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12 Reasons Why Russian Women are NOT Desperate to Leave Their Country:  A Complete Debunking of the American Myth and 6 Major Advantages of European/Russian women over American women


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Mr. Wu,


  THANK YOU for taking the time to write . I have to admit that at first it was a bit hard to read without feeling you were "American Bashing". After taking the time to read your entire article, you Sir, did a damn fine job of hitting the nail on the head. I would have paid for the insight you have offered. You covered things I had not found discussed elsewhere, and I'm glad I came across it. Thanks again.





PS. I'm sure you have noticed how American Women have declined even further since your article.




Just read your article on The piece is entitled 
Twelve Reasons Why Russian Women Are NOT Desperate To Leave Their Country.

Very illuminating. What struck me was your point #7, specifically, the rampant, barely veiled hatred for men ensconced in the spoiled, masculine-competitive women in the States. You are the first person I have encountered to so eloquently enunciate what I have felt but not previously articulated. You should think about developing that theme as a book and talk series.

I met a Russian woman, working in North Carolina, getting a green card. Young and gorgeous, Iryna taught me the very attractive idea that women in their country are not as age averse as the general female population here. Recently I began “sticking up my head” about dating, after the sad separation of a 20 year marriage. Ironically, you nailed my situation so well, I thought you had been an eye witness to the debacle, “Every man's nightmare in America is seeing his woman whom he thought loved him, suddenly becoming cold, cruel, and flaky. It's a very creepy and shocking experience, but it's now a common problem in the Western world...”. Anyway, based on my great experience with Iryna, I began to look at the type of sites where I found your article. Your article provided a great balance, an made me think more of the girls as people, and I am sure I will travel there.

It was kind of strange to read your intelligent, actual experiences, while the phenomenally beautiful pictures of the Russian girls lined the sides of the web pages.

Look, probably a little different to get an email from the site from someone looking for a new relationship (I supposed I should be directing one to one of the girls), but as a publisher, I thought I would tip my hat to an author.


“I totally agree with Wwu. I went to Russia and married a beautiful Russian lady in 1999. We have been married almost 10 years now and have a 6 year old daughter together. Russian women have a quality that is difficult to understand unless you have been there. It is a completely different experience than the US. Two keys: Be and act like a decent person and use the head closes to your neck.”



Dear Sir:
I just came across your article on the net about the
Twelve Reasons Why Russian Women Are NOT Desperate To Leave Their Country ....
I was blown away and amazed at your insight i wanted to thank you for the info,  I totally agree with you, it was very enlightening to me and  and have found that your insight into Russian women is dead on from my own experience in getting to know a few.  They are so beautiful inside and out that @ first your taken aback thinking this can't be real, they gotta be putting me on. You put it so aptly....   
" They are simply sweeter, more modest, unspoiled, friendly, unparanoid, etc. and they do not have the self-righteous and arrogant tone that many American women have. " In otherwords real women.


Dear Winston,


I stumbled across your article about the advantages of European women over American women this morning, and I found it very interesting.  It actually really got me thinking.


Let me preface my comments by saying that I am a young, bright, middle-class, degree-seeking, well-read and reasonably attractive American woman who has spent a good deal of time in Europe quite recently.  Though I understand exactly what you are saying about the weight problems that plague American women and the superior European style of dress - what is true, is true - your post has three fatal errors: you fail to capture the essence of American women comparable to the ones you're describing in Europe, you have completely ignored the negative aspects of European culture and their impact on European women, and you have used blanket statements to refer to each group.  If any of this were of any consequence whatsoever, perhaps I'd be a little bit offended, but it's not, so please accept what I'm saying as purely a way to get you to think of things from a slightly different perspective.


Please remember that American women come from a variety of socio-economic and racial backgrounds.  Young, impoverished African American women in the Southeast, for example, are dramatically different from their white-bread, upper-class counterparts who were born and raised in the Hills and summer in the Hamptons.  Their night-and-day experiences have shaped who they are, and there are simply too many kinds of American women to use words like "most" or
"generally" so cavalierly.  My personal favorite of these generalizing statements:


"While I do not wish to focus on appearance or dress style (the world is shallow enough as it is), my primary complaints and beef against American women are that they are 1) unapproachable, anti-social, and cliquish toward strangers, and 2) lack depth, substance, and culture, making it difficult to connect with them, find common ground or chemistry." 


