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"If the society in the US says that the problem is *you*, then try changing societies. You may be in for a big surprise." - Ladislav, Expat and Cultural Advisor of HappierAbroad.com

(Note: If you haven't already, see our compelling PowerPoint Presentation first)

Introduction to Global Dating and Why It Works - More Choices For You!

If so, GLOBAL DATING may be the permanent solution you're looking for!  READ ON!

Hello. My name is Winston Wu, Founder of Happier Abroad. We are the first and only expat site that focuses on the Dating, Social and Mental Health benefits overseas that draw many American males abroad. We expose the TRUTH about the nationwide epidemic of loneliness and mental illness in America, and the Proven Overseas Solution that we've discovered, which the media ignores and other expat sites do not dare touch due to its taboo nature.

In 2002 I discovered a world beyond the US matrix which ended 20 years of loneliness, frustration and datelessness in America for me. My dating life skyrocketed from zero to infinity, and I experienced a whole new world of differences overseas which changed my life forever. This inspired me to create this site and movement to help spawn the Global Dating Revolution. Global Dating is the Real Solution for men at a dead-end in love and dating. The concept is simple:

  1. First, you expand your market globally to the 200+ countries in the world, rather than limiting yourself locally. This gives you an EXPONENTIAL increase in dating choices and a much wider range of opportunities where you can meet and date foreign women!
  2. Then, you simply go to the global market where you are "wanted", where the cultural, economic and demographic supply/demand factors give you the best advantage and competitive edge (and where your personality fits in the best too). That will give you the highest probability of getting what you want in love, dating, relationships, friendships and social relations.

That's it! It's that simple. (see a more detailed explanation here) Over 99 percent of guys who have done that report that it's the BEST thing they ever did and that they would NEVER go back! This works for any decent guy, yet is unknown to most because it is taboo. So that's what we're here for, to bring light to this with proof of results and experience.

Now we all know that the dating scene in North America is dysfunctional beyond words, and a nightmarish hell for men with gross inequities of epic proportions. Here is the sorrid state of affairs in America's dating scene for men:

  1. Around 80 percent of the women seek the top 20 percent of men (in terms of looks, status and money), leaving 80 percent of men to either settle or remain dateless. The average single woman in America has far more choices than the average single man. That is a certainty. With so many choices, they can afford to play games, be super picky, treat men badly, demand perfection, etc. yet still be sought after by many desperate men. When an American woman says "There are no good men" what she means is that the top 20 percent of guys in the dating scene have not chosen them.
  2. Single men outnumber single women, as evidenced in these stats (possibly due in part to the large influx of male immigrant workers). This means that there are too many men competing for too few women, giving women too many choices and men too few. Anyone can see this both in real life and in online personals, where women receive hundreds of times more responses than men do. And of course, they are far pickier.
  3. Most women are either corrupted by feminism to become masculine and not need men. Or else they are totally messed up with ridiculous standards, unfeminine qualities, narcissistic egos, fake personalities, flaky/flighty behaviors, self-delusions, hateful spoiled attitudes, cold hearts, and other toxic traits. Moreover, most of them are either overweight or masculine-looking, which is unattractive and unfeminine.
  4. The few decent looking females are unattainable due to too many guys wanting them. They are either taken, super picky, or have too many choices.
  5. Flirting with women, hitting on them, pursuing them or expressing your interest in them is considered inappropriate, creepish and out of bounds. What this means is that if you see a woman you like or are attracted to, you can't do anything about it. You are expected to mind your own business and leave them alone. American women are generally very paranoid and uncomfortable talking to strangers. They've been conditioned to think that every guy they don't know is a creep or psycho unless proven otherwise. There is this thick wall or bubble around them that makes it awkward and uncomfortable to try meet them.
  6. An average guy who is actively trying to get a girlfriend may find one every 2 - 3 years. Then, if she dumps him, he has to wait another 2 - 3 years to get another chance. (Gee what a waste of life and years)

Basically, there is a quadruple whammy against single guys in America:

  1. Women don't talk to strangers in America, so you can't really go out and meet them in a naturally friendly way.
  2. They all seem to be taken and unavailable too, or at least claim to be.
  3. If they are single, they will be super picky and only date a small percentage of guys who meet their high standards.
  4. But even if you are able to date them, you will find that they have a spoiled toxic personality with a bad attitude and hot temper, along with a phony arrogant demeanor. So they will not be easy to get along with at all.

