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The Hall of Villains

Rogue Gallery of My Russian Adventures


Those who committed crimes and misdeeds against me in Russia, and are proven or confessed opportunists





This page consists of a list of Russians whom I consider villains, because they have committed crimes, misdeeds, and wrongs against me, but went unpunished.  They have all EARNED their place on this list.  At this point, the only thing I can do is publicly smear their reputation and image, in an attempt to garnish enough collective psychic energy from the public to deliver them their due bad karma.



The Villains



Julia Takmachova




Location:  Cherepovets, Russia

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Told me before I visited her that I was a “very beautiful man” but when I arrived, said that I was “ugly (rot)” and that my appearance would never get me a good wife in Russia

-       Constantly shamelessly leeched off me, using me to pay for everything she could, against my will, with no consideration or respect for me, always lying and saying that she had no money on her

-       Forced me against my will to pay everything for her in Novgorod, without any advanced warning, even though we were supposed to be only “friends”.  Coerced me when I refused, giving me no option or control over my own finances.  Her parents did not even offer to reimburse me.

-       Though she made me waste a lot of money on her, she claimed that I was “nothing special” and not worth the small expense of her parents feeding me snacks! (despite all the money I spent on her needs!) How morbid and miserly!  Some “friend” she is!

-       Made a deal with me of 300 roubles for a ten minute French kiss, but reneged on it

-       Called me “very very bad” when I protested against her and Katya’s parasitic leeching of me

-       Knew about The Negotiator Scam plot by Katya and Yanis against me to swindle hundreds of dollars from me, but chose not to warn me (what a nice “friend”)

-       Helped my ex-fiancee Katya Buchkina leech off me by persuading me to buy her needless gifts, deceiving me by telling me they would not be expensive, when they were in fact at least 200 dollars each

-       Lied many times to protect Katya when I discovered her role in The Negotiator Scam

-       Claimed to have zero roubles on her, yet hypocritically stated that 200 dollar gifts were inexpensive, and so I should buy them freely



Katya Buchkina




Location:  Cherepovets, Russia

Crimes and misdeeds

-       My former fiancée who deceived me, abused me, used me, and behaved violently toward me at the end

-       Aggressively pushed me into buying her several hundred dollars of overpriced gifts, giving me bad robotic sex in return. (and even then, the amount of sex she gave me was much less than what she took from me) When I refused, she used psychological coercion, refusing to take no.

-       Broke many promises to have sex and physical affection for gifts, reneging many times

-       Paid lip service to being my girlfriend, yet treated me like shit with no affection.  Was cold and sociopathic toward me

-       Willingly participated in The Negotiator Scam with Yanis, in an attempt to swindle me out of hundreds of dollars, making her a criminal

-       Had sex with Yanis using money she helped swindle from me, to reward the con artist, discovered by the box of condoms in their room (Note: The box of condoms image above was the “smoking gun” that solved the case, see here for details)

-       Choked me by grabbing my collar shirt and demanding 50 roubles from me as a test of her power






Location:  Hometown in Cherepovets, but she studies at a university in Novgorod

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Friend and neighbor of the infamous but charismatic Julia Takmachova. 

-       Assisted Julia in her scamming of me, helping her sucking cash out of me, lying to cover for her while knowing that she was using me, and siding with her despite her obvious dishonest intentions.

-       Actively and shamelessly FORCED me against my will to pay for her meals many times, even at her invitation, giving me no choice about it, and putting me on a guilt trip if I complained, constituting ABUSE.

-       Showed no respect or kindness toward me.  Though I told her I could not afford to keep paying for her, for enough was enough, she refused and coerced me against my will into paying for her.

-       Used the lying excuse that “in Russia, women never pay and men spend freely without complaint”, never telling me that in Russia women are not allowed to ask for things but are only allowed to take what is offered to them, not by coercing men, and also that men’s generosity in Russia is not unlimited.

-       In Novgorod, though she forced me to pay for all her café meals, she did not help me out with accommodations (even though she could) by letting me stay in her flat as she did with Julia, but instead threw me into a hotel at my expense, which is a rude violation of universal hospitality standards between host and guest.  Nice “friend” she was.