Let's be real here, for a second.  You grew up in California (from what I gathered?).  No wonder you're happier abroad.  Every time my mother turns on Sunset Tan or Real Housewives of Orange County (don't judge my mother for liking reality TV!:) I throw up a little bit in my mouth.  I would want to leave, too.  California, especially the L.A. and a couple of the other major metropolitan areas, is in no way representative of the rest of the United States.  Perhaps I'm not giving you enough credit - maybe you have spent solid time in other parts of the U.S. and have experience dealing with women from all over.  I somehow doubt this is true, however, because I am very well acquainted with many, many women who are kind, friendly, intelligent, cultured, and would make great friends, girlfriends, or wives.  So unless these women exist only in my immediate area, which I also doubt, great American women - comparable to the thin, beautiful, cultured European women you refer to - are everywhere.  It's not acceptable to generalize American women as rude, shallow, unsophisticated, uneducated, and fat, and if you stick to that belief than your article is merely a tribute to your ignorance.  This whole passively mysogynistic attitude is a huge turn-off to women, regardless of where they come from. 


Let's not forget about the ladies across the pond!  I am curious to know if you have had a chance to spend some time in Colmar, France, or any small city in Europe.  In Colmar, the natives know French, German, and often a bit of English and Italian.  The sip their menthe diablos at picturesque little cafes while some waiter ignores them for their entire two-hour lunch break, and they buy their bread and meats at separate specialty markets.  But these things are consistent with European culture - things are different in America.  Period.  Many of those women know three different languages out of necessity and because it was required by their country's educational system.  I elected to learn French and German, and next year, I will learn Russian.  I work hard to pay for my higher education - until recently, Germans (perhaps the most elitist of them all) had their diplomas handed to them after completing course work virtually free of charge.  There are positives and negatives to every culture.  Whatever.  That doesn't mean the women are better in Europe, as you've implied, it means your experiences there have been more satisfying on some level. 


In closing, I will also tell you that I lived in Kyiv, Ukraine for a month last summer and spent a lot of time with female Ukrainian students while I was there.  While they are naturally beautiful women, they dress incredibly provocatively because they feel most loved when men pay attention to them.  Here's what's sick: the women feel loved on an emotional level when men show interest in them in a purely physiological way.  I know a lot of Ukrainian women like this (although, as a woman I can spot these needy behaviors in other women from a thousand miles away, and I can tell you this silent desperation to be loved is in no way exclusive to Ukraine or Eastern Europe) and my heart breaks for them.  I share this with you so that you'll consider the fact that maybe European women really are just as screwed up as American women - only in different ways.  The diminishing population and staggering AIDS, abortion, and suicide rates in Russia indicate pretty clearly that the state of the female population over there is not good. 



                                                                                                                                                     In mild frustration,

                                                                                                                                                     Meredith Smith


Hello Winston,


I wanted to thank you for giving me hope.


My name is David, I'm from San Diego and now living in Las Vegas, I

 Think I'm a fairly good looking guy, an intellectual, and I'm fairly

 successful, and still I have an impossible time trying to meet girls.


I have the money to go anywhere I want to go, and live there, as long

 as I have the Internet I can make money.


You have inspired me to take a trip to Russia, see for myself if there

 Is any truth whatsoever to what you say about Russian girls, even if what you say is even 10% true I'll be very happy.


I want to also thank you for being able to read what you said in such

 An intelligent, honest, and direct manner, it was very refreshing to say

 The least.


This coming summer 2008 I will go to Russia and see for myself what

 it's like there, and I hope it's even 10% of what you say it is, even being able to talk with such pretty girls would make me feel better about



I wish you the best in this life Winston, I hope you are doing well.


Take care,




Winston, I read your 12 reasons and wanted to respond to them even though
I did not have any luck with the things the site wanted to know about my
computer server system so I'm emailing from my web service email.

Ok, let me get this out of the way. I'm 53 years old, American born and
raised and proud of it. Been married twice, total years married is 29
years. Both times my wives slept around and the last finally ran off with
another guy because he had more to offer than I had. It seems that the
grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  Well, something
my grandmother always told me, she said grandson, there's weeds in that
grass, you just can't see them from here but they are there.  That's
something I have never forgot. Too bad more of that foresite is not passed
down to other kids.