All these factors above culminate into a futile nightmare of epic proportions for guys in America. Trying to get a date in these conditions is comparable to being in a casino and not even being allowed to play the slots. A total joke in other words. Yet you are not allowed to complain about it lest you be seen as a loser and freak. It's an Emperor's New Clothes syndrome

The average man can't just go out and "get" a girl he likes anytime for a romantic date, sex, or even simple companionship. Instead, he has to wait years for a girl to "magically" fall in love with him and give him what he wants from the opposite sex. One has to depend on the unpredictable forces of destiny, in other words. Until then, he has to work, be positive, seek extracurricular activities and pretend that he's happy without sex, in order to "fit in" and not look like a "creep". And even if he finds a partner, if it doesn't work out for some reason, he has to repeat the process all over and wait years again.

This is the "normal" process for an average guy in America, and if he complains about it, then he's seen as a "negative whiney loser", so he must pretend like everything is fine and that there's nothing wrong. So, what many guys do is when they finally do get a girl after years of loneliness and sexlessness, they desperately hold onto her for life, knowing that she's the only thing keeping them from returning to the dreaded singles scene for men in America. Thus they become pussywhipped, doing everything she says and making her the boss.  That's the norm in America.

The reality is, it's gotten so bad that at this point, that any decent looking female is virtually UNATTAINABLE.  Single men outnumber single women in most places, and women are as either as picky as hell, or they don't need men and don't like them in general. Attractive women in the US are generally snobby and unapproachable, and carry a thick psychological force field around them (not sweet, modest and feminine like in the old days), so that if you try to meet them, you are considered a creep.  In other words, hot women are only for looking, not touching. And having fun, wild sex with them, and romance is something you only see in the frickin movies, not experience in real life. And that just SUCKS big time! 

All the average guy can do is go out and try to "make things happen" against the current and all odds, or do nothing except distract himself with entertainment and hanging out with his guy friends. 

But of course, in our country of "free speech" and "freedom" you aren't allowed to complain about any of this because 1) you'll be considered a loser and blamed if you do due to the victim-blaming culture, 2) there's an unspoken Gospel law in America that in any public discussion of men vs. women issues, the women MUST ALWAYS come out on top, and 3) it's politically incorrect and taboo in the US to complain about women, as the media only gives attention to the complaints of women not men. Instead, you are only allowed to 1) pretend that everything is great, or 2) blame/improve yourself, neither of which really changes anything. Thus, truth is a taboo in the "land of the free", while political correctness, fakeness and hypocrisy are the norm. Go figure.

That's the horrific situation in the US dating scene, and it's time that someone exposed it and offered real solutions, rather than pseudo-solutions which don't work that many dating gurus in the US are selling to milk the pockets of frustrated men.

In America, you can't just "go out and get a girlfriend" like the movies show.  In real life, people in the US (especially women) don't talk to strangers unless it's business-related, so most people's social interactions are stricty limited to within their "clique" of friends and its connections.  It's inappropriate to meet women otherwise.  You can't just chat them up in public or else you will be seen as a "creep".  So, unless your clique has connections to many attractive single women who also find you to be "dating material", you're out of luck.  On the average, single guys in America have to wait several years (or more) before the chance to get a new girlfriend or to get laid comes along, and when it does, he's considered "lucky".  Again, that just plain SUCKS big time.

