degrees." - Kairosan's video review

"Your book has exposed me to a paradigm shift with regard to dating. My collection of dating / seduction books is now merely a repository of rubbish." - Jelani, NY

"I thank you Winston from the bottom of my heart for showing me and other lonely men THE WAY to PARADISE... Those seduction books I use to buy are total GARBAGE compared to what YOU'VE proven and you put PUA artist and experts to complete shame with SIMPLICITY and REAL PROVEN SOLUTIONS WINSTON..." - Dwayne, NY

"After reading all your ebooks and following your advice to visit Lithuania I did and met the love of my life. I really give you credit because you are 100% right... I would also like to let you know that I am getting married in MAY 2008. Keep up the good work Winston you do inspire people." - Fan Mail

"Hello Winston:
I am reading your revised, updated book as of August 2009, and I must say that so far it's are real eye-opener... good job on your ebook. You are a brilliant orator and you are very good at articulating in succinct detail the plight of men today. Keep up the good work." - Steve Hoca

"What I also love about this ebook is Winston's philosophical view of the world. I have never in my life seen an Asian guy with such a brilliant, philosphical mind. There have been times when I thought I was crazy thinking the way I was thinking, especially as it pertains to America and its awful, non-inclusive culture. However, after reading Winston's words, I totally feel relieved and vindicated, knowing full and well it's society that is crazy, not me!" - Steve Hoca

"Winston's blogs and photojournals are epic! I have a new internet hobby now: reading Winston's stories.
I'm moving to St Petersburg in the new year and as I was researching I came across Happier Abroad, and I couldn't agree more with the overall message... Winston is absolutely right from my experiences. I had to go somewhere and then come back to see the light, but I definitely see it." - Unnamed from Canada

"I believe in Wu. Wu was right about the Polish girls and them being really friendly and giggling and blushing. Wu was right about being able to go over to the girls' tables and immediately go and sit with them. Wu was right about the society being more open in Poland than in America. WU WAS RIGHT!!! ... Wu is trying to help other people's lives. And he helped my life because I stumbled upon his website and read his stuff and I was inspired in part by his website to try Poland. AND IT WORKED!!!!! WU WAS RIGHT!!!! WU WAS CORRECT!!!" - Luke

"Having been in band, I've done well with women in America, but I am very well traveled outside the US and only the blind could not see that what you say is true." - Ken

"i agree with wu, and i'm on the flipside of things- i'm a woman! after being dateless (yes, even in college, save one date) and going to france, i found guys approaching fairly regularly-- in random placesl like coffee shops and museums, not just in bars. and what's more, women too (platonically)-- thus, dating and forming friendships were easier in a certain way. it was great. guys ask us girls out! with so few other guys having the guts to do so, you won't have much competition!" - YouTube comment

"I totally agree with Wwu. I went to Russia and married a beautiful Russian lady in 1999. We have been married almost 10 years now and have a 6 year old daughter together. Russian women have a quality that is difficult to understand unless you have been there. It is a completely different experience than the US." - YouTube comment

"SWEET website.  WOW!  Inspiring, useful, fun.  Fascinating to see the reactions of your readers! As one pointed out, you really are a leader. Unusually truthful and courageous." - Jester, CA

"Photos prove everything they backup the talk. You walk the talk so to speak and very few of these other men on these Blogging sites can ever claim this not even the agency owners whom many are scamming many men." - Derek, WA

"Winston talks the talk, and he walks the walk. Thats more then can be said for most. Kudos Winston." - Grunt

"It's such a wonderful time in my life and YOU are the person I thank for this guidance and for making HappierAbroad.com and giving lonely guys everywhere a chance at solutions and cures to datelessness and hope to having a life that is fullfilled overseas. I'm so excited and so happy now Winston." - Dwayne, NY

"Thank you Winston for all of your help. Your knowledge and experiences are inspirational and GOLDEN and you are well liked and honored by MANY.  Keep up the good work my friend. You're doing EXCELLENT !!!" - Dwayne, NY

"A GREAT WEB SITE! Thanks for the many hours of work it took to put together. Also I curse you for the many hours I'll spend reading it all. ;) Thanks again." - Ross

