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"They all want to meet you"


Hi guys, I am of foreign descent and I lived in the US from 1978 until 1990 and left the US after that. I still go back on business and also to visit my parents but most of my life is now abroad.


I am a US citizen now and I have created a bit of a lifestyle for myself that is even better than what I had.


The reason I am interested in Asian women is, paradoxically, because of my school days in a foreign country where I lived from age 4-15. There I discovered that I had a thing for Oriental looking girls.


In 1989 I dated this Filipina-American girl who was a knock out but a terrible person and she treated me like dirt. But I still got more and more hooked on the SE Asian look. She eventually dumped me and it was then that I thought that maybe the problem was not me after all. So, I got a job in Japan and left.


Japan is better than the US when it comes to dating, that's for sure and it is easier to get a girlfriend there. But there are problems. For one, most Japanese do not want to seriously get involved with a foreigner. There are some girls that will. And since there are 120,000,000 people there, you *will* find a girlfriend. I scored one girl per year. Not bad but still better than the US. Once I saved money I went to Thailand. Thailand is not a bad place but most girls that like white men are hookers. There are still many normal girls that will marry you but there is still a bit of a cultural/racial problem- they do not want to be seen with you in public, keep looking around as to what the others will say, in short, while it was still OK, it was not the best.


In 1991 I finally went to the Philippines to check it out. This was the place where I had a blast. I mean a real blast. The time I spent there was my great redemption. The absolute total repayment of damages that loneliness and mistreatment by women in the US caused me.


I arrived there a bit jittery- you always hear about how dangerous the Philippines was. A Navy guy recommended that I go to Cebu which was supposed to be a very safe place. So go I did.


After I arrived at the hotel where I was to stay, immediately I met a girl, a floor manager and she seemed to be interested in me. We talked and I plucked up my courage and asked her on a date- Guess what the answer was? "Yes!!! When can we go?"Wow! Just like that! I was not used to it. None of this- "I am busy, I have an appointment/headache" stuff you hear in the US.


I went out with her and we went to the movies , then, a few days later, the beach and then we started swimming under the full moon and kissing- that was a total blast- just like a dream...


Then, the next day I left early to avoid her as I really did not want to get hooked on the first girl I met and just stepped out of the hotel and started walking. The streets were full of young college girls- all in really cute uniforms and every girl was cuter than the next. Some were looking at me. Then one girl blew me a kiss. I heard "Wow! Handsome" coming from some...Incredible!


I was shocked! This was unreal. I was even embarrased. I got into a jeepney- it is a vehicle that the Filipinos use for transporation: It looks like this:


And as I sat down, one young guy told me: "Hey, you are new here, watch out! ". I asked him why I should watch out. He said: "Because we are gonna marry you to a Filipina." I grunted something and off we went. I went to the beach and then on the way back, these college girls just flooded into the jeepney. One really cute creature just like one of those dream Hawaiian girls from the movie Blue Hawaii just plopped right next to me smiling. The driver said: "You like her? Ask her out!" I was blushing. But since this was not the US, I plucked up my courage and said Do you want to go to the movies? The answer was a nod and a smile. We went to the movies . It is always " Yes" with those girls. Later after the movies, she took me to her house and introduced me to her family.


This was just the beginning. Later I got on another jeepney and it was full of girls, too. One girl stared at me and asked me: "You got a wife?" I said "No". She pointed at her friends: "Well, choose one!" And they all roared with laughter.


The thing was the girls were all so cute and fresh-looking and appearing very happy. They were friendly. Modest, coquettish, feminine yet aggressive. Real girls.


The floor manager at the hotel met me again and we went out again but I told her " Baby, baby don't get hooked on me..." and just asked that we'd be just friends. Then the second girl called me and said these words:


"Hello, my name is Inday, we met in the jeepney. I told all the girls in college about you and they all want to meet you."


Yup! They ALL want to meet me.


I went to a department store and again it was chuck full of little miss Universes- sales girls. I approached a counter and they crowded me.

