I was a GOD in The Philippines!

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Will N. Dowd
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I was a GOD in The Philippines!

Post by Will N. Dowd »

I got back 3 weeks ago from 3 weeks in The Philippines, on my first trip there. It's taken me a while to gather my thoughts and to reflect on it and how it compares to my life here in Canada. I won't bore anyone with the minor details, but the good news is I didn't get sick, mugged, robbed or injured. I never felt unsafe and all the locals were friendly, helpful and curious. It seemed like a long dream that I didn't want to wake up from and my life back here in Canada seemed like a nightmare that I didn't want to go back to. Everything I read on HA is true and everything that Winston says is also true about girls in the Philippines.

Now for the most important part: The Pinays! From beginning to the end it was a non-stop humid orgy of girls. Even before I got out of the taxi from the airport on arriving there, the local girls were onto me and wouldn't let up until I was on the plane back here. My epic trip from Canada took forever and the local girls started staring and whispering once I was in the Cebu Pacific domestic terminal at NAIA. Once I got to Davao, I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel and when I arrived there, 3 young girls were standing outside my hotel and once they saw me inside the taxi paying the driver, they started screaming and jumping up and down, waiving and knocking on the windows. Once I got out they were all over me, asking 20 questions, and inviting into the room they lived in the hotel. Once I checked in, I ended up spending most of the night with them and ordered pizza for us. They were 17, 18 and 25 and lived there all together with the 25 year old half white half Filipina baby. The 18 year old was petite but had spectacular breasts and we took a liking to each other, so much so I invited her to sleep over with me that night, which she said she couldn't because others would notice and she wanted to keep things private so she said she would go with me to a lodging house where I could get a home run. The 25 year old with the baby was her aunt and even told me to take here somewhere else to have fun with her, just don't do it there! They helped me put load on my phone, and once I got back to my room, I was greeted with an assault of text messages from them and the DIA girls I had given my number out to. I fell asleep and the next day the fun began.

I figured I would be ruined for life after being there, and my assumption was right. The girls came fast and furious and applied constant pressure to me through text messages. I had to hide my DIA profile after I ran out of time in which to meet the girls I had lined up from there. Then, I started to get random texts from non DIA girls who I had never heard of. Turns out my number had been given out by DIA girls and made it's way around town fast. I had hundreds of texts after about a week there and they never stopped until I turned my phone off before leaving. I even had girls get upset that I took too long to reply, and would even apologize for something they hadn't done since they figured they had pissed me off when they hadn't!

The girls I met in order were:

Miss Seventeen, 6/10 Hotel
Miss breasts, 18, 8/10 Hotel
Miss Baby, 25, 7/10 Hotel
Miss Guide, 22, 6/10 DIA Met 2X
Miss Durian, 21, 7/10 DIA Met 2X
Miss Ano, 19, 8/10 DIA Met 3X
Miss Text 20, 7/10 and her sister Miss Quiet, 22, 8/10 DIA met 4X
Miss Tretorn, 20, 8/10 Mall Met 1X
Miss Silver, 26 8/10 Mall Met 3X
Miss Milf, 22 8/10 Mall Met 3X
Miss Closet, 20 6/10 Mall met 1X
Miss Sari Sari, 22 8/10 DIA Met 3X
Miss Call Centre, 18 8/10 DIA met 1X
Miss Airport, 21, 7/10 Met 1X

I won't go into details about which girl I did what with but in two weeks I doubled my home run count that had taken me almost 20 years to reach! I was essentially rarely alone, and really only when I wanted to be. My record for home runs in one day was 2, one in the AM one in the PM. My record for hanging out was 4 girls in one day, a difficult thing to accomplish without overlapping. My record for meeting girls was 5 in one day.

One of the highlights was when I decided to try my luck at picking up mall girls. After I met a girl at the mall, we hung out for a bit and then she went home. Then I tried my luck at picking up the mall girls. I met miss shoes, miss silver and miss milf. I gave my phone number to miss shoes, but never heard from her, then I got miss silvers phone number and then I walked by one store and the five girls working there stopped me and pulled me inside and to know more about me. They all asked a a bunch of questions, and then the hottest one was all over me and told me straight out she wanted me, so I got her phone number, and texted her the next day. I met her after her work and went for dinner with her and her also hot friend. They treated me like a god, always calling me sir and apologizing for the slightest error. I met miss milf again 2 days alter for an all day date and that's when she told me she had a 2 year old daughter in the provinces. She assumed I wouldn't like her anymore, but I told her I didn't care and we spent the whole day together and ended up in my hotel room for some fun.