Now for this: I am sick of American Women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! American women
Suck!!!! They lie, cheat on you, and have the attitude that it is all
about them. Well my thought to this is UP YOURS *****!!!! I'm sick of what
they think of men here...

Winston, I have been talking to a Russian woman for about 4 months now. I
have never been to Russia before but plan to go to Moscow in the spring of
I wanted to tell you that you were right when you said that Russian women
don't won't to leave their country. I asked this woman I have been writing
to after about a month why she wanted to leave her country. She replied
with, I never considered leaving my country! She said their is not a man
in the town where she lives that is a good match for her and she has gone
to Sochi also and had no luck so she is looking online. We have been
writing for a while now and she is now very willing to come to the US as
long as she can go home to see her family. She is currently working on
getting her visa and coming to the US to see me. If she is half the woman
I have been writing to, I will marry her. She lives with her mum and
visits her grandmother regularly who she adores that lives in a village
about 20 miles away.
This relationship has opened my eyes about what I've been thinking about
American women for a long time.  Screw them all!!!!!!!!!

Winston, I'm very new at this so if you have any pointers I would like to
hear them.

Thanks for reading this,




yup -- these guys are right on the money.  I flew to France after quitting a job in Silicon Valley...(where the women are absolutely terrible!)


I go to a French language school and take a class....I make 20 new friends overnight....I meet my future wife...I get married and now 2yrs STILL HAPPY!


I dont want to bunch all American girls into one big lump....BUT -- the majority of them due to culture or something act really snotty and stupid - like were not GOOD ENOUGH for them....and to be honest and not toot my horn - i was voted Prom King in Id hope to think that Im not THAT ugly at least...but i swear i went 12yrs in the bay area - and rarely found a girl who even batted an eye....and quite frankly i started to lower my own standards lower and lower....and for what?  The moment i traveled anywhere else - i found girls that would SINK any  american girl that ignored i have a wife that turns heads left and right - but she is staring right into my eyes with love.


Real love!


I think America has a cultural problem internally that is eating it alive...


Good luck man







I think it's hot and surprising that any man from any culture is dominant.
There are so many men that are feminized and wimpy. What happened to old
fashioned roles and values? I am miserable because of all those bra burning
feminists that ruined things for my generation. I'd rather stay at home and
cook and take care of babies, and be married, then be a single struggling
mom trying to make it in this harsh world alone. No support. No love. It's
misery. Sheer, pure, misery. Put that down for all the American girls out
there. A nice dose of reality coming from your friend Kristy.

PS: Take care of Dianne and baby, and you. :)



Subject:  I love what you are saying!



Hi Winston,


I recently found your website and agree with everything you have said.  American women are the most spoiled, unfriendly, unapproachable and anti-social women in the world!  I live in the Chicago area and the women here are just like you describe them on your website.  Even some of the fat and ugly girls have the attitude that men owe them something!!  It's hard to meet women when they are unapproachable and give off that vibe that says " don't approach me unless I already know you!"   American women are also very slutty.  I have a couple of jokes for you.  What's the difference between a Russian prostitute and an american women? The Russian prostitute charges for sex, the american women does it for free!   What does a European prostitute and an american women have in common?   They both have had the same amount of sex partners!


I would like to meet like minded guys who also agree with what you have been saying.  Maybe you could develop a group on the internet for guys who want to meet other guys who agree with with you say on your website.  I am 38 and live in the suburbs of Chicago.  Your right it's lonely living in suburban america where nobody talks to their neighbors!   Good luck in your future endevors!







hey wu... ive been reading ur blog and i find it very interesting .
 specialy those 6 advantages of european women . i think all that u said is true , wer much better than they r . specialy croatian women. how come u never came here? didnt u hear that we r the most beautiful and kind girls? and we love asian guys though theres no plenty of them so we have to fight to get one..i think ur really cute and i hate that russian girl who hurted u. so if u ever about to come to cro let me know and u can stay over at my place :) my bed is big enough;)



From a website discussion forum about my site:


glmory 10 points 8 days ago


He certainly can blame the shortage of super models though. A friend from South America explained it to me this way: When you say a girl in America is hot, what you really mean is she is not fat. When you say a girl is hot in much of the world, she needs much more than not being fat, everyone is not fat!