So, what do frustrated single men in America usually do?  Well, conventional suggestions given to them range from working on and improving oneself, to joining special clubs and activities, to improving their social skills, to the dreaded "you'll find someone someday, don't worry" and even to learning from dating gurus and seduction/pick up artists (learn why PUA doesn't work here).  But these don't usually work for most dateless guys, or rarely if they do.  They may help you to meet people, start polite conversations or develop superficial aquaintances.  But they are not going to get you actual dates with quality attractive women.  Get real!  No matter how many American women that you meet, if you don't fit their highly picky standards, they are still going to blow you off if you ask them out.

You see, such cliched suggestions do not address the heart of the problem - the gross inequities, conditions and obstacles in the US dating market, which are too numerous to even count.  There are so many screwed up conditions some of which don't even make any sense - inconsistencies in female behavior, stupid games, contradictions in what women want, unrealistic female delusions and entitlements, super pickiness, self-centered attitudes, mental and psychological problems, insanity, cultural problems, shallowness and superficial attitudes, degradation of traditional gender roles, feminist hatred of males, hatred of being feminine, jadedness, the isolation lifestyle, paranoia, anti-sociality, desire to be alone, racism, etc. etc. and the list goes on and on.  Now do you really think that simply being more proactive in your community and life or learning BS artificial "social skills" is going to remedy all that?!  Not on your life! (especially if you don't have status, looks, wealth, fame, height, race, etc. going for you)

In addition, where in modern America are you going to find a woman who is warm, tender, caring, feminine and loving with good character and values, as well as a beautiful appearance?  Such wholesome women existed in the distant past, but today, the media and Hollywood have conditioned women to be jaded, self-centered, tough and uncaring. 

So you see, there are just sooooooooooo many things going against the single male in America that it's frickin unbelievable!  It's a total mess and nightmare.

Let's face it. America is good for some things, like getting a job, meeting nice guys, religious freedom, privacy and efficient quality customer service. But for dating women, social life, and mental health, it's got to be one of the WORST, hands down. (See my essay about this here and these stats that confirm this as well as these experts and research studies that back our claims)

So is there a REAL solution to all this dead end madness for single men in America?  The answer is a resounding YES!  And the good news is that it's actually quite simple, with no rocket science, formulas or complex techniques to master, yet in another way it's not so simple (I'll explain why later).

Here it is. Learn the power of GLOBAL SCALE DATING which will increase the power of your choices exponentially by tapping international markets that are in your favor! This is the Best Solution for many men in America who are at a dead end. The concept of Global Dating (aka International Dating) is simple:

  1. First, you expand your market globally to the 200+ countries in the world, rather than limiting yourself locally. This gives you an EXPONENTIAL increase in dating choices and much wider range of opportunities!
  2. Then, you simply go where you're wanted, where cultural, economic and demographic supply/demand factors favor YOU, and where your personality fits the best. That WILL get you what you want in your dating, relationships, friendships, quality of life and self-esteem.

That's it! Over 99 percent of men who have tried that report that it's the BEST thing they ever did! This works for ANY decent guy, yet is unknown to most because it is goes against the grain of convention and is outside the box. So that's what I'm here for, to help by revealing overseas cultures and environments conducive to natural healthy Social Connectedness, Dating and Mental Health.

When you start conducting the dating field GLOBALLY rather than limiting yourself locally, you widen your range to a whole world of 200+ countries and thus MULTIPLY your choices exponentially! Then you take the appropriate ACTION to get what you want and need (which we will provide guidance on). By doing a little research, you find a market out in the international scene where the factors and conditions are in your favor, both on your end and theirs, so that you are in the right position to get the kind of women YOU want! (some examples later) 

Now let me ask you a big question:  Would you rather have ONE choice every few YEARS, or MANY choices EVERYDAY?  If your answer is the latter, then Global Dating is for you.  I am about to show you how you can have the latter in the dating field, for REAL!