" You are so cute. Your face is so cute". Then on another occasion I was paying for some stuff that I bought and the cashiers started whispering something. I though something was wrong. The answer was: "Very handsome"." Who, me?" "Yes, you". "What is so handsome about me?"  "I don't know, maybe it is your tantalizing eyes". And they started laughing.


I could go on and on and on. I would sit down and relax and girls would pass by and whisper to each other pointing me out. The word I learned was "gwapo"- handsome. Once I was just crossing the road. Four young ladies linked their hands and would not let me through. Sales girls from stalls would call out- "Hello, Darling!"


After a few days, I noticed something different about me when I looked in the mirror. My eyes were no longer sad as they used to be. I was smiling for real. Because this was the way a man should be treated. Appreciated. Desired. Women should seek him out and not the other way around. Rejections and maltreatment by women in the US or anywhere else where cruel women live harm the man from within. Rob him of his dignity. Slowly eat away at his self-respect and the sense of self-worth. Make him ill on his inside. He may not show it but permanent scars would form on his inside. My time in the Philippines was like some magic ointmet for those scars. They were finally gone!


A place like that was not planet Earth the way I knew it. At least it should not be planet Earth. It was a Shangri-lah.


At night, my nightlife would start. I would go to bars and karaoke establishments and there would be girls everywhere and not many guys. The girls would crowd me. They were so gorgeous I was out of breath.


In the US, if you go to a night club, you always see more guys than girls and the guys look glum and pissed off. The girls look like they are princesses even if butt ugly. Here it was different. The guys looked friendly and non-threatening. Most were just relaxing. No competition. Enough girls for everyone to go around.


Eventually, I took three girls who were working in the karaoke and we went to a resort where we rented a hut on the beach under palm trees. If there is a heavenly situation that one can imagine, it would probably be falling alseep in a bamboo house while listening to the surf and the wind rustling in the palm trees while being hugged by three angelic young ladies from the South Seas...


That's living!. No amount of job satisfaction or professional achievement cannot bring you close to the sense of fullfilment that such experiences can bring.


In 1998 I took $14,000 I saved up and went to the Philippines just to live. It lasted me six months. You can rent a hotel there for $200 a month. I had even more hell of a time. I was 38 now but nothing changed. The girls were still looking at me everywhere I went. I dated and dated. It just dont stop....


Anyway, I have a girlfriend in the Philippines now. I have been going to the PI for 13 years. My work is now in the Middle East so saving money is no problem.


I invite all guys who are fed up with being lonely to experience what I have experienced. The Philippines is 5-6 times cheaper than the US. It is easy to get there and tickets are cheap. It will make all those wounds heal like magic.


And if you are not handsome in the US, by being a Westerner you are automatically handsome in the Philippines. And if you are in your 40ies, 50ies and 60ies, no problem again. You can get a girl in her 20ies-30ies. And a guy in his 30ies can find an 18 year old just like that! If you do not look like the Hunchback of Notredame or the Elephant Man, you should be good to go...


And if the society in the US says that the problem is *you*, then try changing societies. You may be in for a big surprise.


As that Inday girl said:" They ALL want to meet you!"




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I would say that about 30-40% will go all the way with you if you stick around long enough and pursue that particular goal. But that happens only after you have fully and officialy become her boyfriend and said : I love you and I want you to be my girlfriend " and she accepted.


The thing is with the money you bring and the things you buy for the girls, the activities that you offer-beach parties, dinners, trips to the country and all that, you knock them off their feet. No local guy has the money to do all that. They are so impressed that they forget caution.


So, yes, you can get that stuff. Beware afterwards, though. Better make sure that is exactly the girl you want because after you did it, she is yours. And she thinks you are hers. And she will not let you go. Filipina girls are very amorous and romantic. Their man is their whole life. So, if you do it and then dump her, she will be in an ocean of pain. All kinds of nasty things can result from that not excluding suicide on her part.


Again, every person is different, but this seems to be the general rule.


Before I left for Asia I consulted my friend about the female situation there. My question was very naive: "So, is it easy to get a girlfriend there?"



His answer was : "It's not 'getting them' that's the problem, it's 'getting rid of them'..."