Sent: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 1:12 PM

Subject: photos


Could you please send me the photo in your rogues gallery? I enjoy your writings very much. I agree with most of your analysis on American culture as compared with Russian and European culture. I have thought the same as you for many years and I am happy to have found your site for it confirms what i have thought about American Women for many years.  They are very selfish and brainwashed, They are brainwashed by their mothers, government, media and education into believing that they are some how superior to all human beings. I think once their brainwashed minds have been opened and their conceptions of themselves laid bare by self-analysis , they will see that they are truly a vain, lazy, materialistic, superficial and hedonistic shell of a human being.     Thanks Robert



Hey Bro! 
Came across your website and ebook. I too spent more than ten years in Russia and 5 in the USA, and you're RIGHT! I love Russia, and I love Russians too! White women in the USA treat Asian men like how Nazi German bitches would treat a Jewish guy in 1939, but Russians, now that's a hope for humanity after all! Good work bro, and all the all the best. Paka! 




   So you like the Philippines and find the rainy Northwest depressing? Well at least we have that in common.
 Your observations of western, especially US women, is just the way it is. I lived in the Philippines as well as other places, and I am married to a Filipina, dividing our time between the US and the Philippines is our objective. One grows in their outlook...most US women are THE WORST. Comparing them to a Cebu City hooker is usually an insult to the hooker.The stupidity of being a single man in the USA is near first advice to US men who are fed up with all the crap is that they need to get a passport, and their new life will begin.

 Wish you well,




Hi Winston, 
I gotta' tip my cap to you, man... You're the first person I've seen who PUBLICLY declares what is wrong w/ many women in our wonderful country, here in the good ol' US of A. 
That said, I have some questions for you about your videos for sale on your website. 
1) I guess by the time your 3rd trip came about, you were pretty adept at "finding" a great Russian gal to be around. I'd like to purchase your 3rd trip - Disc one video for $15. Should I just send you the $15 from my Paypal account to yours immediately, to start the process? 
2) I've heard that because Moscow and St. Petersburg are great hubs of the tourist industry that Russian women there have partly-adopted Westerner "attitudes", if you will. Would you say that's accurate, based on your lengthy experience? Or is one Russian gal pretty much the same as another, and open to marriage w/ a great guy if they run into eachother? 
Thanks man, you rock! 
Most sincerely, 



Hi Winston,


My name is Danny ****.  I read your article on Russian women and agree with what you said.  I think many American men are completely clueless about this and are missing out on happiness because they have been dealing with the 'attitude' of American women and societal view.







My New Friend Winston, 
 If there was any doubt left in my mind about the direction I am 
pursuing in my effort to find the right Russian girl for me by just 
going there to meet several of the many I have emailed with, you have 
completely alleviated it!! I just want you to know that you are 
dead-on in your views and, being of Italian and Sicilian heritage 
myself, I've always felt like I belonged elsewhere with another 
mindset of people. I am making plans to fly to the Tartarstan region, 
and will choose a bride from the few really special ladies that I have 
been in contact with. Crazy thing is, I think I may just want to stay 
there instead of coming back to the U.S., 'cuz it feels more like home 
 I have put forth great effort in my search, after two failed 
marriages here in the States with the very same types of mentally 
unhealthy women you describe, and I have spent more than three months 
communicating with a half dozen or so young ladies that are ever so 
much like what you describe. If it's okay with you, I'll update you on 
my successes and maybe if you're in Russia earlier next year, you can 
attend a wedding?!? 
 Both you and Elena's website have inspired me to pursue this better 
class of women, and I believe that I can find a successful 
relationship with a like-minded woman there who will appreciate the 
kindness and sensitivity of my romantic heart! Thanks for your 
educational and informative article on the mind set of these wonderful 
women! Lift a glass and a toast to you...





what a story. yep, I can totally relate to you , man. NA is so stuck up and women hold all the aces in their hands. us men have to jump through hoops, and that is why I am sick of the scene here especially on the west coast.


I am going to Columbia in two weeks. I cant wait , dude....





Hi Winston,


I read your article “Twelve reasons why Russian women are not desperate to leave their country” and as a foreigner that has lived in the US for 5 years with a former 2-year relation with an American girl I found it very interesting and especially accurate in the description of American girls.