-       Though she and Julia made me waste a lot of money on them, Elena claimed that I was “nothing special” and not worth the small expense of Julia’s parents feeding me snacks! (despite all the money I spent on Julia’s needs!) How morbid and miserly!  Some “friend” this Elena is!

-       Lied to try to protect Julia by claiming that Julia had no knowledge of The Negotiator Scam when it was obvious she did.





Location:  Cherepovets, Russia but sometimes studies in Moscow

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Julia’s (the blonde above) boyfriend.  During my 2003 trip, Igor and Julia stayed for two nights in my hotel room in Moscow, with Katya and I, which I paid for.  They wouldn’t even bother to help with the expense.  A year later, when I was visiting in their home city of Cherepovets, and had no place to stay, Igor would not let me stay in his parent’s huge spacious flat.  As a result, I had to stay in the internet café that night, which turned into a violent scene when I was attacked later on the street by punk gangsters.  So much for payback.  He freeloaded off me, and when it came time to give back the favor, he refused and it almost costed me my life.  Hence he’s earned a place in this hall of villains.

-       Also, during The Negotiator Scam, Igor witnessed Julia’s lies and manipulation of me, yet he condoned it.  Though he knew she was a lying whore, part time prostitute, and devilish scammer, he sat there and never reprimanded her for it.  That demonstrates that he must be a similar person himself, to condone such behavior.  Hence, another quality that earn him a place here.



(photo unavailable)


Location:  Unknown, but met in Moscow’s Izmailovskye Hotel

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Chief architect and mastermind of The Negotiator Scam

-       Falsely befriended me and promised to reconcile me with Katya during The Negotiator Scam in an attempt to swindle me out of hundreds of dollars, using a barrage of confidence games, which only partially succeeded

-       Had sex with my fiancée Katya after swindling me, using my own money, discovered by the box of condoms in their room



Natasha Evanova




Location:  Tula, Russia

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Acted as though she cared about me and was interested.  Yet, she asked me for financial help during her tough times, in exchange for nothing

-       When I sent her a hundred dollars as a gift through Western Union as a thank you gift for her kindness, she responded by saying that it was too little, insinuating that I ought to send a lot more

-       Before my second trip, she asked me to send her 600 dollars to pay for an excursion tour for us in Moscow, which was way overpriced, risky, and unnecessary.  A very very shady attempt indeed.

-       When I arrived in Moscow to see her a second time, she treated me like shit.  She demanded separate hotel rooms, forced me to pay for expensive taxis and restaurants, not even giving me a kiss, claiming to be conservative, prudish, and a Seventh Day Adventist as her excuse. 

-       And to make it all worse, in our expensive taxi rides at my expense, which she forced, she wouldn’t even sit with me in the back, but wanted to sit in the front and yack away with the driver, making me feel soooooo romantic and special!  What a clueless doosh bag and dud!






Location:  Novgorod, Russia, originally from Ukraine

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Was supposed to be one of my best friends in Russia, like a brother to me, but served as the spokesman in the Private Police Scam, where, over a two day period committed robbery, extortion, and ambushed assault on me

-       Knowingly and willingly lied during the Private Police Scam, conspiring with his friends George, Sergey, and two girls from a disco named Irina and Ksenia

-       Afterward, asked me if he could borrow 100 dollars, calling me a “bad friend” when I refused



(pseudonym, real name unknown)



Location:  Novgorod, Russia, originally from Georgia

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Participated with Vadim and Sergey in the Private Police Scam, shuttling Sergey around as a fake police investigator






Location:  Novgorod, Russia

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Participated with Vadim and George in the Private Police Scam, posing as a fake police investigator with a fake police badge and wrote a fake police report






Location:  Cherepovets, Russia

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Ex-close friend.  Promised for a year to let me stay with her when I visited Cherepovets again.  When I arrived, she reneged with BS excuses and no valid explanation. 