It was incredibly easy to get girls to come to my hotel at a moments notice. I payed for a taxi and they would be on the way in minutes. A few times when I brought them home, they would complain that the locals sitting outside commented in Visaya that I was bringing yet another girl home with me, so I reminded them they weren't the only one and they could leave if they wanted and I could get another one over fast. They all agreed to come upstairs with me. I could have had a lot more girls, but actually sincerely liked most of them enough to hang out several times with the same girls even though I could have met others instead.

My final week there I had my old Japanese GF from last year in Canada come to visit me. I told the local girls please no texts or calls for the whole week while she is there, and they left me alone. I did lots of sight seeing that week with her, and we still got along famously as we did in Canada. I got lots of sex with her again and her body was still mind boggling. I told her how the local girls went crazy for me, and she found it all very amusing. The deal I worked out with her is that if we are physically together then we are a couple as we were in Canada, but while we are apart, we are friends and can meet and do whatever we want. I still love her and she me, but it was a bit strange to be with her again because the previous two weeks I had been absolutely ruined by the local pinays.

I had several underage 16 and 17 year olds from DIA and friends or family of other DIA girl message me wanting to hang out but I said not until you are 18. They didn't give up easily, so I said I could meet them when they were 18. One in particular was incessant, almost to the point of being offended I wouldn't met her just because she was only 17. Luckily she was hot and turned 18 the day before I left so we met up and she came back to my hotel and asked to sleep over, but we both got worried since she lived at home, and had never stayed out all night before, so we both agreed she would go home, besides I left the next day.

The final girl I met ended up being a strange incident at NAIA when I arrived there from Davao and had to transfer flights to HK. I had met her on DIA and chatted with her on YM and FB, so I agreed to meet her at NAIA and spend an hour between flights with her. I had 3 hours from the time I arrived at the CEBU pacific domestic terminal until my next flight departed from the international departure terminal. She knew when I arrived and told her to be there then, but sure enough she was late and I ended up waiting for 45 minutes for her, then she finally showed up and we took a taxi for 10 minutes to the other terminal with us fondling each other in the back seat while the driver tried not to watch and then saying good bye to her 10 minutes after we had met!

Now I am back and part of the rat race, I find myself more depressed than I have ever been I think. I am making money at my job, but I find myself less and less interested in it and my life here. I've basically realized that jobs and material possessions are just ways to fill your life in when you aren't banging girls. If every man had a long line for girls waiting for him to have fun with at any time, he wouldn't care about anything else.The only thing that really interests me now is girls. If I have a good supply of them, I don't really care about anything else. I just need enough money to live a basic life, and a few possessions and girls. My goal is now to sell as much of my crap as possible and once my apartment is empty, rent it out, and go to the Phillipines and travel around it and find the ideal place for me there to retire and spend the rest of my life getting and giving affection to the girls there. I actually now am uninterested in hanging out with guys. Now I've been there and seen what it is like I am a changed man and only really want hot young asian girls to satisfy my craving for their flesh.
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Post by NorthAmericanguy »

AWESOME POST!!! You lucky dog!!:)
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Post by xiongmao »

Wow, a great post on this site (for a change lol).

I've never been to the Philippines, but I know how popular I was in Southern China to have experienced The Man's World that is much of Asia. More HA members need to get off their asses and go to Asia.

I suspect it would be easy to date Chinese girls you meet in malls, the problem here is the language barrier, and the fact that Chinese girls are way pickier than Filipinas.

And yes, Asia is addictive and what started with me meeting a girl in the middle of China is probably gonna end up with me throwing away a decent career to go out and hustle in China.

And please - post photos!!!
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Post by magnum »

A few questions for you...

How many of the girls seemed like they just wanted to use you as a gold ticket rather than actually interact with you?


How old are you and what kind of shape are you in?

these interest me because, I'm not really attracted to that country or people, but if it's live a alone the rest of my life or be with a attractive loving Filipino woman, I'll go with the ladder!
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Re: I was a GOD in The Philippines!

