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How I was 'saved abroad' once before: Foreshadow in my life

What's your story? Discussions your reasons for going abroad.

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How I was 'saved abroad' once before: Foreshadow in my life

Post by Winston » November 23rd, 2009, 11:51 pm

How I was “saved abroad� once before: Foreshadowing in my life

Just as in literature when “foreshadowing� is used to predict an oncoming significant event in the story or character’s life, real life itself often contains clues that foreshadow our adult destinies, if we are keen enough to see them. I have noticed some in my life too. For instance, at 17, to escape a nightmarish dysfunctional hellish environment in high school, where I could no longer function or study, I went overseas at to my native country of Taiwan for a whole year, where I felt accepted and whole within a supportive environment. This served to rejuvenate me and accelerate my mental, emotional and spiritual growth, allowing the “real me� to emerge from its shell which for years could not emerge due to the socially persecutory and psychologically oppressive environment of high school in America. After that, I suddenly became more communicative and expressive than ever before. A “new me� emerged, literally, as though my soul was “replaced�. (You can read more about it here:

In spite of this though, I was brainwashed at the time by US culture to believe that it was the greatest and coolest in the world, so I wanted to return to the US again. Nevertheless, the rejuvenation allowed me to complete high school and then years of college after that. Upon graduation and into adulthood, as I slowly began to see the dysfunction, madness and artificial nature of US culture and society, even without the persecution of high school, I became more and more alienated and psychologically fragmented. So again, I began looking for meaning and alternatives. Eventually that led me abroad once again, where I made wonderful discoveries that years later led to the creation of HappierAbroad and its messages.

So you see, the year in Taiwan when I was 17 was a sort of “foreshadowing� of my future path and destiny to come.

All my life growing up in California I had unnatural and weird social problems that made no sense. There was no logical way to solve them, and my peers could only give highly subjective and ambiguous advice such as “Act more cool. Look more cool. Get a makeover. Walk with confidence.� Etc. which never really worked cause they were unnatural, subjective, artificial and tried to get you to be something you’re not. My parents even took me to professional psychiatrists, therapists and counselors. But despite all their years of academic training, all they would do is listen to me and offer some medication to help. They offered no solutions or remedies. They were not intellectuals who could think outside the box. I was told the “party line� that the problem was within me, that I had to “fix� something in myself. I was the problem, not society or the culture. That was the illusion.

You can read the story of my 20 years of loneliness and datelessness in America, in which I tried everything but nothing worked, here:

Some even suggested that the solution to my hopeless dating and ostracization problems in America was to become GAY! (So to these ignorant Americans, even changing your sexual orientation was a solution preferable to going abroad?! Not that I could have anyway, as I have not the slightest attraction to guys). Thank God they were wrong. It seems that most Americans are so entrenched in their belief that America is where it all happens that going beyond the USA Matrix never occurs to them.

NONE of them ever told me that my weird social problems could be solved by GOING ABROAD! Such solutions were outside their universe and paradigm.

In the final analysis, GOING ABROAD was what saved me, transformed me, and changed my life, not the BS advice I received from peers and psychiatrists in the States. Bottom line is that overseas, I FEEL GOOD about myself, and that’s the most important thing.

I never felt accepted by American culture, never fit in, and never felt comfortable in its social or dating environment at all. Hence I was always seeking an alternative, which I found at first in New Age groups; they satisfied me intellectually and spiritually, but not socially, culturally, romantically or sexually of course. I had an insatiable appetite for adventure, freedom and romance that a spiritual life or even therapy in America could not fulfill. Thus, I needed a bigger change, and that answer finally came about for ABROAD. It was only then that I found the fulfillment and joy that I’ve always wanted but couldn’t get in America. It was only then that my dreams and fantasies, which weren’t possible in America, came true abroad. This ebook explains why and how, as well as the observations, insights and comparisons I gradually discovered.
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"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

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