That is why many White guys living there visit "ladies of the night" and bar girls for such purposes. There, no romance and/or pain is involved.



Comparison of women in Asian countries


Post subject: Where in Asia should you go??


I have already posted on Thailand and the Philippines but would like to give a better picture of the region. While I have not been to every country there, I have had many friends who have and I would like to share this information:


I must begin by saying that everywhere in Asia you will have a better chance of finding a girlfriend/wife than in the US and she will be of better quality than a US girl. And everywhere you *will* find one. However, there are top places and not-so-good places. But still, you will score in all of them.


You will also have to get used to the fact that you will never be like them racially or treated as an equal. You will always stand out like a sore thumb and while the people who know you will respect you, there are another billion strangers there who do not know you and will treat you in all kinds of ways, some with surprise, some with admiration and friendliness and some with squeamishness and downright hostility. It is a land of contrasts and you will never understand it.


Also, in many Asian countries there is no equality so you will have no choice but to try to come off as being superior. Otherwise, they will see you as inferior. Some places are exceptions: Singapore, HK, maybe, Japan...


OK, here they are:


1) China- not so good unless you are a fat cat CEO or very young, blond and handsome. You can find a girlfriend there like anywhere in Asia but it is not the best place by far. There are more men than women there. Add to that the Chinese racism against other nationalities and the fact that it is still a Communist country with a hammer and a siecle and you will probably want to go someplace else. I had a friend who stayed there and he did not think it was that great.


2) Korea. Not so good. The Koreans are not very friendly to other nationalities. The girls are not very pretty in my opinion. They are a race of people who have not mixed with others for 5000 years hence, their blood is old. That makes the girls look kind of unattractive. I have read in a survey that 70% of Koreans would not want their daughter to marry a foreigner. Again, that leaves 30%, but still, it is not the best possible place in my view. There have been cases of mixed couples getting unkind looks from the public and also, spat upon.


3) Japan. Better than China and Korea. The Japanese know a lot about other countries and many worship the West- particularly among the young people. Chances of finding a girlfriend are not bad. Especially, if you have an Aryan appearance- Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Soul, David Beckham type. Aryan/Nordic-looking guys get Japanese girls fairly quickly. Marriage to a foreigner is no longer so much of a taboo as it used to be.


Half of Japanese are wonderful people, kind and generous and very humble. The other half are xenophobic and nationalistic. But most are polite, even if they do not like you. I had many wonderful friends in Japan.

The thing is, Japan is very expensive and to live there is not an easy thing.

Most landlords do not like to rent to foreigners, so getting settled there is a problem. You will have to go to agencies that specialize in renting to foreigners. If you want to bring a Japanese girl to the US, no visa is required for a visit. She can walk right through the immigration.


If you get a good job in Japan, you should be OK. But Japan has a Northern melancholy quality about it. The people are not very warm. They do not talk to strangers. You will have to meet girls through introductions mostly. It is kind of like Oriental Germany. If you like that type of country, then why not?


Many Japanese girls have bad teeth, are bow-legged and pale. Some are pretty, though. Getting a really pretty one is not easy. Better make sure you are a top brass executive and/or look like the above mentioned Master Race actors. Money and position are important to the girl because she wants to be proud she has someone like yourself.


Here are some ladies who want to meet Westerners:


Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore...


The above are Chinese- populated and run ( of course) and if you are there, you better make sure you are successful financially and that you live there or visit often in an important capacity. This will counterbalance the nationalism factor. These are much more into materialism than the Japanese. If you want to take the girl to the US, make sure you will give her a decent standard of living.


The Chinese are smart and intellectually stimulating.


Here are some of them:




As mentioned in my previous posts, it is a good place to release one's sexual frustrations but culturally , not very compatible with the West. IMHO, Americans are not very compatible with Thailand, either. Brits, Germans and Scandinavians seem to like it and find Thai people " friendly".


Again, if you are not a CEO type, you will be scraping the bottom of the barrel.


Please read my posts below on Thailand.


