Four Point Declaration to Asian Relatives and Elders (English version)


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I, Winston Wu, a free-spirit and atypical Asian American, hereby issue the following assertive declaration to you, in response to your unwanted and unwelcome advice, lectures, criticism, probing, and judgment of me.


1.  Personal qualities criteria

I am a Renaissance man, free-spirit, free-thinker, counter-culturalist, philosopher, writer, actor, seeker, adventurer, spiritualist, an old soul, and lover.  Here are the following qualities I dislike and like in people.


Qualities I dislike in people – JCCC

J – Judgmental

C – Closed-minded/rigid thinking

C - Condemning

C - Criticizing


Qualities I like in people

Open minded, nonjudgmental, free-spirited, ability to see things from many angles, ability to think “out of the box”


Declaration:  I usually associate, connect with, and listen to those with the qualities I like, and avoid those with qualities I dislike.  Unfortunately, you seem to exhibit the JCCC qualities.  Therefore, I do not respect your opinion or advice about me, since you are not “my kind”.  Frankly, that’s how it is.


2.  Rudeness in giving unasked advice

Declaration:  You should also know that in America, it is rude and inappropriate to give advice to someone who didn’t ask for it.  And since you are here, you ought to abide by that.  Mental health professions know this, for it is useless and harmful.  Instead, they teach coping skills.  Perhaps you ought to learn from them.


3.  Not qualified

Declaration:  Since you don’t know anything about me, my needs, inner self, temperaments, issues, etc., you are not QUALIFIED to be giving me advice and telling me what to do with my life either.


4.  Dangerous advice 

Declaration:  You endanger me by attempting to give me advice.  If I am too weak minded and suggestible and happen to follow your advice literally, it could very well be the wrong advice for me (since you don’t know me and no one formula works for everyone), and result in regret, wasted time, effort, energy, and money.



I ask that you consider the above four declarations, and cease your outdated, petty, process-oriented behavior.  And I also submit that it is best that you consider me as a foreigner, rather than as one of your nationality, for if you see me as your own, you will try to change me and fix me, and likewise I will try to do the same to you, which will result in needless conflict.  Therefore, it is best that you view me as a foreigner so that you will not be inclined to give unwanted advice or lectures.

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