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"You're probably the most atypical Asian male I've ever met."

- Peter, An old Scottish traveler who's been to nearly 100 countries


“Despite all the flak you get you are certainly an interesting character and probably the most famous (or infamous) self-made asian on the internet”Rob, USA


"Most Asians don't think for themselves. They simply follow the pack. You are one of the exceptions." - Jean, Colorado


“As far as you being a banana – a white man trapped in an Asian body - I would like to qualify that you are not an American white man inside an Asian body but a 
European Existentialist - a Frenchman, Italian or Spaniard trapped in an Asian body. You are certainly not a modern Anglo-Saxon trapped in it.” - Ladislav, Winston’s Expat Advisor


"In every revolution, there is one man with a vision."

- Captain Kirk (Star Trek episode Mirror Mirror)






Winston Wu is founder of Happier Abroad and SCEPCOP, two unique movements that are the first of their kind and very much needed.  He has been featured on radio shows, magazines, websites and even television news.  Mr. Wu has been described by some as among the most atypical and unique Asian males on the planet, for almost everything he says, thinks and does is "outside the box".  Some consider him a hero and inspiration, while others consider him a dysfunctional loser for not conforming to the system.  Here is his biography in his own words about how he emerged from a turbulent hellish childhood to a transcended state of mind and life that serves as an inspiration to others.  




Born in Taipei, Taiwan, I emigrated to America when I was 3 years old.  Raised in the California Bay Area in the 80’s, I was perceived as a misfit both racially and personality-wise because for being different and unconventional from the mainstream population.  As a result, I resorted to intellectual pursuits and cultivating a rich inner life.  Having a knack for intellectual mental gymnastics at an early age, I was a chess champion who rarely lost a game.  And I won my 6th grade class spelling bee too. 


Growing up as a devout Christian fundamentalist, which gave me a sense of purpose through a turbulent senseless childhood, I originally planned to go into the evangelical ministry, thinking that it would give me the meaningful life and destiny I longed for.  But after a series of childhood mishaps and misfortunes, I underwent a huge major paradigm shift which expanded my view of reality.  This gave me the strength and inspiration to conquer my problems and put me on a path of discovery which gave me the interests I have today.  Years later, I found the courage to write the story of my turbulent deconversion entitled My Rise to Christianity and Transcendence From It.  I later completed a comprehensive book and treatise entitled Debunking Christian Circular Arguments and Assumptions.


After graduating from California State University Hayward with a business degree in Marketing and Computer Information Systems, I discovered that my soul and destiny were not fit for a conventional business career or the corporate culture.  I simply felt like I was a fish out of water in their materialistic and conformist mentality.  Instead, I realized that my best talents and self lie in more creative pursuits.  Thus, I began pursuing Acting, Writing, and now a career in Journalism.


An artist with a love of show biz, I became involved with professional acting.  I have been in several films, corporate videos, commercials, promotions, and theatrical plays.  My favorite theatrical role was as a magic mentalist and sidekick assistant in an ongoing daily show called The Mark Twain Ghost Show performed in the Piper's Opera House of Virginia City, Nevada.  There, me and my friend John Benneth (homeopathic expert and nemesis of the famous arch debunker James Randi) put on a two man show which comically demonstrated Mark Twain's belief in telepathy and psychic phenomenon, which he termed "mental telegraphy". My acting resume and business reume can be viewed from my About Me page


In the field of writing, I am best known for my book and treatise debunking pseudo-skeptical arguments and paranormal debunkers, entitled Debunking PseudoSkeptical Arguments of Paranormal Debunkers.  Being the first of its kind back in 2001, this work gave me notoriety among the metaphysical community and was endorsed by top parapsychology researchers and authors. See their praises and quotes here. You can read reviews, endorsements, commentaries, references, citations, and criticisms about this noteworthy work of mine in my Articles About Me section. Many paranormal enthusiasts considered it to be the “Gospel” against pseudo-skepticism. 


When this treatise was first released, it was acclaimed in the paranormal community as brilliant, effective and the first of its kind.  It led to my appearance on several radio shows such as The Forbidden Truth by Michael Goodspeed, The Clyde Lewis Show (KOTK 1080 AM) in Portland, Oregon, and Ghostly Talk Radio (you can listen to my interviews here).  Later, due to widespread recognition, I was invited to an international conference as a guest speaker at the Mysteries of the World theme park in Switzerland, and to a public debate with skeptics in New York.


Years later in 2009, I formed a coalition and website called SCEPCOP – Scientific Committee to Evaluate Pseudoskeptical Criticism of the Paranormal, which was the world’s first organized counter-skeptic group created to counter CSICOP, JREF, etc.  Although at this time SCEPCOP is in its infancy, its popularity has soared among the Paranormal community and received attention from the Skeptic camp as well.  (See a list of websites and blogs announcing SCEPCOP here) And in August of 2009, the popular paranormal magazine Atlantis Rising did an article on SCEPCOP in issue 77, which you can download here in PDF format. (see pages 24, 26 and 61)


Though well read in paranormal studies, I did not limit my knowledge solely to books, but also participated in interactive activities such as organized ghost hunts which gave me fascinating first-hand experiences of such phenomenon. 