Now look at me.  I am a 5ft 7 average looking (by US standards) Asian American male without status or wealth in America, yet I thrive on beautiful women, love, fun, and adventure, so it's important to me to be able to date attractive women any time I want.  So I was basically screwed. I went through many years of frustrations and literally thousands of rejections. I forced to live a sterile monk-like existence with no solution in sight. It was a no-win situation all around. (See my story here and the ten reasons I had to date abroad here) I tried everything you could imagine to no avail. So how did I finally solve it? Well it's simple. I finally looked outside the box and pursued an option that most do not consider because it's taboo and outside their paradigm - I Went Abroad!  Doing so got me more success in the dating world and a better social life than I could ever dream of! And that's what I'm here to share with you.

Ever since I've discovered that the dating scene is a million times better overseas, I've been writing essays and sharing stories and examples online about it, to let others like me know that they can have better and more CHOICES abroad in the dating field.  After a few years, it culminated into this website Happier Abroad.

Here is a great video presentation on Global Dating 101 - Dateanomics which lays out these concepts in an easy to understand format. Also see our PowerPoint Presentation.

To see Global Dating in action in my life, see these Slide Shows and Photo Collage. To learn why Global Dating is not a loser way out, click here. 

The important thing here is not just that it works, because anyone can claim that something works when in reality it only works for a lucky few or on rare occasions. But Global Dating doesn't just work for a few or on rare occasions. It WORKS for ANY average decent male! And best of all, it's easy and natural.  You don't have to try to be something you're not, become rich and famous, master some stupid seduction technique or pickup line, pump yourself up with BS pseudo-confidence, or try to do anything else that is unnatural and unrealistic. All you have to do is open your mind, think outside the box a little, and GO GLOBAL. This works if you DO it. There are no empty promises or hype here.

That's the secret. I've already given it away. You didn't even have to buy it from me!  All I sell is an ebook to motivate and inspire you, and provide guidance to give you the strength to pursue this route. You see, unlike other techniques, this simple strategy actually MAKES SENSE in and of itself, there's no mysterious voodoo behind it.  And the volume of content on my website backs it up in pictures, videos and testimonials.

Other proponents of this strategy have dubbed this new trend the GLOBAL DATING REVOLUTION.  But you can call it what you like.

Now let me give you an example from my own situation to demonstrate how this works.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a 5ft 7 short Asian American guy without status, looks or wealth, only personality. In the US dating market, all the factors are against me.  Most women in America want tall sporty looking white males with good looks and high status or income (preferably both). But since I have none of those things in the US, I'm not considered "dating material" to US women. Thus, I cannot get the type of attractive women I want and need. Trying to do so would be reaching "out of my league" so to speak and would draw ridicule and contempt from my peers, since I ain't "good enough" for what I desire. However, getting women that I'm attracted to is number one on my list.  Hence a huge irreconcilable dilemma exists between my needs and the US market. Seems like a no win situation right? 

Now I could do things to meet more women, like take yoga classes, tennis lessons, cooking classes, swing dance lessons, etc. But the problem is, if you're not a woman's "type", then meeting new women is only going to result in polite conversations and superficial acquaintances. They're all still going to blow you off if you ask for dates. I could try joining a band or something to get popular and up my status, but when you do something like that, it has to come from your heart and passion. You can't be something you're not to try and get women. That's unnatural. Plus you have to have the talent for such things. And even if you could, you're still not going to get all the infinite choices among attractive women that you will with Global Dating! No way!

So instead, I decide to expand myself out of the box, by searching the global market, into Philippines, Thailand and China.  There, the tables are turned, and all the factors on my end and theirs work in MY FAVOR, and the market is on MY SIDE!  You see, over in those poorer countries, foreign Asian men are considered higher class and desirable. The race factor is not against me anymore. And most women do not consider 5ft 7 to be too short for them.  I am also perceived by people there to be rich as well (at least richer than most there). All this elevates my status and desirability in their eyes. This means that I am now in the position and status to get the hot attractive women that I want and need, including model types!