"You are an infinite inspiration to me and I feel tremendous admiration to the fact that you actually put your dream into reality!!!" - James, Canada

"After months and months of observing your views and actually reading through your articles, and experiencing various American people, I made a conclusion that you are correct and I fully agree with your views... Thanks for your enlightening articles." - Fan Mail

"I have been reading the stories and adventures of Winston, and like the rest of you I'M IMPRESSED!!!??? I am striking out on a BOLD and NEW path for my life such as Winston did... I love how he persevered and finally got the girl of his dreams. WAY TO GO WINSTON..."
- Edward Kingsley

"Sir, first off, let me tell you in one word what I thought of your e-book... OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!  I'm currently reading it right now and it is great!!!" - Darryl, NY, Retired Air Force

"Everything you wrote in your treatise is precisely to the point??? It took me a while to realize that there was a chasm of difference between the media picture of America and real life, but when the truth hit home, I felt very disappointed and empty. I even had a lapse of self-condemnation as I thought the problem was in me. I have gotten over it now and can see clearly. Your writing puts all the pieces of the puzzle together very well." - Yuri, Russian immigrant

"I cannot express in words how impressed I am by your work and how accurate and true you are to yourself.  I have lived in the US for 13 years now, and I can't but agree with every single word you wrote??? Congratulations again on a job well done!!!!!" - Fan Mail

"Dear Winston, I have just read your article Propaganda vs. real life in America. I only wish I could be so eloquent - its as if you have been reading my thoughts. I came here for over 20 years ago searching for the stars with my 2 kids." - Celia

"Your website truly is a treasure!  It's making me more self-aware in areas that I may have been slipping into "typical American mode" in, and is opening my mind even more." - Megan, WY

"I recently stumbled across your website... I'm so impressed to find someone who clearly, boldly, and honestly declared the sickening state of social life in America and the deep ills that affect nearly all aspects of social interaction here, not just in relationships with women, but also the overwhelming feeling of disconnection and superficiality that pervades nearly all types of social interaction here... Winston, You are the type of person that sees/feels something wrong and does something about it. Respect!" - ip

"Your ebook was refreshing. I thought I was the only one who thought this way about American social climate." - Fan Mail

"You inspire me! Never change!!" - Cathal

"This guy is a legend??? Read his long story and the photos (including the albums) and you will be amazed??? my hero" - Allan

"You are a champ. Most of us, even if we did find the holy grail would either be too selfish or more likely shy and embarassed to ever come out publicly the way you have. Your generosity of spirit is truly amazing." - John, New Zealand

"YOU ARE MY HERO TOO. Here I am with clinical depression feeling like I'm wasting my year after college and its honestly giving me hope browsing your photo collages and seeing that happiness is definitely possible, no matter who you are." - Karen, Stanford, CA

"I'm currently 17 years old and like you I am a Chinese American. I love the ebooks you have online and I really enjoy hearing about your success with white women abroad. I have a research paper on "my hero" and I choose to do my report on you and your success." - Joseph, USA

"You are a hero for the underdog, proving that with balls and determination you can find fun, sex, love, and happiness???" - Jeff, Atlanta

"Winston the reason you are successful is that you admitted there was a problem and went outside the box to get what you want. Most people settle for what life puts right in front of them." - Jeff, Atlanta

"Winston you're one of the few people who will tell it like it is, even if it makes yourself look bad. I give you that. Most guys brag and BS and deny their faults. Like Dwight (our mutual friend) if you say something happened, it happened. And like him, you don't just talk about it, you DO IT." - Jeff, Atlanta

"I visited your website, happierabroad.com, and I agree with everything you write. You are my hero! You have spoken truths that many men do not understand. You have broken ground that many men have not... You are an inspiration!" - Mark, Washington DC

"The stuff you recommend, winston, has always managed to utterly CHANGE MY LIFE. thank you for being an inspiration. you will never know how much it means to me!!!" - Elizabeth, Orange County, CA