I my self am interested in trying luck in one of this dating systems (the idea is just to get in touch with some of these Russian girls) but I have found a very intriguing information, while in places as Elena’s models you can get contact information for as low as 5-10 USD per girl in other places like Hotrussiansbrides the price can get up to USD 150 USD! The quality and conditions seem very similar…DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA WHY THIS HUGE DIFFERENCE IN PRICE?


Thank you



Wow, I just got done reading your article, 

"6 Major Advantages of Russian/European Women Over American Women."

What a revelation! Actually it wasn't so much a revelation as it was comforting--comforting in the fact that I thought I was the only one to make these observations. I've never been to Europe/Russia, but I've met enough Euro/Russian women here (Los Angeles) to know  that everything you say is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

I've lived in L.A. all of my life and made these observations many years ago. L.A. has been referred to as a lonely town. Gee, I wonder why. Political correctness and "feminism"  have destroyed the American female mind. Not to be anti-semitic, but Jews in media (which they completely run) and academia have played a large role in this.

Anyway, thank you so much for your keen insight. I was surprised that this was written by an Asian. Great article, great website. Keep up the great work.




Hello Winston, 
after having heard a lot about it, I read your report about woman and 
life in Europe (expecially Russia) compared to US. 
I am Italian and I know perfectly it, I had also a russian girlfriend 
for 2 years and now I am dating russian girls as well. 
I am lucky that here in my city there are many russian girls, much 
much better than italians. 
Just yesterday a friend of mine told me: "russians are the best, 
sensual, strong, real women" 
I saw that I can buy your videos and your photos. 
I am expecially interested in one girl that I saw in your collages, 
just in one photo. 
Can you send me some infos and tell me if you have videos with her if 
I indicate her in your collage photos? 
Keep up the good work, guy! 
All my congratulations! 




I know, I know, I know Winston.  European girls rock.  It can't be
avoided and I might as well come out and say it - they rock!  They're
sexy without being barbie dolls.  They're intellectual without being
robotic.  I don't know what the problem is.  I just can't stand
insincerity, and this is what we've got here.

At least we don't live in Japan!





thank you for posting that

Unfortunately nothing will change and women will
continue to be stuck up.
Having lived all over the US I have noticed this
problem starts on the East Coast and gets worse as you
move west.
The NW is a breeding ground for stuck up, snobby self
sentered, rude women.

A perfect example is a time my buddy and I were on a
ferry to Bremerton. It was a nice day out and we were
out on the deck. A girl walked up and stood about 5
feet away. She looked over and my buddy said "Hi, How
are you today". Her response was " GET AWAY FROM ME

anyway, Thats all I have to say



Dear Winston,

Thanks for writing your journals. They are both
entertaining and informative. in terms of how you
describe the differences in American vs foreign women,
you are dead on. Its so hard just to find a feminine
woman anymore. Let alone one who isn't a total slut(at
least one that you can trust), has a respectable
amount of intellect, and is physically attractive
(however subjective that may be). In any case, the
closest that I recently came to someone decent to date
was, surprise, a foreign girl from Iran. And a 25
year old virgin at that. As a matter of fact, I was
her first kiss. Sounds great, right? Not so much. As
you describe russian women, she was about 10 years
ahead of american girls in maturity. Traditional
values, pretty, smart, but she was also on the level
of a 15 year old when it came to relationships, sex,
and dating. I'm 28. I tried to work with her and hang
in there as much as possible, but her lack of
relationship experience combined with muslim sexual
conservatism won out in the end and our relationship
disintegrated. Anyway, I thought you might find this
experience interesting in that this girl from that
general longitudinal region had almost every great
value you would look for but one cultural bug in the
ointment turned out to be insurmountable.

Now to my reasons for writing. First, I am considering
teaching english in russia or one of its satelites for
a year, as a way to immerse myself in the environment.
The agency that I will go through generally has a
selection of schools in many cities throughout Russia,
Belarus, Ukraine, and occassionally other satelites,
from which to choose. I want to ask you, if you had
your selection to spend a year in any of the cities to
which you've been, which would you choose? I suppose I
would care to consider both quality of life, culture,
and women. Least important, but still a minor
consideration, would be weather. By the way, any long
term plans to go back yourself?