Plus, on their end, the women there are not spoiled selfish entitlement queens, do not harbor a feminist hatred of men, enjoy being feminine rather than masculine, treat men better, are not usually overweight, are more open, friendly and approachable, and the supply of quality single women is plenty, not scarce.  Furthermore, their society is more communal and inclusive as well. So the environmental and cultural factors in those countries work in my favor too, and are conducive to a healthy dating environment.

In addition, in the Philippines, handsomeness is more than just looks, but also in the man's personality, niceness, the way he carries himself, his sweetness and gentleness. So by that standard, I am considered handsome.  As long as a guy is clean cut and behaves nicely, he is appreciated and seen as good looking. The bar is not raised unnaturally high. Also, there is huge surplus of available women in their country that can't find a good guy. So the supply factor also works in my favor.  In short, the market there gives me an upper hand and places me on the high end. Furthermore, Filipinas inherently believe that they need men, whereas US women are taught not to need men. And they are very approachable and easy to meet or chat up.  (For proof, see this Photo Collage)

In such a market, dating women that I like comes naturally and in the flow. (not forced or creepish like in the US) And BINGO!  Voila!  I've found the Holy Grail.  See how that works?

Now, suppose I went to one of the rich Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore. In those nations, the financial factor would not be in my favor.  But race and height factor do not work against me either, since I'm Asian and the average height of males in Asia is lower than in the US. So, although I wouldn't have the perks I would have in the poorer Asian countries, the market would still be more in my favor than in the US. Though the women would be pickier with higher standards, I would not be totally shut out of the market like I would in the US.

Ok now let's say I wanted to date white women. Then I could go to Europe, Eastern Russia or Ukraine.  In those areas, there is less of a negative stigma against my race.  And the market conditions and attitudes on their end are more favorable too. As mentioned earlier, there is a greater supply of quality available women, females are more approachable, open and friendly, they not as spoiled, don't behave like selfish entitlement queens, are not hateful feminists with issues, are more feminine, are more thin and proportionate, etc. Plus the environment in those culture is more inclusive. Thus, I would be able to meet more girls on a regular basis, date some of them, and not feel nonexistent like in the US. My social life there would be far more active and superior.  (For proof, see this Photo Collage)

Alright now let's say you're an average looking white guy who doesn't get any second stares in the US, and you like Asian women.  Well then you'll have it made in Asia in amost any country there.  You see, there is always a segment of the population in Asia that has a white fetish and worships white culture.  Even though this segment is a minority, it is still greater than the total number of white guys there.  Thus, the demand for white guys exceeds the supply, which means the market is in YOUR FAVOR.  Of course, like me, you will do better in poorer Asian countries than richer ones, but overall, you'd do better than in North America for sure.  Tons of white guys who have been to Asia attest to it, as well as guys in general who have dated abroad.  Just look in the Dating Testimonials, Forum and YouTube comments for plenty of examples.

And as for white American men seeking white women, they'd have the same advantages in the European and Russian markets that I described earlier.

Are you starting to get the big picture now? The idea is to go where the conditions and factors favor you and your goals the most, or at least where they will work against you the least, to the women YOU want. As in real estate, it's all about location, location, location!

So what's the problem? Why isn't it that simple for single guys in America?  Well there are obstacles to this strategy, both psychological and practical.  They are the following:

  1. Social taboo - We are taught to seek friends and dates locally, that the best of everything is in America and that there is nothing good beyond its borders.  There is a loser stigma associated with people who seek dates, girlfriends or wives overseas. 
  2. Contempt from peers and family - Going this route may also incite contempt from your peers and family.  You also risk being viewed as bizarre and crazy by others, and may even be avoided.  Things that go against established norms often do not make people comfortable. 
  3. Comfort zone - It is difficult to break out of an established comfort zone, even if you're miserable.  It's easier to take the path of least resistance.
  4. Job and local responsibilities - People who have a regular job will be tied down locally with only two weeks of vacation per year.  Or they may have a house mortgage, debt or other local obligations.
  5. Lack of funds - People with little or no money may not be able to afford to travel abroad.