"I love rebels and free spirits, I really do. And that's why I like Wu so much.  There are so many people who turn into depressed potatoes in the USA. They just sit there and get more and more depressed. And if you don't fit in, they just label you a "loser".  Wu didn't just sit down and take that. Wu rebelled against that." - Luke

"I've had a bunch of other people validate what Wu says in general about European Culture. The last guy I talked with posted that message about Spain and the women he met. He too is confirming what Wu has said." - Geoff, CO

"Just thought I'd say hi and tell you how much your writing inspired me... I think people "need" to read what you've written" - Joan, USA

"Winston you are now an Asian American Moses, and you are leading your people out of the "captivity" of boredom, loneliness, lovelessness and datelessness to the various promised lands of milk and honey, many honeys that is and milk is to come later. Lol." - Ladislav, my Expat Advisor

"People can be divided into three groups
Those who make things happen
Those who watch things happen
And those who wonder what happened
You are in the first group Winston"
- Ernie, San Diego, CA

"Despite all the flak you get you are certainly an interesting character and probably the most famous (or infamous) self-made asian on the internet" - Rob, USA

"You're probably the most atypical Asian male I've ever met." - Peter, an old Scottish traveler I met in Estonia who's been to nearly 100 countries

"Most Asians don't think for themselves. They simply follow the pack. You are an exception." - Jean, CO

"I enjoy your writing and you are one of the most inspiring dudes around. Main thing is you don't give a shit what other people (especially white) say about you - highly unusual, unfortunately, for any race of people, Chinese especially.  So your stuff is absolutely awesome." - John, USA

"Winston, I am amazed at your ability to attract women that are much more attractive than yourself.  I wish I had more of your magic.  I consider myself much more attractive than you, but you seem to do better with the ladies.  What is your secret?"
- Fan Mail

"To be honest with you Winston, I think almost all of the girls you hit on (and many of them you scored) are all very hot.  This makes me wonder how you did it, especially the fact that you're an oriental.  I know some guys who have a lot more than you, but they can't do anywhere near what you did (in terms of girls of course)." - Fan Mail

"I do support your adventures and would to commend you for doing what many guys are far too chickens*** and cowardly to do ..so my hat is off to you and I would like to hear more about your times abroad." - LE

"Your tenacity is astounding. All the stuff you went through. Most people would have given up." - Geoff, CO

"Thank you for creating this site, Winston...I've spent hours this evening reading your site and comments on here before joining, and you've really put your finger on so many of the dysfunctions in the US. I knew many of them, and even sensed them as a kid growing up (I'm now 40 and married). I can attest to the incredible femininity and beauty of the women overseas, particularly Eastern Europe, where I spent many years. I actually met my Italian wife in St. Petersburg, Russia!" - RedDog

"I've got to say this right out: everything you wrote is absolutely dead on, and furthermore, your site, happier abroad, which was linked up to nomarriage.com was INSTRUMENTAL in my choice to not give up on women entirely, but look overseas for women of quality...

But I can attest Winston....everything you say above, and on your site is damn true. Damn true. In 7 days I have never been so happy with a woman in my entire life? Why? Because she is night and day unlike the shit here...

Winston, I cannot recomend your site enough. And the ebook. The ebook was great. I even owe you a thank you, I'd say. What I read on there helped me to decide: JUST GO. JUST DO IT. I'm 10,000 times happier because I did. Thank you for your wisdom. Feel free to use anything I write on here or my thread as a testimony...

I was about to give up on women entirely and just be a confirmed bachelor like one of my heroes CS Lewis. But WHY? God, there are women of quality out there. Quality. I HAVE one now. And I saw A LOT MORE. Go abroad, gentlemen, you will indeed be happier...I know I am. Thanks Winston." - Marcus, Happy Bachelors Forum

"Hi Winston. I really enjoyed reading your ebook. For years and years I would beat myself up inside over the fact that trying to talk to women was a total nightmare... It can be very hard to communicate with women out in there public places. And if you are not part of the right clique or circle of friends you are in a bad way. Even if your a reasonably attractive and highly intelligent male. After reading your ebook. It gave me a very detailed account of why things are the way they are. If things at the time is not going right connecting with women it's not my fault. It's not that I'm doing anything incorrect or I don't have a certain look. #1 it is very taboo to talk to women you don't know. It totally goes against the social mores in US society even in places where it's suppose to be appropriate to flirt with women..." - Mitchell