Post by davewe »

Will N. Dowd wrote:I got back 3 weeks ago from 3 weeks in The Philippines, on my first trip there. It's taken me a while to gather my thoughts and to reflect on it and how it compares to my life here in Canada. I won't bore anyone with the minor details, but the good news is I didn't get sick, mugged, robbed or injured. I never felt unsafe and all the locals were friendly, helpful and curious. It seemed like a long dream that I didn't want to wake up from and my life back here in Canada seemed like a nightmare that I didn't want to go back to. Everything I read on HA is true and everything that Winston says is also true about girls in the Philippines.
Glad you finally got to post this. I have been waiting knowing this was gonna be a knock out.

Guys, I have seen some of the pics, and Will N. did very very well indeed.

As to your comments about being a changed man and going through a bit of depression, I do understand. I don't even look at locals girls anymore. I have zero interest. I know they cannot compete.

This is what it is supposed to be like. You are supposed to easily meet women, hang out with them, have fun, and be intimate with those you are most interested in.
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Post by Winston »

Congrats Will. You've been born again. Now you understand the passion behind our movement and how it can transform a man's life! Living it is the ultimate way to understand it, not just hearing about it.

Ladislav's first Philippines experience is very inspiring as well:

http://www.happierabroad.com/Love_Adven ... ppines.htm
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Post by Fenix »

This is why I still come on this site! Awesome trip report! When are you going back to PI?

No particular order :)

Zeus, Apollo, Will N. Dowd!!
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Post by eurobrat »

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Post by pete98146 »

Congrats Will! Outwest and I are married to Mindinao beauties and DaveWe is in a relationship with one! I'm telling you they rock! Great to hear about Davao. So aside from the bountiful array of women, what did you think about the city itself? Did you get outside of your hotel room? LOL.
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Post by publicduende »

Congratulations WND, not just for the amazing experience in the Phils but for what is the most upbeat post I have seen on this forum for quite some time! :) Finally somebody who is indulging in describing the positives of his experience abroad, rather than all the negatives of Anglo-women.

I assume you must be young, in your early twenties and quite attractive, to attract such a bulk of girls looking for fun without any expectation of a long-term relationship.

Oh to be 24 again ;)
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Post by Dogboy86 »

Nice report, thank you...
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Will N. Dowd
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Post by Will N. Dowd »

^dead link^
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Post by ExpeditionSailor »


Congrats on your trip. I am extremely happy not only for you, but also very happy to hear it went so well. I am planning to go to the PI this fall to meet a girl I met via Cherry Blossoms. To build up a base of fall-back prospects if she doesn't work out, I've got a profile up on DIA, and am having fairly good success, with nearly 400 emails waiting for me, and no less than 650 women who have at least looked at my profile. And I'm by no means a model in terms of looks. Most of the girls hitting on me are 6's and 7's, but a few I would rate 8 or 9.

I've also got a profile up on Dating 'n More, and while I'm not getting anywhere near the numbers I am on DIA, I've been corresponding with a woman who is about a 5 or 6 in looks, late 40s, and happens to be a doctor
working in a public health department in Quezon. The only issue is she has a teenaged son. I'm in my late 40s myself, and finding I'm getting a lot of interest from women close to my age or in their early 30s.

With this kind of interest level I'm experiencing, I know there is no possible way I could fail to find a decent girl in the Philippines. I couldn't even begin to hope for this kind of treatment here in Canada.

I've also got contacts in Thailand and Malaysia, so right now I'm feeling like the world is really and truly my oyster.

PM inbound.
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Post by Banano »

14 chicks in 3 weeks, thats mad, that is a lot of flesh in short period of time, I dont think you would be able to keep up at that rate for too long..that is one of the best prefomances Ive heard of ..

Out of curiosity, how do you fare with north american women, you look like a guy who could do some damage in anglosphere, not like in Ph but i think you could still pull them esp women in their 30s n 40s..
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Post by Jacaré »

Very very nice thread to read Will! I'm very happy to read about your awesome adventures in the Phils. I experienced the same when I went there in 2010 to Cebu. Loved every second of it! Now, I'm about to return but this time, I'm going to try Davao and General Santos. Would love to read more about Davao City in general, such as recommendations for hotel/areas to stay, where is the nightlife, areas to avoid, nice beaches to go to relax with 1 or 2 or more girls...;)

Just like you I'm sick and tired of the soul crushing, mind numbing life here in Canada and can't wait to return, this time for good to Asia.

If you ever pass by Toronto and I'm there, would love to meet for drinks to swap war stories about the Phils and Davao in particular.

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