Now the first two obstacles involve psychological and social issues that can be overcome by willpower, motivation and asking oneself - Which is more important, pleasing others and remaining unhappy or making yourself happy and living without regrets? To keep motivated, it is a good idea to read my Ebook as well as the messages to you from my Expat Advisor Ladislav.  The third one is another biggie because it's too easy to take the path of least resistance. Some would rather be comfortable in their misery than face change. The way to break this is to get mad and angry. You've got to get yourself fed up to the point where you can't tolerate your situation. That will give you the willpower to really break free.

But the last two are practical conditions that pose as real obstacles and not easily resolved.  It takes proper planning, time, patience, dedication and hard work to deal with those.  And it might even require consultation and help from a professional financial planner.   But like they say, where there's a will, there's a way.  If you want something badly enough, you'll find a way, even though it may take time and cause you to make sacrifices. 

To deal with the fourth obstacle, you may have to change jobs or careers, sell your home, establish residual businesses, start a business abroad, live on credit, or make other drastic changes, etc.  In the meantime, you may have to settle for going abroad only two weeks a year during your vacation time, until you restructure your life to spend more time abroad.  There are books out there that help you plan to live overseas, many of them are listed in our Amazon Bookstore.  So you've got to ask yourself, how much does it mean to you to find a partner or have a rich love life? 

As to the fifth obstacle, you'll have to work and save up some money without recklessly spending it.  It's best to work temporary or contract jobs though, so you're not tied down and expected to be there long term.  Local employment agencies can help you find those.  Just look in the yellow pages or local online listings for them.  Even if you're only making minimum wage, you can still save up enough money, around a thousand dollars, for a plane ticket in one or two months, if you SAVE ALL of it after taxes.  To maximize your savings, you may even have to live with your parents for a while.  But hey, you do what you gotta do.  If you are in debt, you may have to get help with debt management, or if it's too big and out of control, you have to file for bankruptcy.

You can also get certified in teaching English overseas and land a decent job that way.  Some schools may even provide your airfare and accommodation expenses if you qualify.  There are books about this in my Amazon Bookstore as well, or you can look up info on ESLCafe.com.

Whatever the situation, remember that where there's a will, there's a way.  Just start acting on it soon, because you know, life is short and passes by, so you've got to live to the fullest without regrets.

Now, you may need some motivation, inspiration and guidance in all this.  And that's where this website and my ebook comes in.  My Articles and Main Ebook will inspire and enlighten you with reasons, explanations and examples, giving you a global perspective on things. I now have a Global Dating Guidebook as well. Our Research Section will show you Experts and Studies that explain why relationships and women in America have gone totally downhill, so you can understand why the problem is not you. Should you have any specific questions, you may ask for it in my Discussion Forum, where me and my advisors frequent.

But even with the right conditions and factors going for you, you will still have to gauge the chemistry you have with the culture and the individual women you meet, so it may take some time to find the best fit.  Or you may find it immediately.  That depends.  But either way, you will have a good time doing so and feel more alive in the process, because finally, you will actually be having CHOICES rather than being a victim.  As Jesus said, "Seek and ye shall find".

This path may not be right for everyone (nothing is right for everyone) but for many it is. There are so many guys in the US who are at a dead end and shut out of the dating scene. None of the cliched advice out there can help them, but this can! So it is my hope that they find out about it here.

To give a glimpse of the dating life, social life and lifestyle in the US vs. many countries abroad, see this Comparison Chart I put together. It'll help you see the big picture.

Thank you for reading my intro. You may now continue on to Part Two of this Intro, or read motivational messages to you from our Chief Advisor Ladislav, who speaks 10 languages, been to over 30 countries, resided long-term in 9 countries, and is aka "The Obi Wan Kenobi of Expatriate Life". Then we will examine the alternatives to dating abroad and consider them.  When you are done, feel free to browse the other main content from the Home Page.  Afterward, I invite you to drop by our Community to introduce yourself and share whatever impressions you've gotten from this site's content or ask any questions you might have.

Thank you for your interest. 

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