"You are the man, Winston!... I recommend your website and YouTube videos to everybody... Your personal accounts of women (and people in general) being more approachable, friendly, and caring in other parts of the world serve as hope to those of us living in the frigid, hostile U.S. My own experiences with friendly, outgoing foreign students in college were refreshing and led me to believe that America truly is a social hell; this is confirmed seemingly every time I go out in public. The information you provide on HappierAbroad.com is extremely valuable..." - Ghostforever, Happy Bachelors Forum

"I've been through your site before and I admire your courage in going out there, actually taking action and sharing your experiences... Most people don't even get out of their own bedroom door, for you to actually go out and do it, and then share with everyone else what you learned earns you a ton of respect." - Kestral, Happy Bachelors Forum

"Winston, it looks like you are definitely enjoying the ladies... You are correct, you can tell just by their demeanor/body behavior that they do not act like these American females. I can see why Americanized men feel surreal when meeting women like you have shown us... It's pretty sad when comparing feminine ladies instead of these good for nothing spoiled children(Aw's)... Good for you Winston, live it up. I will need to browse through you information and start planning me a nice bachelor trip!" - Analyzing, Happy Bachelors Forum

Your analysis of the social scene in the U.S. is spot-on. This country is social hell... Thank you, Winston, for providing reassurance to those of us who haven't traveled as extensively as you." - Ghostforever, Happy Bachelors Forum

"Dude you are awesome... Happierabroad, nomarriage, and the-niceguy gave me hope! Your like.... the justice league? or something!" - EstevanMusic, YouTube comment

"You're the man Winston! Fabulous channel! I wish I was in your shoes." - RussX5Z, YouTube comment

"Your a genius Wu and a pioneer for waking up your fellow countrymen to REAL WOMEN overseas the women in my country are about as bad. American men are good and decent and deserve better than the feminist nightmare there being offered in their own country." - Jimmy27Paul, YouTube comment

"I am completing a trip through the Balkans. Pretty much everything stated on this website is true, it is like being on a different planet. Now I see how much damage the US matrix has done - 20 years of baggage and issues, mistrust and rejection are ingrained into my view on reality. I assume rejection before I even talk to a woman, which ruins the potential for doing anything with her at all. In the states, a man is openly described as pathetic if he approaches a woman, asks for her number, etc. I can see that going outside of the US matrix behavior pattern produces unimaginable results here that would be impossible in the US.... for example, if a woman gives you her number, she may actually answer when you call her and may actually be interested in getting together.... It could take many years to begin reprogramming myself." - Jay

"Winston, you rock man! Ive always had trouble expressing to my family and friends exactly the right words as to why I just cant meet woman in the US, at least not the kind I want. But reading your website has helped me explain it much better to others what I knew  all along but just couldnt explain it in words. Thanks!" - Steve

"I want to share the gospel with as many guys as I can, as there are so many here who suffer... your writings are gospel and so many guys in the US need to know this truth." - Steve

"I never write to a public space as am very private. But what got me in your site that it is very deep; it looks at a problem of insanity (again, stated by those who are from abroad, or Americans who tasted life/cultures abroad; Americans themselves are in a delirious oblivion about themselves and their "culture") of Americans, their life style and "culture" at every angle, in depth, diagnosing the insanity, looking at the possible causes of it, and offering suggestions to cure. It was by far the most comprehensive and cumulative work I've ever encountered on the subject. Big thanks to you for that, for devoting your life to this cancerous world's problem. At first I thought that emphasis on dating is a bit shallow and might repel some thinking, deep people, but the more I looked at it, I came to think that it might just do the opposite..." - Tatiana

"Hi Winston, I came across your site today and I have to agree with all that you say. I am a 26 yr old White South African woman married to an American man. I have been in USA for 4 years. Thank you Winston, I am glad that you have discovered how much better foreign women are, and I wish you all the happiness in the world." - Sarah Jane

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