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Distribution Pamphlets to Promote Happier Abroad


Share the Happier Abroad message and Global Dating Solution with others with these Distribution Pamphlets in PDF format. You may print and distribute them, download and send as email attachments, or simply copy and paste the URL links to others.


Note: To view the pamphlets in your browser, left click on the links. To download them, right click on the links and select “Save As” or “Save Target As”. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that you print pamphlets on both sides of the page.



Five Point Comparison (two pages) - New!


New! Chinese  version



New! The Biggest Culture Shock: Americans in Movies vs. Real Life


Introduction to Happier Abroad (one page)


Global Dating Solution (two pages, with images)


The Biggest Dating Secret for Men (one page)


Quick Comparison (one page)


Quick Comparison with Photos (one page, with images)