An Asian American in Europe had this to say about the 2 choices that frustrated Asian American males face in America regarding dating:



There are vast numbers of Asian-American men who are mentally dysfunctional from their life of ostracism and sexual denial.  Instead of seeing the light, they'll claw at the messenger and attempt to silence the truth.  They're like that character from The Matrix, who after realizing that he has lived in a mental prison his entire life, actually wants to go back to its safe confines rather than face the harsh reality that lies before him.


Asian-American men face two choices:


1. They can admit that the US has an invisible hierarchy that places Asian men at the bottom of the sexual totem pole - which combined with the inferior mating qualities of American women and the fierce competition amongst eligible men - makes it highly unlikely they'll find quality dating lives in the US except by blind luck (e.g. running into a girlfriend in college and sticking with her no matter). 




2. They can pretend that the US is the greatest, happiest, and most wonderful nation in the world, a place that has the most beautiful women on earth who give each man an equal opportunity regardless of race or ethnicity.  If only they study hard enough, work hard enough, and improve themselves in every way, they'll get the American dream girl. 


Most Asian-American men will opt for a variation of option #2.  Quite a few will even go so far as say "I'm not attracted to white girls" (as a way to reject white women who they feel are going to reject them anyhow and because they think American "cows" = white women all over the world).


As you've no doubt realized, Asian-American men develop a variety of complexes, angst, and mental defense mechanisms to shield their egos from the brutal truth.



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