Although I believe in the American ideals of freedom and democracy, I am opposed to its materialistic conformist lifestyle and culture which constantly equates outward materialistic wants with happiness, depriving people of having a rich inner life, inner happiness, and a foundation of inner strength and confidence.  I believe that this lack of inner self common among many Americans is a major cause in the following problems:  1) The high rate of mental illness, insanity and dysfunctional behavior in America, 2) American people’s overly fragile egos and self-esteem which are so easy to offend, 3) American people’s propensity to become bored and lonely so easily, requiring constant stimulation and distractions to avoid facing their inner emptiness.  I have written about this in many articles which you can see my Article Index


As a critical thinker who hates brainwashing techniques as a result of having been brainwashed a few times myself, I have also written against scams and shady business practices such as extended warranties and multi-level marketing. See a list of them here. 


I have also written articles published in various hard copy publications, such as Texas Atheist, Compass Magazine, Estates News, Moscow News, Atlantis Rising, and a few others including many web publications. Estates News was my first professional level Journalist position.


Exploratory and adventurous by nature, I have traveled in many parts of the world which broadened my mind and cultural world view.  I have been to countries such as Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Mexico, Philippines and speak four languages - English, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Russian.  My resourcefulness got me around 12 cities of Russia.  Inspired by my journeys, I put together some online Photojournals of Russia and wrote a Travel and Dating Guide to Russia.  


During my third and longest journey in Russia though, that I achieved the height of my fame.  In October 2004, after a gang fight in a small industrial Russian city (Cherepovets) vs. 5 gangsters, I was featured on national Russian news.  This national feature story was broadcast repeatedly in both Russia and Ukraine.  For weeks afterward, people who saw me in public places recognized me and told me so.  I estimated that about 40-50 percent of the population of Russia knew who I was after that.  I had never been so famous on a mass scale before.  It was at this time that I also discovered that Russian people seem to have an amazing and long lasting memory of faces, as even long afterward, people were still recognizing me.  Usually, in my country, people forget a new face on the news right after they see it, but these Russians seem to have unswerving and efficient memory of faces (including, in my case, faces of other ethnicities).  I was quite surprised.  You can see an online news summary of this story in Russian at:  (The Russian text can be translated at  And you can see the detailed version that I wrote about it here.


Later on, my adventures were also featured in Lithuania in a national magazine named Antra Puse (May 2005 issue), a publication featuring real life love stories that stand out from the rest. (You can view scanned images of all four pages of the article about me at these links: Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4) That meant that my stories had received national media coverage in three countries now - Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania.  In addition, earlier when I was in New York before my third journey, a friend of mine in Manhattan who is a professional filmmaker taped an interview we did together for an upcoming documentary film he’s working on entitled Men: Changes.


Later on, some anonymous fans even put together a music video of me and my adventures called "Shiny Toy Winstons", composed of clips from my video footage. You can see it on this video page.


Eventually, I began my own website to disseminate my discoveries about how one can have a better life abroad and completely turn their love life around.  It also became a support network bringing together people dissatisfied with the culture and dating in America who are seeking an alternative into a mailing list and Online Community.  Gradually, I started organizing all my observation and comparison posts of the US vs. Abroad into a Grand Ebook. (The Table of Contents preview here)  The website and movement have steadily increased in popularity and readership, attracting more ecstatic Fan Letters than I could ever have imagined.  


I enjoy writing, acting, theatre, meeting people, flirting, traveling, photography, tennis, billiards, ping pong, swimming, martial arts, hiking, coin-collecting, chess, scrabble, history, museums, science-fiction, cooking, cultural events, vegetarian food, metaphysics, New Age spirituality, philosophy, paranormal phenomena, and just living life to the fullest.  I enjoy all styles of music except country, rap, and heavy metal.  I am a vegetarian and my favorite foods are Chinese, Italian, and Vegetarian cuisine.  My sun sign is Pisces with Scorpio rising and Gemini moon (for those who don’t know, the rising influences your outer personality and the moon sign influences your inner self and emotions). 


My Meyer-Briggs temperament type is ENFJ.  My favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back.  And my favorite books, which I consider the most profound and life-changing, are The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle, Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, any book or audio by Wayne Dyer, The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, and Under the Tree by Greg Stone.


I have been to 12 countries and lived in four US states - New York, California, Nevada, and Washington. 


Thank you for your time and interest. For more links about me, see my About Me page. You can contact me with comments or questions here.



Winston Wu  



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Quotes about Winston Wu

10 Unique and Outstanding Things about Winston Wu

About Winston Wu Page



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