Second, I want to tell you that I will be contacting
you for a couple of your videos shortly. I wa
wondering which 2 you think stand out as being the
most culturally informative and interesting? I may
purchase the rest based on the first cople that I

Thanks for your attention Winston and keep up the good





Thanks for sharing your photos.    I like what you said about Russian women treat Asian better than the Americans.   You have encouraged me to visit Russia.  


My friend's co-worker is married to a beautiful Russian woman.  She's 30 and he's in his late 40's or early 50's.   She knows where all the places to meet women.  She said that if we don't make a move on Russian ladies while on a date with them, they would be insulted or think we don't like them!  That's awesome!  Here in American, you're most likely get rejected or at best get a good night kiss or hug at the end of the night after spending so much money on them.

If you like, I'll be happy to share my story on what are the great places to pick up beatiful Russian Ladies when I go with my friend's co-worker and his wife to visit Russia next year!


What are the reputable Russian Singles websites that would you recommend?  I'd like to start corresponding with those Russian ladies before visiting Russia.  


Thanks!  I appreciate you advise.





Keep up your great work and keep spreading your message !

My name is Sean ******, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My background is primarily
Chinese-American (a small amount of white thrown in !) I'm originally from New
York City. My wife is from Minsk, Belarus.  You're absolutely correct about all
the things you wrote about women in the former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine,
Russia, and of course Belarus. Keep spreading your message. It's a good message
and a refereshing message for the Asian male community. Evangelize MAN !!!!

THOSE women are seriously pretty.

I met my wife in New Mexico through a mutual friend. I am thankful to God for
every day with Natallia. Before I met her, I often wondered why I never got a
decent chance with the women here in Albuquerque. Personals ads and internet
ads and dating never got me anywhere. I'm a good looking Asian male, and I own
a successful computer business. Yet, my personal life sucked big-time. When I
went back to NYC in Aug. 2002, I was suddenly being hit on by alot of really
cute Caucasian girls, black girls, and even a few Asian girls. But damn it, I
had to come back to Albuquerque sometime. I was very disappointed when I did
since my dating chances seemed to vanish. NYC was and is much more cosmopolitan
than any other place in the USA. Luckily, I met Natallia less than a year later
here in New Mexico. We have been married now for over 2 years. As I said, I am
one lucky bastard.

I have finally accepted the fact (at 38 years of age) that the United States is
endemically and institutionally racist. It is very liberating to know the

P.S. - My friend David Stickney opened the Ryerose marriage agency in Gomel,
Belarus back in 1999. Do you know him ?

i am white, but have found that my accent throws most americans off, plus they look at me like i am a foreigner, even though I am a US citizen, and pretty much I have yet to find a white american girl, who is 7 or above on a scale from 1 to 10, that i will have anything in common with. But every time i go to europe, i get along there with people, cause they are, as you said, friendlier and communal. I mean, most of my friends are russian, but since i moved to Charlotte, NC, it feels like i am kind of alienated.... I have found american girls rather cliquish and conceited. Of course, I have met some nice ones, but the big picture does not look very promising...  


You must also mention that American women take everything for granted and are opinionated. For example, Russian/Lithauanian friends of mine would be so flattered when I would give them compliments and give them flowers. They act as if that is the greatest thing you have done to them. They are happy like children, literally. Cause they are still in touch with their femininity. But in America, God forbid, compliment someone, and they will either give you a cold "thank you" and walk away, or they will think you are trying to get into her pants... My friends will attest to this.. This is true..


Hello Winston:

First, of all, let me congratulate you on your quest for russian ladies. They may not be perfect, but when you compare them to the states, they are princesses. Are you absolutely sure on not returning to russia to find your better half? Or are you just taking a break? You know, as they say, never say never, never say always!!

I am interested in acquiring your tapes from your first and second trip. The question is would you accept money orders instead of the pay pal system? Are the tapes NTSC compatible? Let me know.

I must congratulate you on your relentless pursuit to seek your better half. Unfortunately, those who are stuck in the US don´t know what they´re missing. I know that you weren´t successful, but as long as you keep trying you will find it when you least expected.  Winston, I wish you all the best, let me know about the payment option and I will look forward to seeing your adventures in mother russia on tape!!!  By the way, don`t give up!!




