Conspiracy Theorist Predicts Last 2 Earthquakes?

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Conspiracy Theorist Predicts Last 2 Earthquakes?

Post by Rock »

I posted a link yesterday about this guy asking for critical analysis (esp. from skeptics) but it seems to have fallen through cracks. So Ima try again. Here it is:

I just caught him yesterday after Japan area Tsunami. His Youtube Channel seems to be relatively unknown. I don't know if there is some way to manipulate post dates on Youtube. If not, this guy made some eerily accurate predictions. His Facebook account was suspended after he made the first prediction. It will be interesting to see what happens to his Youtube account.

1. Earthquake prediction made on February 17, 2011 ... mAK0HhoOAA

2. 6.5 Earthquake in New Zealand happened on February 21, 2011 ... dRPL6n2zAY

3. Major earthquake predicted on March 3, 2011 ... sAJQmTFGKQ

4. 7.2 Earthquake in Japan happened on March 8, 2011 ... TrmJEHqJHg

5. Yesterday, March 11, 2011, record breaking massive 8.9 earthquake followed by Tsunami hits northern coast of Japan ... odZZD7Memw ... rP3__0z8Z0

He comes-off as a bit of a nutter in the latter part this latest vid: ... AjSxYM9L1U
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Post by well-informed »

Wow that's some scary stuff, thanks for pointing this out. And btw that happened to be your 666th post. Spooky stuff i must say
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Post by odbo »

Rock wrote:He comes-off as a bit of a nutter in the latter part this latest vid: ... AjSxYM9L1U
reminded me of this

both 11 and 3 are significant #'s for the elite/occult.
especially 2 11's because 11x11 (or any combination of 1's x 1's like 1111x1111) is a pyramid

definitely could be haarp. doesn't matter much either way. defeating evil will not be done by studying the manipulation of weather, but by studying the manipulation of human mind.

and yes i'm aware that haarp can also effect people! good job that you've read "angels don't play this haarp", but that's not what i'm talking about. manipulating the world with ideas, not scalar waves is the foremost problem.
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Post by Winston »

I'll post this on my SCEPCOP forum and see what the skeptics there say.

Here is the thread there if you want to follow it. ... =19&t=1671
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