-       Also refused to let me stow my luggage in her home for a while, out of pure scrooginess (with friends like that, who needs enemies?  In the USA, not even enemies are that mean-spirited and inhuman toward each other)

-       The above resulted in me being assaulted by five punk gangsters during The Cherepovets Assault, almost costing me my life

-       Refused to apologize, even though her broken promises almost cost me my life.  Instead, she sent me a death wish, hoping that I would get killed by a skinhead.  Extremely morbid and inhuman, to say the least (in the USA, not even enemies would leave each other to die like that).

-       And all this after I gave her therapy and consolation for over a year, cheering her up with my optimism when she felt down and depressed.  And I also introduced two black men that she liked to her too.



(full name Vyacheslav Akinshin)



Location:  Moscow, Russia

Crimes and misdeeds

-       My former manager at Estates News gazette office in Moscow.  Tried to bully me into buying him expensive bottles of whiskey and gin tonic, calling me cheap and greedy when I refused

-       Did the same to my coworker as well

-       Possesses and admits to a morbid sadistic desire to see me spend all my money, even though he knew I was on a budget, possibly out of his own unhappiness and resentment for foreigners

-       Admitted that he desired gifts from me even though he disliked me, having no shame in it

-       Called me nasty names for asking to sleep on the office bed when I had no accommodations, even though he himself did it when he needed it.  He is a mean-spirited hater, pure and simple, and will proudly admit it.

-       Attempted to destroy my image to my best friend, whom I introduced him to out of kindness




(Ukrainian model, supposedly, and friend of Vika, a lady I dated in Moscow)




Location:  Ukraine

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Friend of Vika, a lady I dated in Moscow.  Claimed to be a Ukrainian model.

-       Underhandedly STOLE my electronic Russian-English translator.  First, she asked for it as a gift, when I refused, it was later missing from me while we were drinking beer and laughing.  I am not sure how she stole it, but it was smooth, skilled, and calculated.

-       This made communicating in Russia more difficult the next few months, as I could not find an affordable replacement for it, until months later in St. Petersburg.




(Moscow Capital Tours administrative staff)




Location:  Moscow, Russia

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Worked as receptionist for Capital Tours of Moscow, situated near Hotel Russia by Red Square.  Pretended to be interested in me, then confessed later on that she found me asexual and my race to be disgusting to her

-       Took advantage of me when I took her to a nice inexpensive Japanese restaurant, by splurging to the maximum and ordering over 40 dollars worth of food, without even asking permission first

-       Attempted to repeat the same above by asking me to treat her and her brother to a nice restaurant, in exchange for treating me the following week, a promise that I knew was bogus

-       Unfairly compared me to her American lover by claiming that he spent much more freely on her than me, failing to take into account that she was sexual toward him but prudish toward me (Duh!)






Location:  Bellingham and Seattle, Washington, USA, originally from Russia

Crimes and misdeeds

-       Befriended me in my hometown.  But kept using me and my car for free rides and driving lessons to get her driver’s license.  But after getting her license, she ignored me and pretended I didn’t exist, refusing to answer my calls

-       Attempted to STEAL my computer laptop.  I let her borrow it for a week or two, but she ended up keeping it during my whole 6 month second trip to Russia.  When I emailed her from Russia asking her to return it to my home, she refused, claiming that she needed it.

-       When I returned from my second trip to Russia, and called her, she pretended to be someone else, and then hung up on me to avoid me, knowing that I wanted my laptop back.  It was only after I threatened to take her to small claims court, that she called me back, but this time claiming that it was lost during her move.

-       She was about to reimburse me for it, but later on she suddenly found it and returned it to me, after two more months of waiting, making it a total of 6 months total that she had it.  Though I eventually got it back, if it wasn’t for my persistent efforts, I wouldn’t have, hence she attempted to “steal” it.

-       I guess, even though she seemed like a nice, sincere, responsible girl, her Russian “opportunistic mentality” led her to attempt such a thing, against someone she befriended.

-       As of now, when I call her, she simply hangs up without saying anything, since she doesn’t need me anymore, as she already has her driver’s license.  Apparently, if she has no use for me, then I’m garbage to her.

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