Winston Wu’s Baby and Early Childhood Photos



Birth photo from hospital in Taipei



My infancy in Taiwan



My 1st birthday with family and relatives




In Japan and Hawaii, 3 years old



Me scared of pigeons in Japan (They looked very big to me at the time!)



At our apartment in Queens, New York, 4 years old



On top of the Empire State building



Heading west on road trip across America to California



At our apartment in Mountain View, CA, 5 years old



(Can you guess which one is me? J)


Kindergarten, Peninsula Day Care Center, Palo Alto, CA



1st grade, Springer Elementary School, Los Altos, CA



2nd grade, Majestic Way Elementary, San Jose, CA



The above at 1981 marked the end of my nice “Romper Room years”.  From then on, when we moved to Fremont, CA the rest of my childhood was filled with persecution, bullying, ostracization, loneliness and fear, which psychologically scarred me for life with baggage. You can read the story of it here or my biography here. Or learn what happened in the rest of my life here.



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