Here is also a very interesting link:


If you still want a Thai:


My obseravtion was that Thais generally do not like marrying Westerners and prefer other Thais or Asians. Thai men get the best girls first and then the Farang ( Whities) get the left-overs. A cruel statement but so true in many cases.


In the Philippines, for one, many foreigners would get the best girls even if they are not rich, but in Thailand only the top brass investors/embassadors and other big wigs would get the best girls. There are many lower classes that would date a westerner. This was what I observed while living there. You are free to disagree with me.


Thailand is not as exotic as its tourist authorities want you to believe- actually, it is pretty modern and Bangkok seems to have more skyscrapers than HK.


The level of education is not very high and intellectualism and knowledge are not pursued too much unless tied in with money. Hard to have a decent conversation. I have met some brainy people there but money and status seem to be of more importance than empty intellectualizing.




Not a bad place as the people are very smart and hard-working and they like Westerners. Most girls are virgins and are gorgeous. One can stay there if one does not mind living in Communist country which allows private enterprise. It would be better to take a VNese girl out:


Here are some sites:


Laos and Cambodia-


Still very backward politically and economically with the former being a communist country ( sort of). I have not heard of many going there for wives but changes are apparently on the way. Wanna be one of the pioneers?


In the NE of Thailand most people are ethnically Laotian and IMHO make better wives than the straight Thais. If you want to get involved with Thais go to Isaan- the NE. There you can marry with less of a problem as people are very kind and have been marrying Westerners much more easily.


You can go to Souther Isaan in Thailand where people are ethnically Khmer and they also marry Westerners with no problem.


There are some Lao girls here:


Myanmar ( Burma)


Very good people, English-speaking, classy and polite with an ancient culture. Some pretty women. A very bad government but it is possible to go there and live if you want to be an investor. Still not a very popular destination for love-starved Americans. Very very cheap. I dated a Burmese girl in Thailand. She had very white skin and looked just like a beautiful Japanese girl but had straight teeth and straight legs. Her movements were very graceful. Most are also virgins there. I would encourange people to visit Burma to see it. It is far more exotic than Thailand, the people are supposed to be very honest. There is a bit of a civil war going on in some parts so you should stick to Rangoon. If you are an adventurous type, that should be your uncharted territory.


There is no known form of racism that the Burmese people nurture against a Westerner unlike the Northern Asians which do that quite often.


There are as of now no pen pal sites which make it possible to meet a nice Burmese lady through correspondence...Let's wait till Aung Sang Suu Kiy triumphs with her new democratic agenda.


Malaysia and Indonesia:


These are Muslim countries. Women are OK but your best bet is to date the local ethnic Chinese. Because they are a minority, they are not as xenophobic and many speak English and are Christians. But as with most overseas Chinese, the want to find educated, successful men.


If you want to date Malays and native Indonesians, you can, but make sure you date the ones in the Christian areas or if you want a Muslim, you will have to become one yourself. You can then have more than one wife.


In some areas of Indonesia you can find Muslim girls that will cohabitate with you without marrying. Indonesia has some really poor areas so there are many very humble women around.


Check this site for Indonesian girls with some Filipinas mixed in.


The Philippines:


I have written a lot about the Philippines and proclaim it to be the best place to find a girlfriend/ wife. Xenophobia is minimal, the people are great, they are Christian and English-speaking and every family has someone married to an American. Very friendly and the girls are gorgeous and the most compatible with an American male. Should be your first choice. 84% of Filipinos do not mind their daughters marrying foreigners.


In short, the region abounds in women but one needs to know where to go in order to get the best possible deal. Every places has its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to research and even learn from others' mistakes. This way, one can come back ( or even not come back) and have no regrets.





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Really? Yup, you are right, they are down. They were there for years. Anyway, in that case, here are some alternative sites:


You will need to subscribe/fill in membership info and then use their search engine.




They have search engine and you can pick "Indonesia"


Another site but I think you also need to fill out some info.


Hope you find these helpful


If you need info on other topics which may not be appropraite to post here, please email me privately at:  ?