Hey, i just wanted to drop you a line since I spent some time reading your website, particularly about what you had to say abour Russian women. Well, I am living in the United States, and originally I am from Georgia (former soviet union). I am a 28 year old banker. I have dated a few women here and generally have no problem getting girls, but whats missing is quality and values that i think women need to have to make them good wifes/mothers., and I have come to the same conclusion as you have, that Russian women are more natural and approachable, and you dont have to play different mind games or master some mysetrious pick up techniques to get to know them. I am actually seriously considering marrying someone from over there. Since you spent some time in Russia, did you ever consider marrying someone from over there? I seriously think that I can pick some very good looking russian girl, who will have better values regarding relationship/family than a general American will.. what do you think of this?

I speak Russian too since my parents from there originally, so do you think Russian women would appreciate this even more than someone not being able to speak English? The only thin i am worried about is that I dont want to meet someone who will just use me and come over here just to get here and then start looking for someone richer or just try to become a model or something along those lines. What advice would you give me in selecting someone?

I am very serious about it. Also any websites/dating agencies that you think are more reliable and better than the others???

would love to hear from you about this.



Hey Winston, thanks for writing back!  Yes I was referring to your main site which I have now read almost all of. When I wrote you the first time I hadn’t read everything, and your bio says you are still in the states so I was confused until I read the rest of your stuff. I did read the “5 major advantages” paper and have been turning on all my male friends to it. As far as truth I simply meant “you”, wanted to know you were real and not another internet scam. I now know you are real and in more ways than one.


Thanks again for the new perspective on the world. The only countries I have seen is the US (native) and Canada, oh yea and California… (No wonder you left) LOL. Look man without sounding like a butt kisser I just want to say again you rock. I have read some of the “Winston haters” posts and I see it’s funny that just like politician’s, rather than argue a valid point, they just attack your character. Sad! The way I see it is if any of these people had a life they wouldn’t be wasting it away bashing some guy they don’t know online…it’s kind of like in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” when the English Commodore says to Pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) something like.

 “You have got to be the worst Pirate I’ve ever heard of”, and Depp says, “But you have heard of me…” My point, love you or hate you, if your making this much of a wave, your doing something right, and if someone was to argue me on the “right” part, well than I would say at least your doing SOMETHING! My Sensei (Classical Shotokan Karate) used to call these types of people “Armchair Warriors” as they just sit on the couch, complain or preach and DO nothing. I have decided to do a local cable show here in Vermont and modern Russia and you will definitely be one of the topics for a show. If it happens I will send you a copy. I know you must get tons of questions but what would be the minimum in US dollars I would have to arrive with in Russia to pretty much live like you did, hostels, etc. Won’t keep you all day, have you ever read anything by David Icke. Wondered what you thought of him and his writings. Also, do you think that if Taiwan (with that new Chinese law passed) decides to secede from China that this will start a world war because the US is one of Taiwan’s main ally’s, so I read. If you ever come back to the states to visit you got a place to hang in north east Vermont. Write me when you have time and thanks again.


                                                                                                                                                                                     Best of luck…Johnny G



To Mr. Wu,


        Just a brief note to thank you for your excellent article on "12 Reasons..."  It was very informative and helpful to me!


        I am planning on traveling to Russia for a second time this coming spring to meet a special lady. (I went to Belarus to meet a lady in June of 2000.  It didn't 'work out.')  Unlike many other men however, I am strongly considering planning a move to Russia permanently if I meet the right lady. 


        Your article gave me hope that a move to Russia would not be the disaster so many people make it out to be.


        I'm a nutritionist here in New York but also have several other professions which would allow me to make money over there.  Obviously, I'm studying Russian right now!


        Again, thanks for your thoughtful and insightful article.





Yonkers, NY



What's up.


My name is Nate.  I found your essays on Russian and American women fascinating.  I just met a Russian girl, Lucy, in my acting class.  She is very beautiful, articulate, intellingent, and educated.  She teaches English at a University in Russia.  She's an au pair here for six months to improve her English, and to have fun, of course.


I was researching modern Russian culture online because I am ignorant.  I don't want to do anything to offend her or anything.  But, it's funny... a buddy of mine and I were discussing how foreign women (especially South American and Russian) that we have met seem to be a lot more open and down-to-earth.  Well, you just confirmed it.


I was wondering why this beautiful, elegant woman was just looking at me and smiling all night.  I talked to her, and she seems to really like me.  I was pleasantly surprised almost to the point of confusion.  But, hey, I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, right?!


