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Winston Wu is an Asian American Expat Writer, Traveler and Successful Internet Entrepreneur. Born in Taiwan, he emigrated to America when he was 3 years old and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Mr. Wu is a leading pioneer in the International Dating and Living Movement and owns and operates one of the largest International Dating and Expat Community Forums in the world. Considered the movement’s intellectual champion, he has been featured in various alternative media interviews, and is publicly known as a Freethinker, Critical Thinker, Champion of Truth, and Debunker of BS Propaganda - a quality extremely rare among Asians. With a high level of awareness and propensity to think outside the box, he has written many Articles and Books containing bold insights, taboo truths, awakening solutions, wise advice, and politically incorrect but accurate cultural comparisons and observations.


Mr. Wu is Founder of two successful and unique websites that are the first of their kind: Happier Abroad, a Global Dating and Living movement and community with an intellectual focus on taboo truths, and SCEPCOP, the first coalition to counter and debunk the fallacies and propaganda of organized PseudoSkeptic groups. Due to the success of his movements, Mr. Wu generates residual income from his websites, which allows him to make a living while having the freedom to do what he wants and help others. He also aims to become a perpetual traveler and experience the treasures and wonders of the world.


His calling and aspiration is to help liberate and awaken others from fear and enslavement. Wu lives by the philosophy that “new experiences” are what enrich and create meaning and special memories in life - whereas long-term “settled routines” lead to only time passing by without meaningful lasting memories. As such, he advocates that one should not live in a state of fear consciousness (which many societies condition their citizens into in order to keep them weak and obedient), but in a state of conscious awareness, so that one can follow their passions and allow new possibilities to come into their life. In this way, one is free to make smart choices from a state of awareness to live the life one truly wants, rather than conform to others’ expectations.


Among his passions and interests are writing, traveling, culture, museums, theatre, the arts, romantic places, instrumental music, 80’s music, chess, history, philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics, paranormal studies, alternative ideas and media, meeting intelligent interesting people, having deep conversations, hiking, nature, exploring national parks, and racket sports such as tennis, badminton and ping pong.


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