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The Malaysian Option



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I met my girl online in a yahoo chatroom. I had just gone through a divorce a year ago and I had never dated an asian women before.


I had married a very very attractive white lady 5 years my junior. We were together for 7 years. I started losing interest in her when she went from 125lbs to almost 170lbs. Why is this story so typical? Why do white women "go to hell in a handbasket" once they get their wedding ring?


So getting back to my girl, she is 19 years younger than me, has her 4 year degree in biology, is REALLY beautiful and comes from a nice solid family, is catholic and yes....a virgin!


After about 5 months of corresponding with her, I decided to go visit her in Cebu. So, last December I hoped on a plane to go meet her! To make a rather long story short, she was everything that I was looking for and then some! I agree with many of the guys here that we Americans only need to think "outside of the proverbial box" in order to find HIGH QUALITY ladies. Trust me guys, they DO exist in Cebu!


Upon arrival I checked into the Marriott. This hotel is situated in the Business Park (adjacent to the Ayala Mall). I seem to recall that the price was approx. $55 a night which included breakfast.


We did much of the touristy type activities. It was later that I realized, HEY...she never did take me to the mall or any of the nightclubs. See, she being the smart girl that she is, wanted me to stay away from all the competition, hehe. However, I was out and about enough to realize that the place is litterally crawling with young, polite, pretty, educated and ultra sexy girls any of whom would just love to go out with a nice western man. BTW, you do see quite a few 60 year old western guys walking around with 30 year old filipina.


See guys, it's all about COMPETITION! The girls in Cebu know that if they don't treat you like a king, there are literally thousands of girls in line who will! Let's face it, the American girls DO NOT have this level of competition. Seems that America is filled to the brim with "FAT GIRLS WITH ATTITUDES." I say hooey to that!


Ok, after doing a bit more research on Cebu, I now realize that you can retire there on a fraction of what you could here in the States. If you can save enough to live on $1000 a month, you can live like a king. You'll be fully retired with a girl 20, 30, 40 years your junior, with a nice house, a maid and BIG BIG SMILE. Yes, it can be done.


I plan to marry my sweetheart, bring her back here for 10 years, work my &^%$ off and retire in Cebu in my early 50s.


Thought I'd share my story....


Vaughn/Seattle Wa USA



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Filipinos are not that poor. They are poor compared to how much cash an average American has on hand- and that is considering the "absolute" exchange rate; not the actual buying capacity of their money within their economy. Everything ( except Western electronics) is as much as six times cheaper than in the US. So, yes, a Filipino engineer with a $300 a month salary is poor but then his rent is only $30 a month. His food is $20 a month.


They all have food and most have a place to live. Even in the slums they have karaoke TV. And they do not need to pay rent in a slum.

In the countryside families live off the land and do not need but minimal amounts of cash.

A poor man can afford a wife and kids- I have seen the poorest (and ugliest) Filipino guys and not one was without a woman. Friends help each other and there are no lonely people there. Most look happy, especially the poor ones- they all have enough.


Tropical fruit and fresh fish. Gorgeous friendly girls- enough for everybody.


Poor? I think they are rich.


We are the ones who are poor.





Reasons for dating Filipinas


Ladislav?        ?

Posted: May 28 2004, 07:30 PM



The main ones are these:


1) They are either drop-dead gorgeous or at worst, cute.

2) They have good characters and are modest and family oriented.

3) They speak English, are Christian and understand and like Western culture.

4) Race is not a factor for most of them. They are Asian Latinas. Spanish colonies are usually not into racialism. So, most people of most races can easily fit into their society and not be treated as "foreign devils". Other Asian countries are very ethnically fundamentalist and race is big deal.

5) The Philippines is the only Asian country where mixed children are not harassed or discriminated again.

6) They are just normal people that behave the way a human being is supposed to behave.

7) They appreciate a nice guy who treats them nice and do not treat him like sh!t in return.

8) They are inexpensive to support if you have to. $200 sent to your girlfriend every month will go a long way.

9) When they talk about me, they say " that man" instead of "that farang/foreign devil/outside person, etc.

10) They make love with great passion.


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