I have never read/heard opinions so generalized yet so truthful!  Amazing!  Thanks.





Dear Winston,

                        I've read your interesting article concerning the 12 main reasons why Russian woman are not desperate to leave their country.  Thanks for sharing the experience with us.  I am a 34-year-old Maltese national and after four years of a very painful marriage, my wife just left and I had to file for divorce. You wrote and mostly compared your Russian experience of women with the American experience of women.  I may tell you that since our country shifted from socialist to capitalist economy, something happened and what you have said about the American women may be repeated exactly for the Maltese woman.  The general attitude of the Maltese women is that men are loosers, should kiss up to them and when they do they are treated as wussies. The Maltese women have long since traded that sweet childish approach to life for artificial sophistication.  Most of them lack curiosity and although the majority of young people here are University students, education is seen only as a means towards social status and more sophistication rather than as a means of liberating the person from the chains of ignorance and insensitivity. I don't want to take much of your valueable time, but I couldn't help writing back after I have read your very interesting article, for which once again allow me to offer my sincere praise to you. I am also in search for a Russian women, something inside of me makes me believe in them much more than I can ever believe again in the Maltese woman.  The trend here is worstening not becoming better.

Much Obliged,

**** *****



Hi Winston,

Greetings from Toronto! I read all your articles in and all what I can say is “bravo”. Your insight on Russia and Russian women is very accurate, also the parallel that you draw between Russian and Amercican women is correct and sadly true

One thing I would like you to address is that the Russian women expat in the West (and I know Canada for sure) become as difficult and nasty as their American counterparts. I visited Russia several times for work and I can assure you that there is a big difference between Russian women in Russian and Russian-Canadian women. It seems life in Canada and US do change these women for the worst.

Anyway I hope you address this issue. Keep up the good work!







I read your internet page and share similar experiences that you have with American and Russian women.  As you yourself have experienced, American women have treated me like shit (pardon the expression but it is a very accurate description of how I was treated).


I have traveled to Ukraine and Russia and had received the hospitality and friendliness you described.


I now have a wonderful woman from Dnepropetrovsk whom I met a year and a half ago.  She would be getting her visa soon (finally!  Immigration is so slow).  I have not been this happy.


I wish you this same happiness.





Hello Winston,


I've recently read your story at and was very, very impressed by

it. You see, a few weeks ago I met a recently-immigrated Russian woman here

in Montreal, Canada, and I did a Google search on "insight into Russian

character" and thus found Elena's

article, and then yours.


Marina is 42 (I'm 46), has flaming red curly hair, is an accomplished

concert pianist and opera singer, paints beautiful watercolors as a hobby,

and can talk intelligently about everything from Plato to Einstein. Her

hospitality is unbelievable -- the first time I drove her home at 8pm after

a day of sightseeing and interesting conversation, she made us a small (but

tasty and beautiful) supper, and we talked some more until 1:30am, and she

invited me to stay overnight (presumably on the couch), but I politely



I drive a Volvo station wagon. Upon sitting in my car for the first time,

*all* Canadian women will say something like "Nice car!" or "Oooohh...

leather seats!" Marina simply asked "Why did you get such a big car?" Which

was a nice opening to explain that I've been a Scout leader for several

years, and a big strong safe wagon was just perfect to take the kids camping

for the weekend. It's truly a joy to meet someone who appreciates your love

of children and doesn't care about your fancy car.


She's honest and direct, and communicates her thoughts and feelings in a

very straightforward way (although not always in perfect English). She asks

probing questions like "why do you do things you don't want to?" and then

hangs off every word I say. I once asked her "God sent you here to shake up

my life, didn't he?" To which she just warmly smiled.


Over the years, I've had many women sit on my couch and say "I'm bored!"

With Marina, the difficulty is in choosing from the myriad of options that

she comes up with. The wonders of an active mind, as opposed to a brain that

is barely idling.


I keep myself in shape by cross-country skiing and bicycling. Marina, 42,

has a body that most 25-year-olds would die for, resulting from simply

keeping herself busy and briskly walking everywhere.


All this is simply background so that I can express my appreciation for

your article. I've found it very difficult to explain to friends and family

why the immigrant starving artist Marina is so special to me. Your last two

paragraphs are an excellent summary, and gave me the words to explain why

she is so amazing.


Thank you very much for your efforts and insight,





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